Day 3 – Check

Okay, this Clean Food Challenge is getting harder.  I am hoping I start to gain energy because all I feel is a total drain of energy.  I must have totally been fueled on processed foods and cheese before because my run yesterday was painfully and slow and today’s run was pretty tough too.  I won’t be running too much this week since it’s taper week for the half on Sunday.  I really hope the claim of more energy comes soon!   

Plus, Jill brought this over for dessert last night (for the rest of the family who is not participating in the CLC) and left it here.  It's been torturing me all day.  I finally had to push it to the back of the refrigerator! 

Snack (pre-run):

Cheated – 2 pieces of gum (I HAVE to have my gum! Not an option.)

Eggs with spinach

3 Strawberries (from the Boudreau Berry Garden)

Spring Rolls (w/ cukes, avocado, carrots, and peanut butter)

Roasted Seaweed
(I seriously wanted to eat a bag of chips!)

Salad – cukes, tomatoes, avocado, lettuce, rice, black beans & hardboiled eggs

Salad - minus the hardboiled eggs

Snack (yes, again!):
Strawberry/Banana/Almond Milk Smoothie (with a hint of agave to add some sweetness)
Almonds w/ dried cranberries

Water Consumption:
128 oz  (Goal Met!)

PS – I think I spent a majority of this gorgeous day in the bathroom.  


  1. hang in there! I think I remember days 2 and 3 being the hardest until your body gets used to not having all of the empty calories. Good job on the water! That's hard!


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