Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spooky 5k Recap

The best quote of the day went like this:

Ward: “You never even said, should we go to the race? Or asked if the roads were okay.  You’re only concern was  ‘What should I wear? These shoes?  What about these pants? Should I wear capris? Should I wear a thicker shirt?’” 

Funny how I had completely made up my mind and that I was definitely going to run this race this morning even though I didn’t pre-register for the darn race.  You got it.  I’m just plain ol’ crazy. 

The sad part is that the debut 5kers – Tucker and my dad – did not run today.  They will someday.  I know it. 

Yes, Maine got hit with a Nor’easter late last night and the snow continued on for some time this morning.  I think it ended sometime during the race, but I do remember some icy pellets hitting me in the face.   This is the earliest I remember getting snow in Maine.  I remember seeing snow flakes on Halloween night a few years, but never anything with accumulation.   Some of the other road races were rescheduled today, but not the Spooky 5k! 

This was the 2nd year for the Spooky 5k in Freeport.  Last year, we ran it as well.  Ward and Wade ran with the girls in the joggers, Jill ran it and I did.  We had my mother-in-law come down and my dad to hang out with Tucker and Jackson while we ran.  The boys were thoroughly entertained because the race organizers had a jewels scattered on the ground for kids to pick up in a little graveyard and there was lots of candy.  But this year, unfortunately, the weather didn’t really allow for it.  The jewels were in a pumpkin by a tree and I think Izzy was the only kid to have gone through the bucket to get some jewels, because it was awfully full at the end of the race.

Anyway, today’s weather was obviously less than ideal, but I am guessing most races between now and April will probably be less than ideal, so I may as well get accustomed to it. 

There were about 50 runners who came out and braved the weather this morning – I would call this group of runners hard core!   

As the race director started with his speech before the start of the race, he let us know that none of the volunteers had shown up this morning, so to follow the signs.  I asked if it was the same course as last year and he said it was.  Thank goodness! 

You love my tutu don't you?  I found it in the kids dress up clothes -
I am pretty sure it was part of one of my dance outfits from dance recital days!  I am that cool.  
Shortly after that, we were lead around a huge puddle onto Rt. 1 in Freeport and the gun went off.  I took off with Wade and for a few moments, I was trying to keep up with him.  Silly me.  I looked at my Garmin and my pace was 6:10.  Holy crap – slow down!!!  I’ll never be able to keep that pace.   Then this young girl flew past me.  I never let her get out of my sight – not even once.  The roads were quite slick.  There were times I was sure I was going to fall on my rear, but I didn’t!  Somehow in between the puddles of freezing water and large amounts slush along the rush, I managed to keep that young speedy girl in my range AND come in 2nd place for women – with a time of 22:47 (7:21 pace).  Note: last year’s time: 23:43 & I came in 3rd place for women.   Almost a minute off of last year’s time on the same course.  Not a PR kind of day.  Well, for me at least. 

I guess I didn’t too badly, considering the 1st place woman was actually a 17 year old girl.  My word, I am double her age.  Man I’m getting old!

Note the Tough Chik sweatshirt?   A race on a day like today definitely called for this sweatshirt!

However, my sister-in-law, Jill, did PR today and took 1st for her age group.  AND my brother-in-law, Wade, took 2nd for men. 

We rock, don't we?  

 After we came home, the kids and I had to get outside and play in this super wet snow.  Heck, the sun was shining and the temps rose to 47 degrees, so we had to get out there!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


I thought my bad luck in scheduling races in bad, snowy weather was behind me.  At least we got a break from snow from April to now.  

Remember last year's January Thaw 4.5 miler?  Maine got hit with a blizzard the day before.....

THEN, the Midwinter Classic was postponed, then cancelled due to blizzards last February.

The good news for the Mid Winter Classic is that my 
registration for last year can be applied to the 2012 Race!  I am so pumped about this.  

My March race actually went skies, great running weather.  

And we all remember the April Fool's Day Storm that came the day before the Race 
The Runways 1/2 Marathon....

family fun on April 1st, 2011

Race The Runways Inaugural 1/2 Marathon
April 2, 2011

So, imagine my surprise when I checked the weather for this weekend and I get this....

Now I need to revamp my costume - I was going to wear black spandex short, my racing flats, and a short sleeved shirt to run in.  Since the flakes will be flying from tonight around 7 pm until noonish tomorrow, I'm thinking not so much.  Time to change my plans!  

I was worried that the race might be cancelled because who in the world is thinking about snow impacting a race in October, then I saw this on the race website.  

