Saturday, July 30, 2011

Richmond Area Health Center 5k - Recap

This morning a group of us ran the Richmond Area Health Center 5k:  Ward, Jessie, Joe, Stacy, and myself.  It was the first year of this 5k and was a fun little run and can only get better.
leaders of the pack - I think the police truck was totally slowing them down

The good:
- The course - it wasn't as hilly as I thought it was going to be.  Richmond definitely has some nice sized hills.  I know!  
- The after race food - great selections!  
- The prizes - Joe won an hour massage, Jessie won 45 days of power yoga, Ward won 1 session with a personal training and I won (through the raffle) a tote bag
- Course markings - pretty good.  I didn't get lost at all, but then again, I always have people leading the way.   Ward said he did get a bit confused in one part, but his thoughts were that it was well marked overall.  
- There was a water stop - which I was completely surprised by.  But I gladly took that cup of water and poured it over my head.  Man that felt awesome!  
- The race volunteers and directors were very nice and friendly.  

Things to improve on:
- Registration should be at the at the same location as the start of the race 
- Water really should be (especially on a hot day like today) at the finish line or at least in sight of the finish line
- Mile markers would be nice

Overall - a nice little race that can only get bigger and better for sure!  

Results are listed at BUT my time is not correct on coolrunning.  While I'd love to have a time of 21:53, that was not in the cards today.  My actual time was 23:17.  Not so bad - considering I did hills the other day and I'm totally still feeling it.
Ward's time was accurate and he did come in 2nd place while our friend Joe won the race!

A big thank you goes out to Wade and Jill for watching the kids and taking pictures!  

Friday, July 29, 2011


Tonight Ward and treated ourselves to some new shoes.  Ward got the Merrell Trail Gloves and I got the Pace Gloves.  They feel like absolute heaven on my feet and I cannot wait to try them out for a run.  Part of me (okay - a lot of me) wants to wear them tomorrow for the 5k BUT I know I shouldn't.  I shouldn't, right?  I knew I was going to get these some day (remember my birthday post - only 5 months ago?)  

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

in need of some help

Okay running friends, if you were going to co-organize a small, local 5k, how would one start the process? What types of things do you look for in a 5k?  What kinds of prizes? How much should registration be?  What kinds of items do you like in the goody bag?

Let me explain.  I was asked to co-organize a 5k in Gardiner next spring.  Of course I said yes, but I haven't the foggiest idea how to put together a 5k.  I've run enough of them that I have ideas of what runners like me like in small, community races.

Please comment (or email at jenniferb at roadrunner dot com) with your ideas!

On the running front - tonight Ward, Izzy and I went for an easy 3 miler.  Ward and I don't get a lot of opportunities to run together, but with Tucker sleeping over at his cousins house tonight, we saw the chance and took it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reading List

Today I went to Border's looking for some great deals and to use my gift certificate my BJHS co-workers gave me as a going away gift.  Unfortunately, the sale is only 10% at this time, but the selection in the running section was already pretty slim, so instead of waiting for a better deal, I opted to buy a book today anyway.  I chose Kara Goucher's Running for Women and I cannot wait to read it.  When I got back from Border's, I saw that I had an email from the Gardiner Public Library - that Hal Higdon's Marathon: The Ultimate Training and Racing Guide book was on hold for me at the desk.  But before I read these two great books, I need to finish Sage Rountree's The Athlete's Guide to Recovery: Rest, Relax and Restore for Peak Performance.  So far, I am liking Sage's book.  It has been recommended by Terry and Jen of the Yoga to Run marathon training group I am participating in.  I see a couple of book reviews coming.  Maybe.  If I can get my act together.  

As for running, tonight I chose to take on some hill repeats.  I didn't want to drive to a hill, so I opted for the hill near my house.  It's only a 1/4 mile in length and about a 75 foot elevation change.  Good enough for the B2B race coming up.  Since I haven't done any hill repeats before, I needed to create a baseline.  Hopefully I will improve with time.  Here's what I did:

-1 mile (very easy warm-up) about a 9:00 pace
- hill #1 (1/4 mile) at 8:03 pace
- easy downhill
- hill #2 at 8:00 pace
- easy downhill
- hill #3 at 7:45 pace
- easy downhill
- hill #4 at 7:42 pace
- easy downhill
- 1 mile cool down 

Have a great night!  Off to watch True Blood with the husband!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Running Hot & My Winnings!

