Today marks a very special day in our life.  
Where have the years gone?  It seems like only yesterday he was this tiny little guy. 

Now he's growing up. 

This boy means the world to me. 

We'll be spending your special day at the cottage -
 jumping, splashing, and lounging in the water - just as you wanted. 

Happy Birthday, Tucker!  I love you.


  1. Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate! Enjoy!

  2. Happy Birthday Tucker! Wishing you all the best!

  3. Oh my goodness, what sweet pictures! Does 9 really come that quickly?! We're already at 2 1/2 and I can't believe it. Enjoy the day celebrating your son!

  4. Awww Happy Birthday to your Little Man!!! They grow up so fast don't they???

  5. Great way to celebrate relaxing and having fun :-) HAPPY BIRTHDAY xx

  6. Happy Birthday Tucker! They grow up so fast!

  7. Happy birthday Tucker! Hope you guys have a great time!

  8. Happy birthday, Tucker! Hope you're having so much fun.

  9. I know EXACTLY what you mean, Jen.....my little guy is turning 9 next month!

  10. Hope he had a great birthday! I can't believe how fast time flies once you have a baby. My son is heading off to kindergarten soon, how can that be?!

  11. Happy birthday, Tucker!! I hope you all had an amazing day celebrating!


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