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Friday, October 28, 2011

I Highly Recommend It

This past Sunday, Ward ran the inaugural Bond Brook 10-mile Trail Race in Augusta. I might just need to add that he came in 2nd place as well. Anyway, with him running the race and it being less than a month since I ran the marathon, I was more than happy to have the kids that day. We were going to simply go and cheer him on at the race, but I thought that I could actually volunteer as well! This was the first time I had ever volunteered for a race, and I must say that it was a rewarding experience.

the start (not far from the drink station)

When I contacted the race director regarding volunteering, I warned her that I would also have my kids with me. Karen was incredible and put me at the water/Gatorade station and asked me to bring my camera as well. That assignment sounded perfect!

this is the 1st time we saw the guy run past us

When the kids and I arrived to the race, Karen and Leanne directed me to the drink station. The course was actually a loopy 5 mile course that the runners had to run through twice. The drink station was in a grassy section in the middle of the course, so we saw the racers start the race, three times in the middle, and then for the finish. What a perfect volunteer/spectator/picture taking situation to be in.

Shortly after I arrived, Jess showed up with her kids and her two nieces. Since my volunteer location was ideal for spectating, she and the kids joined me. The kids really wanted to help out, so we put the kids in charge of holding the cups out for the runners. It took a bit of training – getting them to spread out, turning their body sideways, holding their arms out, telling the runners what they were holding (water or Gatorade) – and then making sure that there was an assortment of drink choices out there and not everyone had Gatorade or water. The kids loved it and the runners loved it too!

I loved helping out in a race. I even received an awesome email from the Augusta Trails President:


From Race Director Karen Gross, myself, and the rest of the event organizing committee, thank you for all you did at Sunday's inaugural trail race at Bond Brook. The comments from racers have been outstanding. Please see the attached letter.

A great result and you were a big part of it.



I won’t insert the entire letter, but I will add the quote about the kids…

drink station crew

                      “The little kids at the water station were awesome, they did a very good
                        job holding the cups out and yelling whether they had water or Gatorade.”

They know how to make their volunteers feel good. That’s for sure. I am definitely going to have to make it a priority to volunteer for more races in the future. I’ve run plenty of other races and have enjoyed the benefits of awesome volunteers.

our friend, Joe - took 1st place

Ward - taking 2nd place!

Wade - taking 4th


And I might just add that the directors are an incredible group of people.  I had a few weeks this past August/September of hanging out with them on Thursday nights, taking pictures of runners, and hanging with my kids during their 5k trail series.  Oh, and I have to add that their prizes just rocked!

Why shouldn’t I do my part and help out?  

Have you volunteered for a race yet? 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Risk Worth Taking & Giveaway

Something sparkly caught my eye at the Maine Marathon Expo back on October 1st. It was this super adorable sparkle band from Chica Bands.
a perfect match - meant to be?

I felt it was meant to be because it was a perfect match for my Team Sparkle Traveling Skirt and YMX shirt marathon outfit. I took a gamble and bought it right then and there, not knowing if this new headband would do the trick.

A little history here, I have tried several headbands promising a “no slip” running experience. Yet, I find myself readjusting the darn headbands during runs. I had come to the conclusion that no headband will fit me “perfectly” and I will need to just suck it up and readjust as needed if I want to run with a headband.

Well, this cute little headband did the trick – YES IT DID! It held back my hair for 26.2 miles!!!!

I wrote Chica Bands to tell them how awesome their product was and Sarah from Chica Bands sent me another Chica Band to try….

One for Izzy (a chicita band)….

AND one for one of my followers!

My new band is a skinny black sparkly one. I wasn’t sure if it was up for the job, so I tried it out. Wow! Another perfect fit. I love it. I have worn it for yoga, running, and for work. Super adorable and NO SLIP!

I am also very excited about the Chicita bands. The Chica Bands website says they are for little girls from birth to 3 years of age (ages 4 and up are suggested to wear Chica Bands). They fit Izzy perfectly. A great and adorable way to keep that hair out of her face.

Are you ready to win this Chica Band?

1. Follow me (mandatory) – leave me a comment below!

2. Like Chica Bands on Facebook (mandatory) – tell them “Jen from Running With The Girls sent me!” – and leave me a comment below!

Bonus entries:

3. Check out Chica Bands and tell me which headband you would choose for yourself.

4. Follow me on Twitter and leave me a comment below.

5. Share this contest on Facebook, Twitter, and/or your blog and leave me a comment for each “share” below.

Contest ends Friday, November 4th. A winner will be chosen on November 5th.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reading time & something exciting!