Okay, it's no secret, but it's hot here in Maine.  Yesterday it hit 100 degrees here.  I grew up in Pennsylvania so I am not a stranger to the heat. But I was much younger then and I did not run.  I think the only thing I did was swim or lay on a float in the pool.

I was scheduled for a 4 mile run on Thursday but couldn't get my act together and get the run done before heading off to teach summer school and I had zero intention of running it at noon again (I had done 5 miles the day before at noon).  I opted to take Thursday off and just plan my run for 1st thing Friday morning.  Friday morning came and the thermometer read 78 degrees and 75% humidity.  I was hot getting ready for the run, so I made some "beat the heat" decisions just before heading out the door.  The first thing I did was soak my hair in ice cold water.  Not sure if it did anything, but it felt awesome!  The second thing I did was take the shirt off and run in just my sports bra.  My abs are nowhere near where I want them to be - especially for public appearances.  BUT, I thought how many people will actually see me at 6 am on a back road in Maine.  So, I went for it.
Don't you just love my super white belly and tan arms/legs?  

Oh and I wore my new shoes for the 2nd time yesterday - Brooks ST5 Racers.  Ward has a pair of the previous version and loves them.  I tried his on (they are just a little too big) and they totally felt awesome.  Just what I wanted.  So, I just went ahead and ordered them.  They came on Tuesday.  They are classified as racers - but they are going to be my trainers.  I have found that I cannot have too much cushioning.  When I try to run in cushioned shoes, I hurt everywhere - for days.  When I run in racers -  I don't hurt.  Plus, these babies are rated for marathons.

I was completely tempted to take my camelbak with me, but realized how silly I was for wanting to take it on a 4 mile run.

I was only looking for mileage yesterday as my long run was scheduled for today – so my goal was an easy 4 miles.  It was a definite easy 4 miles and I felt great afterwards.  Totally soaked, but great!  I came home, took an ice cold shower and packed our bags to take the kids to Peacock Beach.   We met up with Stacy, Jess, and Jill and all of their kiddos.  What a perfect day. 

This morning, the girls and I got out for our 12 mile run (11 for Jill and Stacy).  Jess and I opted for 12 because we’re going to get 2 – 20 milers done in the marathon training.  Today, I did bring my camelbak.  It was not as hot or humid as yesterday AND it rained a little during the run.  The rain felt heavenly.   Then I came home, took another ice cold shower and packed our bags to head to the cottage.  Another great beach day!   I am completely loving summer life. 

I have been forgetting to take pictures of my awesome winnings from Jen and her ToughChik giveaway.  I opted to get the sweatshirt (although I will not be wearing it for a while) and this awesome t-shirt!

Sorry - wet spot on the shoulder from a wet bathing suit!
I even got this sweet note and some incredible stickers.  I love winning!  Especially from such an incredible company.  I am definitely going to be buy more goodies from Tough Chik!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Birthday To My Boy

I'm still in shock.  How in the world can I have an 8 year old son?  I know, it IS possible for me to have a high schooler - thank goodness I don't.  Tucker is my 1st child and my only boy. I love this boy more than words can describe.

We spent an awesome day at Peacock Beach with great friends.  Good thing because it hit 100 degrees (at least) in the Richmond/Gardiner area.  When we got home (after a quick trip to our CSA pick up), I fired up the grill and made pizzas on the grill (because it was too hot inside to turn on the oven) and prepped for a birthday sleepover.  They had a blast running through the sprinkler and eating ice cream cake.  What a day for that!!!

This is NOT from today!  We had a party for him last weekend at the cottage!  

As I write this post, the boys are in the living room unwinding (I hope) by watching a movie.  Izzy even insisted that I bring her mattress in there and put it on the floor so she could sleep with boys.  Too cute.  (she won't sleep in there -but I can let her think that, right?)

sporting his gift from us - an LL Bean sprout backpack with a hydration hookup - he totally wants to go hiking now!

