Rail Trail Chicks: Stacy

This week, my featured Rail Trail Chick is Stacy.  Stacy is my bestest friend, ever.  I really could go on and on about Stacy, but I'd take away from from her post today!  I will share this one picture of the two of us pregnant (just over three years ago) with our daughters.  

big bellies Oct 2008

Name: Stacy

KRRT 1/2 Marathon June 2011

Who/what inspires you to run?
I was always one of those people who gawked at runners on the side of the road wishing I could be one of them.  When Jen started running I was motivated even more.  It took me a while, but she finally convinced me that I could do it.  So, she was my real inspiration.  Now I am continually inspired to keep running by my children.  I love hearing them cheer for me at races and pretending to be runners themselves.  

Stacy and her amazing family

What is your best training tip?
Running with others has really helped me to keep training.  I have two fabulous groups of women I run with all week long.  It helps keep me honest.

2010 Great Osprey 10k, photo courtesy of Maine Running Photos

What is your favorite post run indulgence?
A LONG shower and a great cup of coffee.

Stacy's boys running to the finish line with her at the Brunswick PT 8K this past Oct

2012 Race Plans:
I am going to train for my first marathon...yikes!  I know I can do it with the right training though, and my fellow chicks will help me through.  

2010 Jingle Bell 5K

Favorite Distance to Run:
I haven't really found a distance that I truly love.  I still feel like a newbie in the running club because I am just wrapping up with year number two.  I'm still trying to find my race pace and not get so overwhelmed at the beginning of a race.  
Jill & Stacy at Midwinter Classic 2/12,
photo courtesy of Maine Running Photos


  1. Nice post... I love a hot shower after a run too or at least a long soak in a hot bath.

    Great to have such a best friend.

    Have a fun weekend.

    1. Thank you, Elle. Yes, I am quite lucky to have such a great best friend.

  2. Great post and if this is the Stacy that won my giveaway for ZipFizz, she really IS a sweetheart :D

    1. This would be the same Stacy! She is indeed a sweetheart. She is the most selfless person I know & truly makes me want to be a better person. PS She is going to LOVE zipfizz!

    2. I hope so! I love the water bottle. Like no joke, its the only one I will use!! LOL I think she went ahead and entered my Click too, not sure yet! :D

  3. Great post about another one of your rail chicks!

    I love a long shower too! It is especially nice in the winter!


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