Saturday, November 12, 2011

3 things & a WINNER

  1. Yesterday morning, I ran in shorts and came home dripping in sweat and this morning, I had to run in full length tights and a winter-weight shirt & barely warmed up before I got home.  Brr….Also, yesterday on my run, I heard too many gunshots.  I know I live in the woods.  I know it’s hunting season.  And I know I need to adjust or get over it, but it’s still unnerving to be out there running and hearing gunshots.  If it bothers me so much, I should just drive to the rail trail and run, right?  That is one solution, OR I could just go to Reny’s and buy these for my runs:

I'm sexy and I know it.

Yep, that is what I was sporting on this morning’s run.  Sexy, huh?   By the way, I saw 3 men in hunting gear walking down the road today with their big guns.  Awesome.  Tomorrow’s run is on the rail trail for sure with the girls. 

  1. Last night I made some yummy semi-homemade Apple Danishes. 

Slightly modified recipe from
Apple Danish

4 apples – peeled/cored/sliced
½ c brown sugar
4 tbs butter
1 tsp cinnamon
1 can of crescent rolls

Glaze - confectioner sugar mixed with 1 tbs almond milk 

  1. peel/core/slice apples, add to skillet, add brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon – cook on low on the stove top until apples are soft and begin to mush
  2. roll out crescent rolls to triangle shape or if you want a larger danish, go ahead and make them into squares
  3. take a spoon and scoop small piles of apple mix into center of crescent rolls
  4. roll up sides of crescent rolls to seal it shut
  5. bake at 350 for 20 -25 minutes
horrible picture, but you get the point & obviously I didn't mix the sugar and milk too well
not pretty - but tasty for sure

  1. Another sign that winter is coming and a great joy of living in an old farm house, with a barn and fields all around – the mice are coming in.  We have the cat to help us out with the problem and he’s pretty good at it, but I think he’s been waiting to see what the mousetraps get and then he takes the mouse trap for a walk.  That is always a great find.  Every morning since Monday, I have had to empty the mousetrap.  I wonder if I buy 3 more traps, will I fill them every night? 
Old farmhouse - I cannot wait until my garden is blooming like that again!

And what you’ve been waiting for……..

The Handful Bra Winner

Congratulations, Boston Bound Brunette!  Email me at runningwiththegirls AT  If I don’t hear from you within a week’s time, I’ll choose another winner. 

Happy Saturday!  Gotta love a three day weekend.  The kids and I are heading to the playground and then a walk downtown for something yummy to eat. 


  1. I really enjoyed your post this morning. I used to live where there was hunting in the Fall and always made sure to be highly visible as a PERSON when walking or running in the woods.

    That apple Danish looks great. I am copying that recipe. Thanks.

    You house is lovely. No wonder the little field mice want to come in when it gets cold!

    Have a great weekend!

    And congrats to your winner.

  2. Love the orange! I have a hat only, I should look at getting more, but I mostly run on roads along open fields during hunting season and we really don't have that many hunters so I don't worry about it too much

    I hate mice! I love the house though!

  3. i ran up in skowhegan today and made sure that i wore my 2010 MDI jacket that is hunter orange! wouldnt want someone to mistake me for a deer haha

  4. I am so excited that I won! I am emailing you now!! Thank you so much!!

  5. Thank you for the sweet words about the house - the pic is taken from the "finished" view. Someday I may do the tour of "almost finished" around our house. :)

  6. Congrats to Sandy for the Handful win - those bras are fantastic! I worry about hunters around here too...I even hear the shots from my house!


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