Happy Birthday, my Tucker-bug.  I love you more than anything in the world.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Old Hallowell Day 5k Recap

It's taken me a few days to get to writing this, but it's summer and it's gorgeous out there!  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Saturday was the OHD 5k and I did not run for a couple of reasons:
- I think I should concentrate on my marathon training right now - weekend 5k's really mess with my long run schedule. 
- It was my turn at kid duty.  Sometimes we ask the in-laws to take the kids, but we don't want to do it all of the time because really NEED them to take them for the Beach 2 Beacon 10K coming up in a couple of weeks and as I said before, Ward had a minor surgery the day before the race last year so he had to sit it out.  

Ward and I have run the OHD 5K for a few years now.  My brother-in-law and sister-in-law actually ran the race when it was a 4-miler on the rail trail.  Now it's a 5K and the course has changed a few times.  It's still hilly, there's really no avoiding that unless they choose to reverse the run.  Maybe they'll do that next year?  One can only hope.  

Hallowell is a beautiful little town between Augusta and Gardiner along the Kennebec River.  The girls and I run through Hallowell when we're doing our long runs on the rail trail.  I wish we lived in Hallowell.  Actually, the first time we ran the 5K, when I got to the finish - totally not winded at all, I told Ward I loved the race because the houses were all so beautiful.  He told me that I obviously had a lot more to give in a race. 

I have to admit, when you've got the running bug, it's hard to go to a race and not run it.  But, I brought my camera and took tons of pictures.  I know the race has been covered by Martha Thornton in years past, but I wanted to make my own contributions to other runners as well.  I completely enjoy coming home after a race and going through the photos posted on Maine Running Photos - so this was my turn to share.  By the way, I came home later on that night after celebrating Tucker's birthday party at the cottage and downloaded all of my pictures and sent them off to Maine Running Photos on FB and guess what?  I am now one of the admins for the page and I can share my pictures again in the future.  How awesome is that?   AND one of my photos is on the results page on  Sweet!

Anyway, Izzy, Tucker and I got to the race just before the starting time and met Ward and the guys.  They had just come back from their warm-up run.  They were running as a team this year - The Old Goats.  Not sure where they came up with that name, but oh well.  

We left Ward a few minutes before start time so I could get in a good spot for pictures and one that allowed me easy access to walk up the hill a couple of times.  The way the course is laid out, I got to see the runners three times, which is a lot of fun.  

When I got into my spot, a professional photographer stood beside me.  I had a bit of camera envy going on for sure and vowed that one day I will get a nicer camera.  For now, my Fuji Finepix is totally working for me.  

Ward, Joe and Wade started off in the front and looked strong.  I was hoping they continued to run strong for the entire 5K but was having some doubts because Ward and Wade had been sick all week with a horrible summer cold.  

Joe on 2nd Street

I've had a request for shirtless hubby pics - so here you go!!!

Wade on 2nd Street

They continued to run strong.  Ward won 1st place in his age group (9th overall) AND Joe won 1st place in his age group (2nd overall).   The prize for this race is a wicked awesome OHD mug.  

Joe - just before the finish line

Ward - just before the finish line

Wade - just before the finish line

Old Goats also won for the male team.  BUT they did not walk away with a prize.  The organizers accidentally gave away their prizes earlier during the raffles.  That part made the guys (and the wives) pretty upset.  The organizers said they were going to mail the prizes to the guys.  We sat around for at least 1 hour (maybe more - I just don't know anymore) after the 5k waiting for the results and they gave away the prize. Really?   I felt bad for Wade because that was his chance to win a mug.  Poor guy.    

Remember me saying how hard it was to sit out?  The worst part was that I would have totally won for my age group and Jess would have won for her age group as well.  We were both completely bummed when the organizer announced the winning times.  The unfortunate part is this is the last year we'll be in different age groups for a few years.  Ugh.  

Monday, July 18, 2011

OHD Fun Run part 2

I tried like hell to download the 2 videos of the Old Hallowell Day Fun Run last night.  Something is totally up with blogger and the download because I even left my laptop open to download all night while I slept and when I got up this morning the 30 second video wasn't downloaded.  Grrr.

