A Race to Remember

Today was the Race to Remember 5K in Gardiner.  There are a couple of things I love about this race:
- it's local
- it's small (approx 100 participants today)
- a majority of the course is on the rail trail  (we all know I love the RT)
- the race benefits the Gardiner Boys and Girls Club 
- and it's super cheap to register ($15) and the t-shirts have actually been pretty good

We started off the day by drying out the jogger because it was absolutely soaked thanks to the thunderstorm that passed through early this morning.  Oops!

Ward, Wade and the girls pre race.

Thankfully it moved through quickly but it left behind some very humid conditions.  I was just thankful for no rain.  We had a nice sized crew at the race today - Jill, Stacy, Jess, Ward, Wade, and myself.

Ward and Wade (only 2 weeks post Sugarloaf) raced with the girls because "they weren't ready to race yet".  Somehow, they still kicked some major butt - Ward came in 3rd and snagged a 1st in his age group.

Wade actually started near the back of the pack, and passed most of the runners.  He even ran with me for a little while and gave me some helpful tips - "thumbs up", "head forward".  Thanks, Wade!

Look!  Jess is right behind him!

Jess and I really wanted to race this one and we both wanted to finish in the 22 minute range.  In order for me to meet my goal, I thought that if I stayed with Jess, I'd be in a good spot to meet this goal. However,  when the race started, she took off like a rocket and actually stayed just behind Ward for the first part of the race.  When I lost her that early, I decided that my new running plan was going to be to run strong and make sure I can see Jess.  Oh and to pass the girl with the hat - which I DID!

Jess held strong and finished 1st woman overall.  (results have not been posted online yet - but her time was sub 22!) I finished 2nd woman overall (no medal)/1st in my age group for woman with a time of 22:10 (7:09 pace).  

Jill coming in strong.  You can't really see what her shirt says - but it says "Anger is a gift".  I love it!

And here's Stacy!  


  1. great writeup, sorry i couldn't make it

  2. Don't be sorry, Dad. You'll be my photographer at the Rail Trail 1/2 and the Maine Marathon!

  3. Sounds like a great race. Well done on your time thats fantastic, I still dream of a sun 30 minute 5km :-)

  4. Keep training - someday it will happen! Once upon a time, I dreamt of breaking a 30 5k too!


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