The 1st Twenty

This morning was the day Jess and I took on 20 miles.  It was supposed to be tomorrow, but that darn hurricane is coming our way and we thought it would be better to get it done earlier just in case she hits earlier in the day.  Ugh.  Personally, I wanted it to be tomorrow because Ward had to work today & I really wanted him to be here with me so he could be the parent and make me food.   That's exactly what I did for him when he was marathon training, so why wouldn't I want it?  I guess I'll have to make sure he's home for the next 20 miler I have on my schedule!

Anyway, those plans were not in the cards for today, but the 20 miler was for sure.  A special thank you goes out to Jill and Wade for taking the kids today so I could run!  Jess and I opted to take our favorite (and super easy) rail trail this morning.  We actually went up the trail, through downtown Augusta to Mill Park and came back into Gardiner.  This accounted for 15.5 miles.  We had our potty break at Hannaford - gotta love not peeing in the woods - and then finished up the next 4.5 miles in Gardiner.

Remember the eagle I saw on my 8 miler on the rail trail?  Today Jess and I saw two eagles!  They were flying over the river making this screech that made us stop in our tracks and watch them fly by.  It was an incredible sight.


  1. Nice job! I much rather run on Saturday's when my husband is home, too. He works Sundays....

  2. Sounds like a beautiful run.
    Stay safe as Irene passes xx

  3. awesome! i would be so excited to see an eagle while running. I have my 20 mile run in a few weeks... eek! great job!


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