So I guess you get to enjoy the videos per plan B - You Tube!

Video 1 - Fun Run Start

Video 2 - Fun Run Finish

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Go Tucker Go!

Tucker is in training to run his 1st 5k.  This is so exciting!  He and I will be running the Monmouth AppleFest 5K at the end of September.  He's been doing a lot of bike riding and some easy runs with me.  I don't want to push him too hard, but I want him to be ready for the 5k as well.   On Saturday, he ran the Kids Fun Run after the Old Hallowell Day 5k.

Warming up for the fun run.....

Tucker and his "best buddy" Jackson

What a smile!

I am one proud momma!  

Also - for more pictures of the fun run, go here.  

Friday, July 15, 2011

Morning Ride

This morning I went out for a ride along the hills of Richmond and Gardiner.  It was perfect conditions.  I got in 16.87 miles in 1:08:44.  Not bad.  I think.  I wish I had some pictures to share, but I totally forgot to stop and take some.  Next time, right?  I did get to see some cows, turkeys, blue heron, ducks, 1 eagle, and geese.

Anyway, this was a fantastic follow up from yesterday's track workout.  I took Tucker to the track yesterday afternoon before we picked Izzy up from Miss Karen's.  Tucker, who is in training for his 1st 5k in September, ran the 1st two laps with me and then seemed more amused by the long jump pit and the bleachers.

I did manage to get in 4 - 400's at 7:30 pace and 4- 200's at 7:15 pace - with easy laps between.  It's not much of a speed workout, but it's a start.  I need to do a little speed work in preparation for the B2B if I want to PR!

Tomorrow is the Old Hallowell Day 5K.  I wish I was running, but it's my turn for kid duty while the husband runs.  He didn't run it last year because he had a little surgical procedure the day before, so it's his turn this year.  I must admit, I am a little sad about this because I love this race.  Plus, it's a new course this year.  Oh well.  I'll enjoy taking pictures and sharing them.

Sunday will be my running day.  It's going to be 10 miles - and it's going to be a solo run again.  We'll see how that one goes!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Amish 8-Miler

I'm back!  The Boudreau family took a long weekend and went to Pennsylvania for a mini vacation to visit some friends and family.  We stayed at my Aunt Vic and Uncle Snooze's house in Lykens, Pennsylvania.  I actually grew up in a town very close to where they live so our annual trips are like going home for me.  Lykens is located in a valley along the Appalachian Mountains with tons of farm land and quite a few Amish.  It's a very pretty area.  We left Thursday afternoon and got back last night at 10.  It was rough getting up this morning for summer school, but knowing I was done teaching at 11:15 am, I knew I could handle it.  A trip to Starbucks really helped me out as well!

This is the lane leading to my aunt & uncle's farm
My scheduled long run for the past weekend was 8 miles.  Since I was was in Pennsylvania, I couldn't do the long run with the girls, which made me sad.  On the other hand, I was excited to run in a different area/state than I normally do and to see where 8 miles landed me.  Just a little history, when we visited Pennsylvania last year, Ward and I set out for a quick 4 mile run, and got lost.  Our run ended up being closer to 7 miles.  Which is fine, but it was a bit scary not knowing when were going to make it back to my aunt and uncle's house.  Plus it was HOT!  

Anyway, having that experience behind me - I planned for my run very early Saturday morning and to do an out & back run and not turn the run into an adventure.  The conditions were perfect - blue skies, slight breeze, and very little humidity.  

 I opted to stay on the main roads for the run and to head into town – that way I knew I wouldn’t get lost!  At the mile 4 turn around, I saw a family friend’s house not too far off.  So I ran just a little further and was really hoping they would be around so I could say hi and get some water.  I even picked up their newspaper at the end of the driveway and was going to bring it in to them.  But nobody answered the door when I knocked.  When I looked at my watch and realized it was only 7:40 am, I felt a little bad by knocking on the door so early.  I’m hoping I didn’t wake them up! 
I didn’t take any water with me or hide any along the route because there is a gas station at mile 5, so I brought along my debit card just in case I wanted a drink.   I did stop and get bottled water and it was perfect.  I sipped it along the return run and dumped part of it on my head.  Which really felt awesome.  

