Featuring: Rail Trail Chicks

l to r - Jen, Jill, Carrie, Kim, Stacy & Jess

I talk about these fine ladies enough, so I thought I would feature them so my readers can get to know my girls a little better.  If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be out there on those freezing mornings taking on the long runs. 

Jess w/ her adorable kiddos

First up is Jess.  If you’ve been following for a while, you know that Jess and I trained for and ran the Maine Marathon together.   She has two adorable kids and a runner husband as well.  Actually, Joe, runs with Ward and my brother-in-law, Wade. 

LL Bean 10K - July 2011

Name: Jessica

Who/what inspires you to run? My husband, Joe

LL Bean 10k - July 2011

What is your best training tip?  Listen to your body. Know when to take a break.

Rail Trail 1/2 Marathon - June 2011

What is your favorite post run indulgence? Coffee by the wood stove

2012 Race Plans: Trail running and maybe a second marathon

Maine Marathon - Oct 2011

Favorite Distance to Run: One mile  (Of course!! She won the 1-mile at the Race The Runways last April and walked  away with a cash prize.)  

l to r: Joe, Jess, Ward, Jen, Jill, Wade - the girls 1st 1/2 marathon - Maine 1/2 Oct 2010


  1. What a great idea! I don't know where I would be without my running partners! I might borrow this idea for a blog post sometime if that's ok?

  2. I love this post!  What a great idea to feature each of your training buddies!  I asked my husband (my training partner) if he would consider writing a guest post and after reading this I definitely want him to!

  3. Jamie - that would be fantastic!  I'd love to read about the husband training partner's point of view.  Hmmm....now maybe I need my hubby to write a post!  

  4. Oh my, Amy - please do!!!!  Training partners are incredible.  I wish I could run with them more than 1x a week!


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