Today is the day!  Yep, it's Izzy's 3rd Birthday.  We have an adorable little cowgirl on our hands with one of the best big girl beds around.

3 Years Old!  

I want a bed like this!  

To go along with the theme, I made horse cupcakes.  Super easy.  Make cupcakes, add green frosting.  Head off to toy store (or in my case, Reny's) to buy cheap plastic horse playsets w/ fencing.  Push cupcakes together, add fencing and add horses.  Done!

do you think we might be trying to brainwash Izzy into wanting a horse?  

Before I could do any birthday celebrating, the girls and I had to get our run in.  Unfortunately, a sick babysitter meant no run for Stacy.  We missed her terribly and she definitely missed out on a rocking, I mean, freezing, hilly run from Jess's house to my house.  Thankfully the hills are in the beginning of the run.  We started out with a temp of -9F and ended with -1F.  We covered 9.8 miles in 1 hr 38 minutes.  We could have added on another .2 to make it a nice 10 miles, but when we saw my house and the smoke coming out of the chimney from the woodstove, we were DONE!

I love my runner husband who truly appreciates running in the cold.  Before we could get to the door, he was on the steps with the camera telling us how awesome we look!  It's hard to see, but Jess has the BEST ice goatee going on.

we look so awesome, don't we?

if you look closely, you can see the ice goatee

That's been my Sunday so far!  

I bet you want to know if you were one of the lucky 10 winners for WrightSocks.  Well, lucky you, I have had time in between the run and the birthday festivities to figure it out.  The winners are:


Jess @ Run With Jess

Sarah Jordan 

Jenn @ Jenn's Adventures



Boston Bound Brunette



Amy @ Juice Boxes and Crayolas


If you could send me off an email at with your full name/address, dress shoe size, and choice of lightweight, midweight, or cushioned that would be awesome.   You have 72 hours to respond.  If I don't hear from any of the winners listed above, I will choose another winner(s).  

Once I have information from all of the winners, I will forward your information to Tom.  Then WrightSocks will take care of you.  


  1. Yea for Wright Socks! Thank you =)

  2. WOOOOHOOOOOO!!! Is it sad I'm THIS EXCITED over socks!? haha!! Your lil cowgirl is ADORBS!! I'm loving the purple, too:) Also -- super hard core runners in the house -- those snowy icy faces look bada$$!!

  3. sweet! congrats to the winners. Your little girl Izzy is the CUTEST!!!!!!! I just loved seeing those pics. Your run pics make me so cold :P I can't believe there's ice on all your faces!

  4. Way to brave the cold!! I hate/love the frozen hair and face frost on days like these. Part of me sees them as a badge of courage, the other part of me sees them as "Exhibit 2 in my commitment hearing.

    LOVE the horse cupcakes and wagon bed! Lucky little girl:)

  5. Tara - you totally braved the same cold too only a few mile away on a more slippery trail!  Way to go to you too!!!  I do agree that we are brave souls - and crazy at the same time!  :)  

    Thank you!  It's like a little tradition around here, kiddo gets to big for crib, daddy makes a super awesome bed!  Tucker had a train bed when he was Izzy's age - the engine opened up to be a toy box and then there was a trundle underneath for all of his Thomas trains!  :)  

  6. Not sad at all!  I get excited over any win.  Winning just feels great!   The purple is all my doing - I so want her to be a purple girl.  :)  Thank you and I totally feel badass after this morning's run!  

  7. Love it! That bed is so awesome! Congrats to all the winners! We look so crazy in those pictures! I have no idea what I'm looking at in the group shot. We ARE so badass!!! Thank Ward again for the scones and coffee, such a good guy he is.

  8. YAY! Thanks so much!! I'm sending you an email now! :) 
    BTW, your little 3 year old is so adorable! :)

  9. Your daughter is super cute Cowgirl!!  Wow, your cold run was... COLD!!  You gals are tough! 

  10. You've got to be kidding me with those temps? I'm shocked...I seriously was whining about the 48 degrees yesterday morning when I was heading out for a run. I LOVE those iced face great. You all are my hero's!!! No excuses I guess. Happy birthday to little Izzy. Love the name so much I gave my Sophia Isabella as the middle name so I could have the option of calling her Izzy. Or if we adopt again, I'd use Izzy as a first name. :) Thanks for your comment.

  11. Wow I thought I already commented on this post!  I read it already, oops. 

    I love the pictures from your daughter's birthday, very cute cupcakes!

    That run looks really, really chilly but at least you all had a great time. 

  12. Suzanne WestenhoferJanuary 26, 2012 at 3:25 AM

    Congrats to all the winners! You are in for some amazing socks!


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