We’ve been sponsored!

Well, sort of.  A few weeks ago, I read a post on the Salonpas Facebook looking for teams to sponsor.  I had used a few salonpas pads just recently for achy body parts, so I thought, “why not”. 

If you are not sure what Salonpas is, it’s the first (and actually only) over the counter pain relieving patch.  The patches easy to apply and have a menthol smell to them.  I totally envision covering my body with them for the full marathon in October.  (Not really, I’m sure that’s frowned upon!)  I have found them at Rite Aid and they are really not that expensive.  

Next I had to put together a team – that was easy – the girls!  Then I thought it would be even better if I extended the team to not just the girls, but to include the husbands as well.  How cool is that to have 4 married, running couples?  Honestly, I didn’t ask the girls or the husbands to be part of the team.  I figured they wouldn’t turn down anything free.  So, I submitted a short summary and a picture – now keep in mind I had to use what I had and I didn’t really know when all 8 of us would get together and get a picture, so I just used the Maine Marathon picture that I had.  At least it has 6 of us on it.  (Sorry, Stacy and Scott – we’ll get a picture of the 2 of you soon!) 

Then, guess what?  Last weekend, UPS dropped off two boxes and when I opened them up….

What did we get?  Each of us received:
-       drawstring bag – it has a pocket on the front too
-       t-shirt
-       6 salonpas samples
-       waterbottle

 Before I go, I need to share this picture of you.  My husband is an identical twin and they work together.  Most days (and I really do mean most days) they dress the same.  Must be a twin thing!


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