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I was just tagged the other day by Lauren from the blog formerly known as The Running Cook.  She has renamed her site to Sweat Junkie.  Love it.  

Thank you, Lauren!!!   

The "rules":
1. Thank the giver
2. Share 7 random things about yourself 
3. Tag 15 people

Okay, here it goes - 7 Random Facts

1.    I have asthma.  For some reason, it’s basically non-existent right now.  It basically disappeared after Izzy was born, so it could have been the chemistry changes my body went through being pregnant to her (lots of things changed with my body after her birth) or I my lungs are just much stronger.  Hmm…

2.    In high school, I was on the track team, but I did not run.  I actually hated running then.  I was a thrower.  Not a very good one, but it was fun.  

3.    I am in love with the Twilight Series.  I actually read the entire series while I was pregnant with Isabella.  However, Izzy already had her name before I started reading the series, so nope, she is not named after Bella.  I was supposed to go see Breaking Dawn last night with Stacy, but we had to reschedule for next weekend.  I cannot wait!

4.    I’m from Pennsylvania.   I grew up in a small town called Wiconisco – which actually means “wet and muddy camp”.  Wiconisco is about 45 minutes outside of Harrisburg. 

  1. It drives me absolutely batty when someone coughs and does not cover his/ her mouth with the crook of their arm.  If they happen to cover their mouth with their hands, I find myself obsessing about not touching what they touch.   Can you imagine what it must be like for one of my children/family members/students?  I am constantly nagging them to cover their mouths.  

  1. I drive a 1994 Volvo stationwagon.  She’s a beast and she keeps going.  Unfortunately the odometer stopped working at 260,000 miles and that was 3 months ago.  I wasn’t really surprised it stopped, but I’m saddened because I really wanted to see it turn over to 300,000 miles. 

  1. I had a Keratin treatment yesterday and didn’t realize how dry/damaged my hair was before until now.  It’s so silky and soft.  I am hooked. 

Okay, so I really hope I don’t retag someone who’s already been tagged.  If I did, I apologize.  So, here you go:

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  5. Jennie @ Running Jennie 
  6. Falon @ Falon Does Marathon 
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  8. Kiley @ Daily Vitamin F 
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  10. Amy, Christine, & Jen @Mainely Running  (can this count as 3?)
  11. Carrie @ Sweating In Style 
  12. Andrea @ Andrea Is Crafty  
  13. Erin @ Skirts Rock 
  14. Tracy @ Machen Family 
  15. Jesse @ Journey Thru Life 


  1. #2--My sister was a high jumper in track. So jealous of the field event people, show up for 20 minutes, jump/throw a little then go home, haha.

  2. Your #7 makes me want to go do something nice for my sad, dry hair. Soft and silky sounds promising!

  3. Yeah, that Keratin treatment sounds good, I know I could use it. Also, tell me more about the asthma and how it is to run long distance with asthma? My son has it (see my post about our turkey trot 10k). My daughter Sophia has Isabella for a middle name but I've never read the Twilight books or seen the movies. I almost went to the movie the other night but then saw it's only part one of the I decided that would be dumb. :/ Glad to find your blog!! Thanks, Jess

  4. Thanks for the tag! I hate it when people cough into their hands, aack, makes me want to be a hand sanitizer freak!


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