How To Win Your Own Handful

Do you remember how much I love my Handful bra?  

I love it so much, I actually bought a nude color one when Handful put the bras on sale for $28 (by the way, they are still on sale!).   Basically, I alternate between the pink one and nude one for my daily bra and if I'm going to run that day (which I did run, that's one less thing I have to change out of and into.  

Do you want to win your own Handful?  Please check out this incredible video.  It is on the long side, but worth it.  And I love the song too. 

In celebration of the promotional video, Handful is offering a chance to win a bra. 

Here's how you enter:
  • 1 entry per Tweet: Mention @runningwtg & @handfulbra in a tweet with link to video "Enter this incredible @HandfulBra giveaway @runningwtg told me about! Watch: & visit"
  • 1 entry per Facebook post with tag to Running With The Girls FB page and @handful to display on our page!
  • 1 entry per Blog post (email me with link or post link on our facebook pages!)

Please let Handful know that I sent you!  


  1. I want one....or three. They sent me this too. Better get posting!!!!

  2. I love the song too! I was trying to shazam it, but the stupid thing wasn't working.

    1. Oh darn! When you find out who the musician is - let me know!

  3. Tweeted as @bchan5720!/BChan5720/status/164505684803723264

  4. Tweeted here:!/Suz4AU0608/status/164763899495849985

  5. Blogged about it today here:

  6. I tweeted:!/corgipants/status/164808589452652544


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