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First off, I'd like to apologize for disappearing for a few days.  After a week off of school due to the horrid pneumonia, I have been am  playing catch up at school and am barely keeping my head above water right now.  At least I checked off my formal observation today.  Yay!  Another bonus is that I only 2 MORE DAYS to get through until February Vacation.  I think I can, I think I can.

Back to the running part of this blog, I have been slowly coming back to running.  I ran 2 miles on Saturday and then attempted a very slow, easy "longish" run on Sunday.  I tried timing my run at the end of when the girls would be finishing their 12 miles so I could meet up with them.  I was planning on doing 5 miles and thought that would be awesome if I could pull that off, but my timing was off and I ended up doing a bit more.   Because the Rail Trail is an out and back, I only ventured out 2.5 miles and then ran back.  When I still felt good and the girls weren't back yet, I went out another .5 miles and then back.  This was 6 miles.  Still feeling good, I went out another .5 and back AND they still weren't back yet.  Seriously? Where were they?  So, I hung out and talked to Seth (a fellow Rail Trail Runner) and we ran a little bit until I finally saw the girls!  This totaled 7.77 miles on Sunday.  I was very sore Sunday afternoon.  It's crazy how an illness and taking 5 days off from running affects ones body.

Knowing I could relapse, I've opted to take it easy this week.  It's hard to do that because I really just want to jump back into the running and go hard, but my lungs are really not ready.  Remember me bragging about not knowing where my inhalers were because I haven't had an asthma attack in years?  I haven't officially had an attack, but having pneumonia has completely rocked my lungs and karma is kicking me in the ass right now.  I had to actually call the dr and refill my prescription.  I just need to be careful and be smart.

So far my week has been this:
Monday - 1 hr yoga
Tuesday - 3.5 miles
Wednesday - 1 hr yoga

I will note that it has been awesome weather for February in Maine for the past two weeks and all I've wanted to do is run.  Every time I look outside, it's sunny and you can see the snow melting.  So frustrating!  Today, some unkind words slipped out of my mouth (no worries, it was my lunch period and I did not have any students near me at all) when I happened to look out of my classroom window and see a woman running by in her lightweight top, no hat, no mittens, capri wearing self.  I was totally jealous and really just wanted to get out there and run.

When you cannot run (due to scheduling, injury, any reason at all - really) - do you experience runner's envy?  or are you happy for the person running?
I am trying my best to not be jealous of people when they are running, but it's so darn hard!  I just want to drop what I'm doing or where I'm going and run too.  I think I may have a problem.

Have you entered my CLICK giveaway?  Only a couple of more hours!   I will be announcing the winner sometime tomorrow.  Please come back to see if it is you.

I will let you know that I have STOPPED going to Starbucks this week and have been replacing my Starbucks desires with CLICK and so far so good.  I have been drinking a CLICK as soon as I get to school and then I make one just after lunch.  Yum!  I have only been doing 1 scoop and 6 oz of water, but it is still yummy and a great way to get me through my day.


  1. I definitely have runners envy when I see someone running outside. I wish I was out there running too! I usually feel it more when I am unable to run that day. But sometimes I even feel it when I have already completed my run. Weird? I should just be happy for them. I'll work on it:)

  2. Thanks for the info about CLICK. I just entered your giveaway. I hadn't heard of it before!

  3. Take it easy and be good to your body. Always err on the side of safety when it comes to health...that's my motto :) So glad you're on the mend!

  4. Glad you are on the mend and on the way back! When I am not running for whatever reason, I am jealous of those who can run, but at the same time supportive of their efforts - Really it is just that I want to be out there myself more than anything else. Just go slow coming back, think long term, not next week :-) Welcome back!

  5. Glad to hear you okay!! I am headed back to the gym tomorrow for the first time since the 6th! EEEK! LOL

  6. Hey I'm doing my vacation in a few more days, too! It's so stinking exciting!
    Glad to see you're out and about again!

    Last fall I broke a bone in my foot (stumbling on a branch on a trail run, how lame am I?) And everywhere I drove with the leaves turning and falling I went nuts wishing I could run in the beautiful scenery! Not nice words often came out of my mouth ...

  7. So jealous that your vacation is next week! Our break isn't until the first week of March, the downside to working at a college haha.

    I'm glad you are feeling better but I definitely feel you on the runner's envy! Been there, done that!

    1. But don't you get 2 weeks in March? Sometimes I'd rather 2 weeks than 1 week here and 1 week in April....but I'll take any break that comes my way!

    2. No, we just have one week of break. I could have taken finals week off too but I didn't have enough vacation time. I agree I do love breaks regardless of when they are!

  8. That's good news that you were able to run and you feel ok after. Hopefully you are on the road to feeling much better! I had the Vanilla Latte CLICK today and it was perfect over ice since it was a warmer day here.

  9. Good to hear you are on the mend! I have a hard time scaling it back when I'm injured and/or sick (luckily I don't get sick very often; however, I've been quite injury prone). Last year, a month before my 1st 1/2 marathon I had a terrible bout of ITBS which caused me to withdraw from the race (I did volunteer instead), it took 6 weeks of painful PT to get over and took months to get my mileage back up. I was so jealous of everyone around me that was running (this was summer time) and I was kinda miserable. I'm about 1.5 months away from my first 1/2 marathon and I'm upping my mileage (slower this time) and doing everything I can to keep the IT band well stretched and as loose as possible. 9 miles this weekend (oddly enough, the exact mileage that broke the camel's back last summer). Keeping my fingers crossed and my IB band loose!

  10. I think that when you love running a little bit of envy is inevitable. I constantly compare myself to others and feel envious if they have the time and/or ability to do more than I do. This year I am doing more than I ever have in an attempt to bring myself up to the next level. I love it and am trying to be hyper aware of any changes that could signal impending injury.

    I hope you continue to feel better. Be gentle with yourself. Taking it easy now will help you recover faster.

    1. I am very impressed(jealous) with your speed and the mileage you've been getting in!

      I just need you to please not run by HBS during the day because if I happen to see you run by, I may just start crying! Perhaps I need to just avoid looking outside. That would solve lots of problems. :)


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