The Next Half

3 weeks to go until the KRRT 1/2 Marathon!  The girls and I have been training for this one since the April  2nd Race the Runways 1/2.  The best part of this 1/2 is that it is on the rail trail.  This time, we'll be starting in Augusta and running toward Gardiner - just a swap in direction, but still the same route.  Plus, we'll hit the hill in Hallowell earlier in the run rather than later in the run.  That's a plus.   

In terms of training, our long run was Saturday morning.   Jill was with us for the 1st 3.5 miles and had to head back to the car while Stacy and I continued on for the rest of the 13 miles.  I actually was able to get in a mile before the girls got there - so I got in a total of 14 miles.  

Today, I started off with a yoga sequence from 21-day Yoga Challenge and then around noon, I was able to get in a short 3.5 miles on the rail trail (again) but with Izzy this time.  This was my second try with the jogger this year and it was still hard, but much better than the last time!    


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