Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Clever Idea

At the start of my winter outdoor running adventure, I noticed my ankles were cold.  At first it didn’t really bother me, but then the temperatures really started to plummet.

“Coach” Ward told me I should wear different running socks so I could cover my ankles, but I really wasn’t buying into wearing different running socks.  I love my ankle height Smartwool running socks. 

Then I read a post by Emilie from  She wrote about the same problem with exposed ankles and her solution was to cut off the bottom part of a high pair of socks so they went over your regular socks and covered the ankles.  How ingenius! 

I immediately found a pair of socks I no longer wear, cut the bottoms off and put them on.  I’ve run with them a few times on really cold days.  What is even more awesome, is during one of our runs, Jill noticed what I had done and said “you got that idea from One Mom In Maine, didn’t you?”  

I actually wore them this weekend on our long run. Thank you for the clever idea, Emilie!


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