What I saw along the route
0 cows – (totally shocked by this because I ran by quite a few farms that have cows, I guess it was too early for them)
1 snake
1 hunting lodge at the top of the mountain
2 Amish horse-draw buggies
3 emus
4 killer hills 
5 huge trucks transporting manure of some type – after the first one flew by me, I learned quickly to close my eyes and hold my breath – crazy stinky
8 bunnies
Tons of corn

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

LL Bean 4th of July 10K Race Recap (finally)

Sorry it's taken me so long to write this.  I started teaching summer school this week and it's been a bit crazy getting the summer program together.

On Monday, we ran the LL Bean 4th of July 10K.  When I say we, I mean a whole big group of us!  The guys pushed the daughters in the joggers, while Jill, Jess, Stacy and I ran the race.  We also met up with some other great running friends: Dan and his daughters, Mark and Christine, Kari, and Karen.  I got to meet Carrie.  Way to go on your race, Carrie!  And I got to see Sarah.  Sarah is healing from surgery right now, but she and her cute family came to cheer on her friends!  What a trooper!

As many of you know, Freeport is home to Joan Samuelson - just one of the greatest runners of all time! Naturally, she runs this race.  I normally don't get to see during the race but I did catch a glimpse of her during her warm up.  Here's a picture of her at about mile 1.

She is a total inspiration to me.  

Back to the race.  The race caps out at 1500.  When I checked the website last week, I saw that over 1300 people had registered already.  However, when I checked the results online, there were 1262 “finishers”. 

The forecast was calling for HOT and humid.  I am thankful that it was still a bit foggy at the start.  The humidity was a killer, but I was totally prepared for that.  I hydrated myself very well on Sunday and then drank an entire 32 oz Nalgene bottle in before leaving the house.  

A few minutes before the race was to start, Jess and I got as far front/left as we could.  Jill and Stacy went to their spots and Ward, Wade and Joe went to the far back with the strollers.  A few minutes later, I thought I heard some mumbling and the maybe the National Anthem - there were a lot of people and then I heard the bang.  This time it seemed like everyone was ready for the race, completely unlike the half marathon last week!   I even had my own cheering crew/photographer - my dad showed up again!   

Ward and Izzy 44:09 (114/1262)

Joe & Lila (44:21 122/1262)

Jess (50:53  375/1262)

Me!  Man I need to loosen up my form a bit! (51:08 385/1262)

There was not an official start mat - but I KNOW I'm not going to win this race, it's all about my own self improvement, so instead of starting my Garmin at the gun, I waited until I crossed the starting line.  Some people may disagree with me here, but I totally believe in net time for personal improvements.  Especially when it takes nearly a minute to get to the starting line, like in this case.  

The race started out terribly congested.  It was hard to get to my comfortable pace and to stay with Jess.  We were weaving in and out of people like mad.  That's just how it goes when you run a bigger race!   

In years past, Ward has passed me around mile 1.  I kept saying to Jess, "where's the guys? they should have passed us by now!"  

The finally, we heard Wade coming from behind shouting our names!  That's always an awesome feeling.  Then came Mark, Ward, and Joe.  Those guys just rock.  They started at the back of the race and passed over 1100 people.  How incredible is that?  
I don't think those guys are very impressed with Ward passing them pushing a jogger!

Anyway, basically, this course is a hard one.  It's crazy hilly.  Around mile 4, Jess and I caught up to Christine.  I love it when I find Christine in races.  

Jess & I at mile 1

My time last year was 53:57.  Since I am just coming off of running a PR 1/2 marathon, my goal was to improve upon my last year's time for this course and to not necessarily PR.  (I'm hoping for a PR at the Beach to Beacon one month from today!!!)    My Garmin time said 50:29 (exactly 1 minute shy of my current B2B PR) and my official posted time was 51:08.  I'll take the improvement and I will definitely be working harder now to improve my B2B time.  I know I can!  

All in all, I enjoy this race and will probably end up spending many more 4th of July's running this race! 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gotta Love Summer!

Yesterday was a perfect day at the cottage.  

On the beach....

And in the water....

Jumping off the dock...

And just hanging out...