Weekends seem the fly right by.  When both the adults are training for upcoming running events, the weekend tends to be mostly consumed by time spent running.  After the 5K on Saturday, Ward and the guys decided to do their long run - 20 miles.  That's right.  After a 1 mile warm-up, 3.1 mile race, they added on another 20 miles in one 24-hr period.  Needless to say, Ward was gone for hours Saturday night. But, before he took off, he decided to check the status of the sap.

We weren't expecting much at all.  We only have 6 sap buckets tapped into 3 maple trees.  But he came back to the house with about 10 gallons of sap.

What in the world were we going to do with this much?  Of course we were ill-prepared, because that's how we do it around here.

We also know you're not really supposed to boil down the sap inside.  But, we thought it wouldn't do much damage if we weren't doing a huge production.

We left the sap boil/simmer Saturday night and all day Sunday and this is what we got in the end.

And it is delicious!!!!  Tonight on the menu - waffles!

While Ward and the guys were crazy and did their 25 miles on Saturday, the girls and I did our 13 miles yesterday.  We noted how light were were dressed.  (sorry, no pictures - I forgot my camera again!)  I wore a long sleeve shirt, light shell, light-weight socks, and capris.  No hat, no gloves.  It was awesome! We were joking about how we were so cold in November with the temps in the 40's and how in March when it the temps reach 30's - we are so warm!

I have a couple of countdowns going on right now.  Tomorrow is the registration for the Beach to Beacon.  That means I have to be extra efficient in getting to school early so I can register!  Next, there are 18 more days until the Race The Runways 1/2 Marathon.  They coordinators have the course online now.  It is so incredibly flat.  Thank goodness for that.   Next, 24 more school days until April break.  When we get back from break, I'll be counting down until summer vacation!


  1. Um, so the sap is like the coolest thing ever. I have a mother in law who would go crazy over that!

    Nice job on your miles. I am a noob to your blog, and I'm really liking it so far!

  2. - Stefanie -
    Thank you! Please visit again.

    PS -I enjoy your blog too!


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