My Turn At Being Tagged

I was lucky enough to get tagged by two fun bloggers in two days!  It's taken me a little while to answer the questions and get my post up here.  
Thank you Danielle and Amy for the tags!  

the rules:
1. you must post the rules
2. post 11 fun facts about yourself
3. answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create 11 new questions for the people you tagged
4. tag people and link to them on your post
5. let them know you’ve tagged them

11 Random Things About Me...
1. I’m sitting here beside a sick little girl, with a fever and complaining about her ear.  My heart is breaking for her.  I should be holding her, but she seems content to cuddle beside me. 

2. I have bunions and need to wear wide shoes with a big toe box – therefore, I will always be “stuck” wearing men’s racing shoes.  Sometimes I can pull off a woman’s wide trainer for everyday running, but not very often. 

3. My house will never be finished, ever.  We’ve been here for 8 years and I convinced there will always be something unfinished.

4. I plan on raising more meat birds this summer, getting more egg layer chickens and I want to raise some turkeys.  Oh, and I'm actually going to plant my own garden this year instead of participating in a foodshare.  It's been a few years since I've grown veggies, so I think I'm recharged and ready to go with this again.  Just call me Farmer Jen.  

5. Since my pregnancy with Izzy, my allergies/asthma have virtually disappeared.  I honestly have no idea where my inhalers are.  That is bad, right?  I probably should know where they are, just in case. 

6. I cannot drink caffeine past 4 pm or I’ll but up all night long. 

7.  Speaking of coffee, it takes all the willpower in the world for me to not swing through the Starbucks drive-thru on the way to school every morning.  For the first 3 months of school, I did go daily.  It was my reward for going to school.  Sounds good, right? 

8. I’d rather get my run done 1st thing in the morning on the weekends– like between 5 and 6, that way I have the rest of the day to do what I need to do. 

9. I have finally learned how to split wood with a splitting maul.  I am a powerhouse.  Ha! 

10. I’ll be 35 years old next month. 

11.  I am in love with shelled edamame from Trader Joes. 

Danielle’s Questions for me (ohh breathe, just breathe
1. What is your favorite blog(s) to read and why?
Oh jeez, do I really have to answer this one – I could take the easy route and say my own, but I really just don’t know.  I could list the first one I fell in love with and that was One Mom In Maine. 
2. If you are a runner/swimmer/biker/all 3...
I’d love to be all 3, but haven’t taken the “plunge” into swimming yet.  My next race is Midwinter Classic 10miler this weekend. 
3. Coffee or tea? 
Coffee for sure and while we’re at it, Starbucks. 
4. What is your favorite recipe?
What we’ve been eating a lot lately & is super easy & done in the crockpot: 1 small whole chicken (we’ve been using the chickens we raised this past summer), put in crock pot, pour in a can of beer, toss in a clove of garlic (you can mince it if you want or not), ½ stick of butter, 6 cups of water, put on high for 4 to 6 hours and you have an easy chicken dinner and leftovers for the week – for chicken tacos, chicken taco salad, etc. 
5. What TV show do you never miss? 
NCIS – we don’t have cable anymore, so my choices are very limited.
6. What is the best book you've ever read? 
The only books to hold my attention and leave me wanting more have been the Twilight series.  I am pathetic.  I know. 
7. Peanut butter... discuss. 
I could seriously sit down with a jar of peanut butter and a spoon and be a very happy person. The only thing that holds me back are the calories.  Since PB2 entered my life, I am a very happy girl.  I always go for the pb/chocolate desserts and any ice cream with pb/chocolate in it is my fave.  AND, Ward better have a pb and chocolate cake for me in a few weeks or he’ll be sleeping in the barn. 

8. If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life for all meals what would it be? 
Cheese – doesn’t it make everything taste better?
9. What article of clothing do you own that you would be devastated if you lost or it somehow got thrown out?
My handful bra – I have two now and basically rotate through them.  
10. What kind of cell phone do you have? 
Definitely not a smartphone – some LG, slide out keyboard number.  That’s about as high tech I get with phones. 
11. Are you going to the movie theater on March 23rd??? 
I haven’t even read the book yet – perhaps I should get on board.  You are talking about Hunger Games, right? 

