Happy Valentine's Day

The girls and I ran our 11 miles yesterday.  I have to say it was our best run yet.  We started at Jill’s house, ran past my house, and ended at Jess’s house.  We had some incredible smoothies made by Jess's hubby, Joe.  Yum!  The only girl’s house we left out of the loop was Stacy’s.  Unfortunately, it will take much more than training for a half marathon to get to her house.  Perhaps when we kick up the training to marathon training, we’ll take on that challenge and run to her house!   We did the run in 1:56:57 with an average pace of 10:32.    I was a little nervous before the run because my beloved Garmin decided to have a freak out, which nearly forced me to a freak out mode.  Seriously, it kept flashing some words and beeping at me.  Jill and I tried to fix it at her house before Jess and Stacy got there, but none of the recommendations on the Garmin help site were working.  I decided I would just let the battery die, recharge it and hope for the best.  This meant I was going to run naked.  Not really naked, but without a Garmin.  I know I’ve only had this watch for a little over a month, but I am truly addicted and love watching our pace as we run.  Thankfully, my brother-in-law offered me the use of his Garmin.  Thank you, Wade!  You rock!

I have to note that after letting the battery die on my Garmin, recharging it, and reprogramming it, it is working right now.  Thank goodness!!!!

My running bag - packed
full of all my clothing options!
I wasn’t planning on running today because we just did our long run yesterday, but when I saw what the weather was going to be, I couldn’t help it. The only part of today’s weather that made me leary was the chance of rain.  40 degrees in February is glorious.  40 degree in February with rain is horrible, in my opinion anyway.    I planned ahead and packed my running bag last night.  The only problem was that I wasn’t sure what exactly to bring.  There were so many possibilities.  It could have been 40 degrees and raining or snowing, it could have been super windy, or it could have been incredible spring-like weather.   I packed my bag prepared for all options.  I even threw in my running skirt and tank just in case the rain was too much for me and I decided to get on the treadmill in the school’s gym.   After the walkers were dismissed, I checked out the temperature on weather.com, which said the temperature in Brunswick was 41 degrees.  I was SOOO excited!  Today’s running outfit was out my tights, 1 medium weight shirt, and my vest.  It felt heavenly!  Although, my body was super tired.  It took all I had to crank out a 9 minute mile.  At least I got out there and enjoyed the weather. 

I cannot wait until I wear these on a regular basis.
These were my emergency,  just in case it's pouring and I have to run on the treadmill clothes. 

In case it was raining.  

I had to bring these just in case.  You never know!

Just in case it was a chilly day!

The winning outfit!

Going from 9 degrees for yesterday’s run to 41 for today’s run makes me curious as to what temperature we’re going to have when we run the rescheduled Mid-Winter Classic in less than 2 weeks.  While I’m on the subject, is there anyone out there who is registered for the Mid-Winter Classic and cannot make it to the rescheduled race?  I have a friend who’d like to run it.  Send me an email!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  Ward made me a special card.  This is what I get for being married to a cabinet maker.  It goes with the birthday card he made me a few years ago. 

Super sweet valentine from Ward.  Love you, honey!

My birthday card from a few years ago.  I think I need more!


  1. Nice post. Love the sweet Valentine!

  2. Ok, Steve and Ward have to meet and Ward has to rub off on Steve! That is the best Valentine's card I have ever seen. Hope your Garmin is feeling better.

  3. I am very lucky to have such a creative husband. Thank you!

  4. Your friend can have my bib number if she wants... I can't make it. Contact me if you still need it! I think they did allow them to become transferable, right?


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