Spring Storm? Make Rainbow Cupcakes!

When it's April 1st, and it's doing this outside....

The best way to brighten the day is to make these!

I really made them for dessert for tonight when we have our pasta dinner.

These Rainbow Cupcakes were super easy.
- 1 yellow cake mix
- follow directions on box - oil, eggs, water
- choose the colors you want with the food coloring you have in the house - I had purple, orange, blue and green
- separate the batter into 4 (or the amount of colors you want) containers - add food coloring and mix
- line cupcake pan with liners
- taking one color at a time, scoop some each color into the liners - do not mix!
- bake as directed

19 (or so) minutes later you get this!

The kids were begging for a taste of them, so I compromised and cut the tops off and let them eat the tops.

Then I frosted them with some Funfetti Frosting.  Why not?


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