Running in the Mist

Three of us girls got together for our long run today.  We were down a girl.  Jill is visiting her mother and doing her 12 miles with her husband.  BUT, I have her dog here!  The last time, Kelsie came to visit, I lost her.  I mean, REALLY lost her.  She wandered off into the woods and was gone for hours.  I sure hope Kelsie doesn't wander off again!  

Poor girl, she is not impressed with the ice!

I had originally planned on a 12 mile loop at my house, but when Stacy got to my house, she informed me that the roads were very icy.  We were a bit hesitant to run 2 of the legs on two major roadways that usually have quite a bit of traffic with icy conditions, so our route changed in an instant.  We stayed mostly on my road, just did a couple of “out & backs” in both directions from my house.  When we started out, the temperature was 36 degrees.  I was super pumped by the temperature.  But, it was also misting, so that made for some icy conditions in the start of the run.  There were times it made more sense to “skate” on the road rather than try to run.  Halfway through the run, we stopped at my house to drop off layers and refuel.

So many choices - I chose the Blue Power Bar goo - the the left today.
Vanilla Bean - tastes like vanilla frosting! 

We ended up with 12.54 miles in 2:13:30! 

I do have to share with you that prior to run, Izzy was running around the house with her “bed head” hair flapping around.  All I could think of what that she has to be the missing member of Flock of Seagulls.  Don’t you agree? 

What a lovely picture.  She is definitely going to hate me for this!


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