This is what reading time looked like in our house tonight.

Nothing like hanging out in the world's largest dog bed and reading, while wearing a helmet. 

I have to tell you, after rainy, cold weather for the past day and a half, I was super excited to come home to sunny skies and a package from Tommie Copper.  Tommie Copper sent me some calf sleeves, a knee sleeve, and compression shirt to try out.  I couldn't get into the calf sleeves and shirt fast enough.  (I will try out knee sleeve soon!)

Stayed tuned for a review! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Running Buddies

It seems like lately I haven’t done a whole lot of running alone. In the past few days I had two new running “dates” with some awesome girls and one with an old friend.  Sorry, Jess- you are the "old" friend. 
Friday morning, before school, I met a coworker in the school parking lot and we went for a quick 3.5 mile run around Brunswick. She has young kids as well and has a hard time finding a time to get out for a run. Fortunately for me, my in-laws live right down the street from my school, so I drove over to their place and showered before school. I have to note that there is a shower at HBS, but it’s in the school nurse’s office and the amount of puking and other bodily fluid episodes that happen in her office make me rather sick to my stomach, so I wanted to avoid showering in there. Gross!

Saturday, Jess and I ran together. Nothing new there. It was nice running 4 miles with her rather than 26.2 miles.  We were done so quickly, it felt almost weird.  We didn't even have time to talk about pooping in the woods or anything like that. 

Then on Sunday, I had the opportunity to run with Carrie from Maine Mom on the Run and my sister-in-law and running girl, Jill. We met at my favorite running spot, on the rail trail. Carrie’s plan was to do 8 miles and I was a bit nervous if I had enough in me for an 8 mile trek. Jill stayed with us for the first 3 miles before turning around and heading back. That left Carrie and I to continue on for the next mile before we turned around. We filled that time with chatting about our families and running. I do love that the miles just seem to pass by quickly when running with friends. I cannot wait until Carrie can run with the entire group!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Next Venture

Immediately after signing up for the marathon, I told Ward that when I complete the marathon, I was going to get a 26.2 tattoo.  As you all know, I completed said marathon, and now I need to plan that tat. 

Of course, I've been looking online for ideas.

But, they are not me. 

Danielle's profile pic for her blog is simple and my style, but I don't want to copy her tat. 

I do know it's going to be on my foot, under my ankle, in the fleshy area. 
And it's going to be on my right foot, since this tattoo is on my left foot. 

please excuse the blurry pic - cell phone pic - this is a series of 3 stars
 1 with an I (Izzy) in it, 1 with a W (Ward), and 1 with a T (Tucker)

I would like for this new addition to be simple and not too crazy - like this one.  


So, this is what I drafted. 

The idea is that for each marathon I complete, I will add another star. How many stars do you think I'll end up with? What if I become one of those incredible 80 year women still running marathons? I may end up with stars going up my leg.

What do you think?
Am I crazy for wanting a 26.2 tattoo? 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'm back!

Part of me really seriously thought I may not ever want to run after the marathon.  I wasn't sure how my body would recover or if it would ever recover.

Jess & I crossing the finish line
photo courtesy of Maine Running Photos

My week looked like this:

Monday:  I stayed home (sick day?) , relaxing, lots of bengay, wearing Zensah compression sleeves & my medal.  I did venture out to take Izzy to daycare and the boys to school & I did stop by my favorite consignment shop downtown and bought a pair of jeans.  I went down the three steps we have, very slowly and with quite a bit of pain.  Calves felt great - quads super tight. 

Tuesday:  I did go to school today and I did use the elevator - several times.  Thinking about taking the stairs in that building scared the crap out of me.  Calves still feeling great - quads feel like they are going to explode.  Oh and more bengay. 

Wednesday:  I took the stairs - up AND down! and with very little pain.  I didn't feel as tight in the quads.  I decided to see if I was physically able to run - my arms were pumping but my legs wouldn't bend or move.  Crazy feeling. 

Thursday:  I am feeling almost normal - so I decide that it's yoga night.  I felt great afterward! 

Friday:  I feel 100% normal - and took advantage of the great weather (and furlough day) and went for a run on the rail trail while Tucker followed me on his bike.   I felt great afterward!

Saturday:  Still feeling great, so I took Izzy for a run in her jogger on the rail trail.  3 miles today. 

