"Only" 8 miles

We're here - we have made it to taper time & our long run for the weekend was "only" 8 miles.  Jess and I laughed about that this morning because a year ago, 8 miles was super far for us.  

This morning, Jess and I met on the rail trail and got our 8 miler in at 6:30.  I love running first thing in the morning, then I am not worried about when/how I'm going to fit the run in.  Plus, Tucker had soccer at 8, so I had to get it done before his game!  It's funny how fast 8 miles flies by when lately we've been running 16, 18, and 20 - milers.  We finished in 1:09 - jeez, that's nothing. 

Next Sunday is the big day - our 1st Marathon!  We are both nervous and excited for this race.  In prepping for the big day, I am going to meet with Stacy tomorrow - our support girl.  Thank goodness for Stacy.  We really wouldn't be able to run this race without her.  She's going to meet us at certain points with our goodies and water.  Love her! 

Stacy & I atRace the Runways 1/2 in April
I do wish Stacy was going to run this marathon with us, but she decided not to.  At least now we have our support girl for this race & when she's ready to run her 1st marathon (and she WILL), I will totally be there to support her. 


  1. i signed up for the half! im a little worried but i had 12 on my schedule for the day so i decided why not make it 13.1! :) cant wait to see you cross the finish line!!!!

  2. I know exactly how you feel! Good luck on Sunday, and enjoy the rest. :)

  3. Good luck! You're going to do great. I'm where you were a year ago. 8 miles seems so far! Nice to see how hard work pays off!


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