Amy’s Questions for me (Juice Boxes & Crayolas)
1. What food are you craving right now? 
Ben and Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup
2. Biggest guilty pleasure? 
Same answer as above (that’s not cheating, right?)
3. Go-to Saturday outfit?
Yoga capris and some type of running top. 
4. What's your Starbucks order?  
Or, if you're not a Starbucks junkie like me, your favorite pick me up beverage?
Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte
5. Best book you've ever read? 
The Twilight Series – seriously.  I am 13 years old. 
6. What's one thing you're really loving lately? 
7. What were you like in high school? 
Total dork – I didn’t fit into any specific crowd at all – I played sports (but wasn’t very good at them – for example, I was on the jv basketball team for 3 years – yes, I sucked), I was an honor roll student for most of hs, and I was in various clubs.  Yep, dork. 
8. What's one thing you don't mind splurging on? 
Fresh fruits and veggies. 
9. Where would your dream vacation be?
Oh goodness, right now, just about anywhere that is hot and on a beach. 
10. Favorite song? 
Favorite song right now or ever?  I’m just going to go with now – and I’m going go with I’m Sexy And I Know It.  Just a catchy little tune.  If it was favorite song ever, I’d just have to say just about any Poison song.  (yes, I am a dork)
11. What's your favorite way to spend a Saturday? 
My favorite way would be to go shopping by myself but my Saturdays are normally cleaning the house (because I don’t want to do it on Sundays after my long run), cleaning the chicken coup (again, don’t want to do that after the long run), and grocery shopping with the kids.  Sometimes, we get in a Target/TJ Maxx stop in as well.  I really need to get a life. 

Jen’s questions for my lucky tagged friends....
  1. What is the best vacation you have ever taken?  
  2. What is your favorite post exercise food?
  3. Why do you run?
  4. What is the food you could not live without?
  5. Describe your most favorite race.
  6. Describe your most horrible race. 
  7. What is the farthest place you’ve traveled to?
  8. Chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla?
  9. Favorite pre-race meal?
  10. Do you cross train and what specifically?
  11. Do you taper for races and do you go crazy? 

Lisa @ runwiki
Tara @always under construction 
Holly @ the pionner apron
Jenn @ will run 4 food

I have no idea who hasn’t been tagged yet other than the fine ladies above, so feel free to tag yourself.  I know it’s against the rules, but oh well!


  1. I've heard good things about PB Gu. I still haven't tried it but may pick some up this week. :)

  2. Fun post! I love peanut butter so much too! I have a PB Gu that I haven't tried yet, saving it for a long run when I need fuel. I'm not a big Gu fan, but since it is peanut butter I am going to try it!

    1. I even tried a PB GU just before my 4 miler at lunch today (since I hadn't had lunch yet) and it was awesome!

  3. Hmm- PB Gu. I have never seen that and now I have to go find some! I am so with you on getting the weekend run done early. I love getting it done so the rest of the day is open for me and the fam.

    1. I'm not a huge gu fan at all, BUT I love PB GU. :) I actually bought an entire box!

  4. i have so much to comment on... im sad ill be missing you this weekend. kick some MWC butt!!! (now stop stressing over it haha). im pretty sure ill be making that chicken crock pot meal... tomorrow.
    yes. twilight. im on breaking dawn now and i cant put it down!
    mmmm cheeeeeese haha. and yes, hunger games. you must read. :)

    1. Just went back to check your MWC PR - 1:26, you've got to be kidding me. Even though you won't be there, I'll still be competing against your previous time. I'm going to rest until Sunday!

  5. I'm right there with you on 6 and 7! I really am jealous of you because of 5, I didn't get any allergies until I had my girls and they got progressively worse with each one!! You need to read Hunger Games, they were great books!!

    1. Pregnancy does weird things to our bodies. Thankfully we get some awesome rewards with those cute kids of ours! And yes, Hunger Games is on my list!

  6. My asthma randomly pretty much disappeared over the past few years, knock on wood! I guess it happens sometimes! I don't have any clue where my inhalers are anymore either! (Allergies, not so much...)

    And amen on the peanut butter...I think I might need a spoonful outta the jar right now...

  7. I love NCIS too! I'm about to set our DVR to record all the old episodes that come on other channels so I can catch up on ones I haven't seen.

  8. Hi! Jen from Foot Notes...I love your #8...cheese made one of my lists. Well, melted cheese. Not velveeta, but real cheese melted all over...well...pretty much anything.


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