Sunday:  not sure - maybe yoga or rest or bike ride.  I do know I'm not going to run.  I don't want to push it too much! 

So, what's next?  At the end of the month, I will be running the Spooky 5K in Freeport.  This will be Tucker's 5k debut and I'll be running with him.  Now we have to plan some fun running costumes. 

Will I ever run a marathon again?  Yes, most definitely, but not right now.  I'm going to rest and enjoy some 5ks and 10ks and enjoy winter running for a bit.  I'm sure I'll do the January Thaw and Midwinter Classic runs.  But sometime later this winter someone else in the family will be ramping up his marathon training for Boston!  Yep - that's right.  The husband got into Boston. We are all super excited for him.  What's great is that the brother-in-law got in too, so all 8 of us will be heading down to Boston in April. 

My thought is that I will train with Stacy when she trains for her 1st marathon (which will be the Maine Marathon next October) and I will run the MDI Marathon which is usually held 2 weeks after the Maine Marathon.  That way I will be available to support her throughout her 1st marathon. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Yoga and Running

I am still psyched that I completed my 1st marathon.  It's amazing how awesome my co-workers have been this week, stopping me in the hallway to congratulate me and share their own running/marathon stories.  It goes to show that the running community is simply and incredible place to be.

Aside from the high from completing this feat, I am also pleased to report that I came out of this experience injury free!  I have a tendency to overtrain.  I'm sure you're shocked by this.  (not really!)  So, when Terry from Yoga to Run contacted me about joining her marathon training program, I jumped on it.  Actually, there are two instructors for Yoga to Run - Jenn and Terry.  They provided all of the runners with a weekly email of the upcoming weeks training plan with helpful hints.  They also had video clips done on youtube so members of the group could practice yoga in the comfort of their home.  The group got together once a month for a yoga clinic in Portland and group long runs along the course.  Unfortunately, I was not able to make it to any of the group runs. What I came to realize is that yoga gave me improved core strength and more flexibility overall which made me a runner who could take on this huge challenge and not get injured.  Guide to HealthcareSchools recognizes the benefits that can be derived from yoga that's why it is recommended for fitness trainers to be educated about it.

Because of Yoga to Run, I am now making yoga part of my routine.  Driving to Brunswick or Portland for a yoga class is not really an option for me, so I joined an adult ed yoga class in Richmond (a 5 minute drive).  Actually, Jess and Stacy took this 10 week class last spring and loved it.  They raved about it so much that it convinced Jill and I to join. Now the four of us are back together again! The class started the week before the marathon and it meets on Mondays.  I went to the first class and loved it.  I choose to not go to class on Monday - mostly because I just couldn't move.  But I will be there for the next 8 weeks, for sure.  

Back to Yoga to Run, I can't say enough awesome things about Terry and Jenn and their yoga for athletes/training programs.  You should seriously check them out.  And if you live in the Brunswick or Portland area, you should definitely attend one (or more) of their classes or clinics.  

A huge thank you goes to Jenn and Terry! 

Here's a video that Terry shared on facebook - this is exactly how I felt the day after the race!


Monday, October 3, 2011

My 1st Marathon

A day later, I am still feeling the excitement (and pain) from completing my 1st marathon! 

Completing this goal was huge and I could not have gotten here without the love and support from my family and friends!  AND yogatorun!  (thank you, Terry and Jen) Mind you, not even 10 years ago – during 1 mile jogs, that I would tell Ward that “I am not a runner” and that “I have asthma” and “can’t breath”.  Boy things have changed! 

The forecast for yesterday had been on and off for the week.  Depending on the weather source, the forecast ranged from overcast with possible showers to steady rain.  No where in those reports did I hear/see downpours.  Well, weathermen, you were wrong!  Downpours and windgusts are what we had in store for us yesterday.  I know I have said before that I do enjoy running in the rain.  And I’ll stick to that but with a slight modification – I do like running in the rain if the mileage is less than 10 miles without gusty winds and downpours.  26.2 miles in the rain/cold/wind is not my idea of fun.  Was I going to back out of the race because of the weather?  No way.  That wasn’t even a possibility!  I trained for this race for months and I was going to complete it.  No matter what.  And I did!  I think running in such horrible conditions makes me a stronger runner, right? 

