Playground Fun & Goal Setting

Yesterday the kids and I got outside for some fun.  It was pretty windy and cold, but it was still incredible to get out. 

After the playground fun, we went downtown to Water Street CafĂ©.  Izzy and I shared a delicious cracked pepper, tomato, avocado sprinach wrap and beer cheddar soup.  Yum! 

I am a person who needs to set goals for myself.  I have also found that if I am not registered for races, I feel “lost” in my runs. 

Since the marathon, I haven’t really been following any type of plan other than the one called recovery.  I’m pretty sure I’m recovered – since it HAS been 6 weeks!  Before I go and devise a plan, I need to set some goals.   Once I have the goals squared away, then I can focus on what’s important to me with a plan.   

Goal 1: Increase my speed – which leads to goals 2 & 3.
Goal 2:  Finish the Midwinter Classic 10-miler in February in 1:20; which = 8:00 pace
Goal 3:  Finish the Race the Runway ½ Marathon in 1:48; which = 8:14 pace
Goal 4:  Complete a tri in 2012. 

Man I have a lot of work to do!

My thoughts on a plan:
-       My last ½ marathon pace was 8:20, so I am thinking hoping both of my goals are within reach if I add in some speed work – intervals and hills.  Should be easy, right? 
-       I could get the Run Less Run Faster book and follow the plans in there, but from what I’ve heard, the plans have you running 3 days a week.  I really enjoy running 5 days a week, and I’m not interested at all in decreasing this right now. 
-       Long miles mid-week are very hard for me, mostly because of the running in the dark thing.  I’d like to get those mid-week/dark run done as quickly as possible.   Plus, if I’m going to chicken out and venture further away from my house, running 5 + miles in front of my house is going to get B O R I N G. 
-       I have scheduled races coming up, so I need to make sure I am flexible and take into account rest days prior to my races.  I do love to rest for 2 days prior to a 5k. 
-       In the past six weeks I’ve been running anywhere from 18 to 26 miles/week.  I’d really like a plan that does not go under 20 miles in the beginning. 
-       I have 11 weeks until the Mid-Winter Classic and then 8 weeks after that I have the Race the Runways ½.  I'm just going to focus on the Mid-Winter Classic right now, which will give me an incredible base for Race the Runways.  

After quite a bit of thought, I think I’ve come up with my plan.  Let’s see how it goes. 

Some notes about my plan:
-       I chose hills and fartleks based on my road – I can easily pull off fartleks on my road and I have a medium sized hill less than a ½ mile from my house. 
-       My yoga class has 4 more sessions remaining.  That is why I left Monday’s as my yoga/cross training nights.  When yoga is over, I may switch over to some Jillian Michaels action. 

I haven't even touched on the tri plan yet.  I have time for that.  I think.

Oh, and I can I just tell you how jealous I am of Ward?  Look what he bought for himself at the employee store last week.  

What training plans do you have in store?  Do you need a plan to stay focused?  Do you buy one online, use a free one, or make up your own?  


  1. I agree, I need a race to keep me motivated and give structure to my running! I normally take a few free training plans and add a little of my own input and mesh all of that together :)

  2. YIP, races certainly keep me more motivated, I'd all but given up on running before I got my marathon entry. As for doing a tri ... how exciting, that will be a fantastic goal.

  3. I have just been thinking that I need to make a plan for the rest of the year. I don't have anything to train for...but I need something to hold myself accountable I will have to develop some sort of workout regimen. I'm glad to see other people are doing the same thing!

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