Rocking Shoes

I just HAD to try out my new shoes today.  It was 33 degrees and sunny when I got home, so I changed into my running gear and waiting patiently for Ward to come up to the house.  Then I was off.  I really didn’t mean to start off the run so fast, but ¼ mile into the run, I looked down at my Garmin and saw that my pace was 7:45 and I didn’t even feel like I was running hard.  So, I went with it. 

Here’s the break down:
Mile 1: 7:54 minutes/mile
Mile 2: 7:52 minutes/mile
Mile 3: 8:02 minutes/mile
Last ½ mile:  7:32 minutes/mile

I completed my normal 3.5 mile out & back run in 27:35.  Those shoes shaved minutes off my time!  I love them.  I just wish Maine Running Company carried cooler colors.   Oh well, next time I’ll go for super light and super cool!

Now I cannot wait until Saturday’s 5K!   Here’s hoping this slight feverish feeling I have going on right now goes away.  


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