House Island

Today I had the opportunity to go on a field trip with my advisee group to House Island.  Today was the absolute best day ever to take a boat to an island, with a fabulous group of kids and adults.  The temperatures were in the high 70's, the sun was shining and there was hardly a breeze.  Perfect summer Maine weather.  In my opinion anyway!

The team took two busses to Portland this morning and we boarded the Chippewa.

My group sat on top of the boat.  As soon as we left the dock, we saw a seal.  My absolute favorite animal of all times.

On the way out to the island, we saw three lighthouses.

My mom would have loved this trip.  Visiting lighthouses was one of her most favorite past times.

House Island has a great history.  The website doesn't include all of it.  Our tour guide - aka "The Captain" added so much more to the details.

Fort Scammel and some other views around the island.  We even saw 8 deer!  (Sorry, didn't get a picture of that!)

This is where I ate lunch.  I wish this was my view every day.  


  1. Oh my word, that just looks idyllic and amazing, what an awesome day.


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