Happy Birthday To Me

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I had dinner and drinks with the girls the other night and we then we will celebrate next weekend as a family - dinner and shopping.  Very low key.  The way I like it.  

Ward has been asking me what I want for my birthday.  I’ve been thinking long and hard about it.  All I could think of was, a shopping spree at Horny Toad, Patagonia, and NorthFace. Then he showed me these babies. 

They are Barefoot Pace Gloves by Merrell. I am in love.  I’ve been wanting a low profile shoe and I’ve really loved the Vibram Five fingers.    But I wasn’t sure of the feeling around my toes.  I just wish there was a Merrell shore store closer so I could try them on before I buy them.

Should I just go for it?  Buy them online and hope they work?  Hopefully there is free returns if they don’t work out! 

Or, should I look for some low profile racers first?  Hmmm….decisions. 


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