Back at it

and winter is here.  Brrr.  When I got out for my run tonight, it was 15 degrees.  According to – the windchill brought it to 3F!  Brrr…  I have been spoiled for the past week since the temps were nowhere near 15 degrees AND I was able to run during daylight hours.  Now I’m back to my normal running conditions (when back to school) – cold, windy and dark.  

and look at how cold it's going to get tonight....

The good news is that I wore my Wright Socks tonight and my toes did not feel like they were going to fall off.  Good sign.  I will be doing a full review/giveaway shortly!  

I love that I do get to run before dinner.  Ward is a sweetie and takes care of dinner (even if I had to prepare it a couple of days ago) while I get out there and get my run done.  I am forever grateful I have a runner hubby who gets it (well, it is his fault I run anyway, so I guess he is obligated).   

I am also happy to report that I got in a mile walk today during lunch.  It was cold and windy, but it was daylight and a chance to get some fresh air.  I took advantage to took a quick, brisk walk to the bank.  I loved it.

Today’s totals: 
1 mile walk
3.5 mile run
20 minutes yoga

I did want to bike tonight too, but resisted the urge.  I do need to rest a little so I can continue with the January Streak.  Are you in???  

You may have noticed (to the right) that I am finally starting to use DailyMile.  I started an account a few months back, but it seemed so overwhelming and I didn’t get it.  But last night I decided that I would take the plunge and go for it.  I haven't decided if I’m going to ditch logyourrun completely or use both.  Your thoughts??? 

I made a few friends already through DailyMile.  Wanna be my friend?  Go here to do it! (I have no idea if I linked it correctly or that's even the way to become friends - please let me know if it isn't!)  


  1. 15 degrees?! Yikes! I was complaining about 27 this morning:) I don't use DailyMile, but it seems that everyone else loves it. I'm stuck on RunKeeper and will probably continue using it because I don't have a Garmin yet. Sounds like you had a great day full of workouts. Hope tomorrow is just as good!

  2. It's always nice to have a supportive husband who understands running:) I don't know if I am tough enough to run in that cold of weather. The lowest I have gone is 30 degrees. That's cold enough for me!

  3. My husband isn't a runner, but so far I've been successful in doing it when it doesn't impact him. My races, on the other hand, are going to get in the way of our weekend plans , particularly in the month of March.. .but who makes plans in March anyway, right? hahahaha

  4. Ha!  That's right.  Weekends are so packed!  Sometimes getting a race in makes for a very big challenge! 

  5. Everyone has their limits with running in the cold.  I know for sure, I felt a bit winded after that run last night.  Perhaps I change my goal to just run it - slowly instead of pushing myself! 

  6. Oh yes & it's only going to get colder here!!!    I have some friends who use RunKeeper and they say it's awesome.  There are so many tools out there to use.  We have to choose one that works for us. 

  7. Love Daily Mile, I will add you! I like how you can track all kinds of workouts!

  8. I just added you on daily mile, the link worked by the way :)

    This morning we ran in 20 degree weather, I was sad that the nice temperatures were gone.  I'm still on vacation and my husband is finishing up his part-time job (new full-time job next week, yay!) so we can still run in the daylight.  I'm not looking forward to dark, cold runs but we'll manage. 


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