Morning Ride

This morning I went out for a ride along the hills of Richmond and Gardiner.  It was perfect conditions.  I got in 16.87 miles in 1:08:44.  Not bad.  I think.  I wish I had some pictures to share, but I totally forgot to stop and take some.  Next time, right?  I did get to see some cows, turkeys, blue heron, ducks, 1 eagle, and geese.

Anyway, this was a fantastic follow up from yesterday's track workout.  I took Tucker to the track yesterday afternoon before we picked Izzy up from Miss Karen's.  Tucker, who is in training for his 1st 5k in September, ran the 1st two laps with me and then seemed more amused by the long jump pit and the bleachers.

I did manage to get in 4 - 400's at 7:30 pace and 4- 200's at 7:15 pace - with easy laps between.  It's not much of a speed workout, but it's a start.  I need to do a little speed work in preparation for the B2B if I want to PR!

Tomorrow is the Old Hallowell Day 5K.  I wish I was running, but it's my turn for kid duty while the husband runs.  He didn't run it last year because he had a little surgical procedure the day before, so it's his turn this year.  I must admit, I am a little sad about this because I love this race.  Plus, it's a new course this year.  Oh well.  I'll enjoy taking pictures and sharing them.

Sunday will be my running day.  It's going to be 10 miles - and it's going to be a solo run again.  We'll see how that one goes!


  1. Oh, track workout... I was one of those crazies that looked forward to the day of the week we did 400s. One of these days I'll start getting those in too.

    Some days I wish I had a hubby that runs too(he did back in high school), but then I'm glad that we don't the problem of having to take turns doing races.

  2. I don't think I ever really did 400's in hs - ever. I was a thrower and I was totally opposed to running anything. Crazy how things change in life!!!!!


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