The end of vacation week...

I've been a big time slacker this week.  I had so many plans - like painting, cleaning up the garden, catching up on paperwork, blogging, run, and hang out with the kids and friends.  Well, I ran and did get some hanging out with the kids and friends in.  I guess that will have to be good enough because break is over.  The good news is that there are 38 more school days left.

I hope everyone had a fantastic easter.  I hosted a brunch here for my little foursome, aunt & uncle, and Ward's parents.  Before brunch, I did manage to get in a quick 3.5 miler.  I needed that run.

I love brunch so it's always a fun cooking experience.  I completely forgot to take pictures but today's menu included:
- ham
- hashbrowns (unfortunately I broke my food processor by shredding the potatoes in it today, oops!)
- frittatas - 3 types: cheese, spinach, and sausage
- pumpkin scones
- blueberry scones
- strawberry/rhubarb pie
& my aunt brought up a fruit salad

After brunch, we went outside for an egg hunt.  Thank goodness for awesome weather today!  Both kids had a great time.

I'm not so sure what's going on with Izzy's smile right now, it's kind of cute but kind of like a growl at the same time.  Love that girl!

Tucker has been a blast all week.  I'm going to miss him!


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