Continuing the streak.....

Day 15 of my running streak (remember, I started on 12/27) and I am still streaking!  I must be honest, if I were to only do a mile/day for the remainder of January, I think I would be a happy camper.  My legs are feeling a bit tired.  But they are getting stronger, right?  My only concern right now is that I have a race on Saturday and normally I'd take 2 days off completely prior to a race so I can have "fresh legs".  I am guessing - those days will be 1 milers and probably slow 1 milers!  I would really like to perform better than I did at the race last year.  We'll see! 

A congratulations goes out to Meghan.  She is the winner of the Centrum ProNutrients giveaway!!! 

Streakers - let me know how you are doing with the streak?  How does it make you feel?


  1. I wanted to do the streak, but had eye surgery and am not allowed to run or workout for 6 days... tomorrow's the first day I'm allowed and I can't wait! I also have a race on Saturday, so I'm glad I'll be able to run it!

  2. maybe do walk/run intervals?? is that against your streak rules??
    I've been putting up some pretty big volume lately and I've been having a giant protein shake right after big workouts and I am finding my legs are recovering super quick now. Might be something to consider during your streak!
    Happy and Safe Running!!

  3. Awesome - keep on streaking:)

  4. I'm not streaking, nor have I ever....but keep it up I think really slow 1 milers sound great! just enjoy it. good luck racing!

  5. I am feeling pretty good so far. I am on day 13 (started on 12/30). I have done a few one milers. Trying not to do to much on the day before a scheduled run.  I am super slow and am really trying to speed up.

  6. But you are running!!!  Yay!  Are you doing the Jan Thaw?  Did you SEE the forecast?  Last year I should have raced in my yak trax, this year I might!  I am actually liking the 1 milers!  I never thought I'd say that.  

  7. Thanks!!!  It's funny - one of the girls on Sunday said "so you are trying to do a streak?" My reply was "no, I AM going to do the streak!"  

  8. I didn't think of that.  I would say it's out, but at this time I don't think I need them.  I've been hitting the protein hard and loving my compression gear.  They will get me through this!  Thanks!

  9. Janine  - there will be plenty of opportunities to streak again!!!  I'm sure I'll do another shortly!  But probably not in Feb.  

  10. Suzanne WestenhoferJanuary 11, 2012 at 2:02 PM

    Great job with your run streak! I wish I hadn't started the year off sick. One mile is better than nothing so I think that's awesome!


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