Ice Rink?

Today was a day when I wished I knew how to ice skate because I could have definitely put some on and let Pepper pull me on the Rail Trail.  We had a very light snow action going on when I got out for my run, which isn't so bad, but there was a sheet of ice under it that I did not (could not) see!  Thankfully I had on my yak trax and they provided me with some traction.  I was still sliding all over the place which made for an interesting run.  I got in 6 miles today and it was a hard workout!

I've been meaning to share this video with everyone.  My dad and Barb were able to make it to the January Thaw Race last weekend. It's always great to have a cheering squad at a race, with cowbells.   Especially if the only people there cheering on runners are there for me!  1st they stand in the rain for 4+ hours cheering me on for the Maine Marathon, next they stand in the bitter cold for the January Thaw.  Now that's just love, don't you think?

Have you entered my WrightSocks giveaway?  Only a few more hours left!  I'll announce the winners tomorrow sometime.  More than likely after the 10-miler with the girls & after the birthday festivities.  Tomorrow is Izzy's 3rd birthday.  I cannot belive my baby is 3 already.  


  1. I ran from the Augusta end this morning and it isn't any better until you get past the Y off ramp towards the bridge then it is mostly snow with only patches of ice. Love the cheering section video :-)

  2. It's that time of year when I completely abandon the RT and run on the roads 100%.  I'm not happy about it, but it's only temporary.  This morning the girls and I will be dong our 10 miles on the roads.  We've been lucky to run this long on the RT!!!  

  3. wow that does look dangerous! Happy birthday Izzy!!!!!!! 

  4. Happy birthday Izzy!

    By the looks of things you had a great 10 mile run! 


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