The day the fox came to town…

I bet you thought this was a running blog.   Not today.  Today, Ward and Wade were gone to intall on  Northhaven and of course I was at school.  Since our chickens are free range chickens and have been since last summer, they were out and about, until that nasty fox came around and took away most of my chickens. 

How do I know it was a fox?  Because my neighbor saw it happen.  He said he came over and chased it away.  When I went down the coop, there were four scared hens in there.  Poor girls.  I told them I was sorry and I shut the coop door.  I am not naïve.  I know chickens have many predators and that our chances of having one (or more) of those predators take our chickens away was fairly high.  I was just hoping that we would be lucky.

We’ve had them for just over a year now and I’ve gotten a bit attached.  It’s hard to not get attached, especially when they give you yummy, delicious eggs and when I go outside, they come running to me.  

While I’m on the farm-life topic, I’ll let you know that we’ve decided to not get the pigs this year.  My good friend, Stacy, found the Farmers’ Gate Market, which is a full scale butcher shop specializing in grass fed beef and pastured pork.  They also have lamb and poultry.  And get this, their price per pound is $3.69/lb when purchasing half a pig.  That’s a huge savings compared the calculations I came up with when doing the research for raising our own pigs for slaughter.  My prices kept coming out in the $4.00 - $4.50/lb range.  Plus, now I won't bond with those cute piggies.  We already know I'm sad about my chickens being eating by the bad fox.  


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