I left the house around 6:00 am, by myself.   During the drive, I experienced a huge range of emotions –from excitement to absolute fear/dread.  I sang songs at the top of my lungs and cried.  I know, I’m a freak! I already had my bib number and goodie bag, so there wasn’t a huge rush to get to the race early, but I still felt better getting there early so I find a parking spot and relax a bit before heading down to the starting line. When I got there, I sent off a text to Michelle and Terry to let them know I was there.  I was supposed to meet up with them, but totally missed out on the chance.  I looked for them, but in the craziness of the pouring rain, it was hard to spot anyone.  I was also supposed to meet up with Emilie and the Mainely Running crew – but again, weather, rain craziness took over. 

I grabbed my bag and started to walk up to the gym.  As soon as I got there, I saw the super long lines for the bathroom, so I got in line.  Not even a minute later, I saw Danielle.  She suggested using the bathroom in the locker room area and had her from John stand in line for me (just in case the locker room bathroom lines were longer).  What a sweet guy!  Anyway, we came to realize that the locker room was the way to go, so I stood in line while Danielle went back to relieve John from line standing duties. Soon enough Danielle rejoined me in line.   We got that out of the way and then headed upstairs and found Jess with her husband, Joe, Mark, Christine and their kids.  A little while later Sarah joined us.  This was a great bunch to hang out with in the morning pre-race. 

Danielle & myself prerace

A little bit before the start we headed out the doors to the starting line.  By this point, it was raining pretty hard.  We all tried to avoid puddles, but that was impossible.  My feet were soaked before the race even started.  Danielle and I were going to check our bags.  There was a little confusion as to where the bag check was going to be and when we finally found it, there was a super long line.  We stood in line for a bit, but then we heard the National Anthem, so we found a dryish spot to put the bags and got in place. By that point I had completely lost Jess, but knew (hoped) I would find her. 

photo courtesy of Maine Running Photos 

Soon enough the gun went off and the race began.  It took a little while to get to the starting line, but as soon as I did, I started my Garmin.  Shortly after that, I spotted Ward, the kids, my dad and Barb.  I stopped to tell Ward to get my bag and where it was.  At the time, he didn’t seem to care about my bag and only shouted to me to that Jess was ahead of me and to go get her.  (He did get my bag – thankfully because that now meant I was going to have dry clothes!) 

In less than a half mile, I spotted Jess.  I don’t know how I did it, but I did.  She was wearing last year’s Maine Marathon shirt with black capris – like about another 100 or 300 runners.  The only saving grace is that I knew she had her pink tank on underneath and I spotted someone ahead of me with the white shirt, black capris and a little pink hanging out under the white shirt.  I shouted her name and she slowed down until I caught up.  Phew!  A little panic there because I really didn’t want to run the entire race by myself.  I needed my running buddy! 

Anyway, as with any large race, it was a bit congested in the beginning and then it started to spread out and get a little more comfortable.  That’s when I started to hear some sirens.  My initial thoughts were “that’s great! Sirens for us.  How cool is that?”  But then I noticed that the race stopped, literally, and there were fire engines and other emergency vehicles crossing the road ahead of us.  We were at a standstill for a little bit and when we got going again, it was hard to get back up to pace because of the number of people who had to stop as well.  I seriously think I can deduct at least a minute off my time for that.  Right? 

Just before mile 5, we saw Ward and crew.  What a rush to see them!  At this point, I was feeling warm so I took my arm warmers off and threw them at Ward.  Jess took off her long sleeved shirt and tossed it at him too.  This turned out to be a big mistake a little bit down the road.   

About a mile later, we saw Stacy.  That woman was standing there with our water bottles and food and gum and was ready for us!  We grabbed some food and took off.

For a while thereafter, we’d see Ward and crew and then we’d see Stacy.  I don’t really remember if we ever saw them at the same spot together.  Once in a while we’d see Jess’s family.  Every time we’d see any of them, we’d be so pumped and excited!  We would grab something to eat and then head off.  They always seemed to want us to rush off and were concerned about us stopping to get our food, but Jess and I were not in any hurry yesterday.  Truth must be told, we walked through the water breaks as well.  They were never really long walk breaks, but just enough. 

Coach Ward opening our shot bloks, sharkies or sport beans for us!  

I think it was around mile 7, Jess mentioned something about her hands feeling weird.  And then I realized that my fingers felt numb too.  At one point, we had to have Ward open our food because our fingers just weren’t working anymore and Stacy had to open some things for us as well.  Sad. I know.  I should have kept my sleeves on.  They could have helped, maybe. But really, we were really wishing for some gloves. 

At one point I realized my shoe was coming untied.  So I went over to the side of the road and attempted to tie them.  It took me a little bit to figure out how to get them tied because my fingers were not working at all at that point.  And I while I sat there, squatting on the side of the road, absolutely soaked to the bone, I thought “if I peed right here and right now, now one will have a clue, I am soaked already and people who do tri’s pee on their bikes, right?”  So, I did.  I peed in my shorts, right there.  Gross, I know.   In the mean time, my fingers worked somewhat and I got those shoes tied up and we were off again. 

shoving more shot bloks in my mouth again

Eventually, the rain did let up and the wind did die down. Our bodies started to warm up again and we started getting feeling back in our hands. That part was nice.   But it didn’t last long.  The rain came back – I think, around mile 18.  It wasn’t so bad this time around because the temperature was a bit warmer or maybe our body temperatures were warmer or a combination of the both.  Somehow we powered through the rest of the race in the rain. 

Our longest training runs were 2, 20-milers. Every step we took after 20 miles was a new experience and a new distance.  That part was exciting.   

When we rounded the last corner to the cove, with less than 2 miles left, emotions were running high.  We could almost see the finish line – if it wasn’t raining – we would have been able to.  Since we did run our first ½ marathon on this course last year, we knew where the finish line was and had a pretty good idea that it feels like it takes forever to get there.  That part hadn’t changed.  My mind kept saying, only 2 miles, get there fast, sprint it!  But my body, no way in hell, bitch.  We did have some energy left so we did speed up a little bit.  Our last 2 miles were some of our faster miles 9:11 and 9:05.  Pure adrenaline at that point.  We had a good idea of where our cheering squad was going to be so as we got closer, tears welled up in our eyes.  We knew when we saw our families, the tears would start flowing.  And they did.  Tucker and Max raced out to us.  Then we saw the cheering crew!  Ward, Izzy, my dad, Barb, my in-laws (Kathy and Bou with flowers for me!), Stacy, Joe (Jess’s hubby) and their kids, Jess’s sister – Nicole and her fiancĂ©, Steven, and Mark, Christine and their kids.  Then I saw two (wonderful) people I totally was not expecting, holding up some incredible signs!  My friends, Shannon and Melissa drove up from Massachusetts on this glorious (not really) day to stand in the rain with incredible signs and cheer me on! 

trying to get Tucker to run with me...

tears were definitely flowing here!

Shannon and Melissa - my surprise cheering squad!

We were both so happy to see our families and friends, we were beaming and crying at the same time!  Jess and I surged through to the finish line and held hands as we crossed that line.  We gathered our (huge) medals and space blankets  and started to trek back toward our families and friends.  I do have to mention that the volunteer who handed me my space blanket did say I was the best dressed – thank you Team Sparkle!  I actually received lots of compliments on the skirt today.  It is a great skirt, isn’t it?  It matched my YMX shirt perfectly.  A bright outfit for such a gloomy day.

When I finally got in the car and took my shoes off to inspect my slightly achy feet – I realized that I did not have feet anymore, I had prunes.  And surprisingly, those prunes only had 2 small blisters – that I don’t feel at all. 


ewww...blister #1

and blister #2

I know, an ice bath was probably the best thing to do, but I couldn’t find it in me to get into ice after that run.  So when Ward suggested that we go to his parents’ house (in Brunswick) and get in the hot tub, I was all over that! 

After the hot tub soaking, I did put on some Zensah compression calf sleeves. I’ve been wanting to buy some, but hesitant to do so because of the price.  So when I was offered the chance to borrow some (from a former student) I jumped on that offer.  Being able to try some out first was nice.  I wore those babies all night and most of this morning.  The verdict?  My calves only ache a little bit.  They actually hurt less today than they did during the final miles of the race.  I am sold.  I have to buy some for sure.  Now I have to decide on what color to get. 

Today was a recovery day, so I opted to get a sub and not go to school.  How effective would I be as a teacher if I cannot move or if I am found at the bottom of the stairs sobbing?  I’ve been taking it easy, taking ibuprofen, doing some light stretching, and putting on bengay.  If anyone is stuffed up, feel free to come over to my house.  That menthol smell is sure to clear you up. 

I do have to share that I did wear that medal and my Maine Marathon shirt today when I dropped Izzy off at Miss Karen’s and the boys off at school.  I am proud of my accomplishment and I am going to show it off!!! 

Official time:  4:15:30  (9:45 pace)
393/897 marathoners
123/395 women
25/58 in my age group

-- now that is with walking through water breaks and stopping to get fuel from our support team ---

Not too bad for my 1st marathon!