A Friendly Competition - Who's In?

It all started with Brad's post last week.  This guy did a 5 minute plank.  INCREDIBLE!

You can do this challenge just about anywhere!

Then this conversation started on twitter with my pal Michelle at Average Girls Doing Average Things.

And there you have it, we have a challenge!  And I love a challenge.

The Challenge?  See how long you can plank, wall sit and how many wall sits you can do from TODAY until August 31st.  It's only 18 days.  Let's see what personal progress you can make!

Michelle is going to kick my butt with the push ups, but I might be able to kick some butt with the planks.  I'm going to do my first round of wall sits today, so I don't know how that's going to go.  We'll see!

plank #1

plank #2

You don't need any fancy equipment for this either.  I've been timing with my non-smart phone and non-Instagram.  I just time it, and if my camera is close by - I take a picture of it.  If it isn't, then I just write it down on paper.  High tech, I know.   But if you do have a smart phone with your fancy Instagram, go ahead & capture your progress with it.

Michelle added in the wall sits after I made this - 
so I'll be amending my fancy chart here!

Details - Do your planks, pushups, and wall sits everyday and record it somehow.  Post below to let me know you are in on the challenge.  

Challenge starts TODAY and ends August 31st.  What are you waiting for?  

On September 1st, email me your results at runningwiththegirls at gmail dot com.  Don't worry, I'll post reminders.  If you want to get in on some twitter action - I'd love that too!  Just tweet when you've done your planking, pushups and/or wall sits to @runningwtg and @ltlindian.  

On September 2nd, I'll randomly choose 3 participants for a pair of Sweat Pink shoelaces.  No worries, guys.  If I get some male participants, I have backup prizes.  

I know you are in.  Post below to let me know you are going to join in on the challenge!


  1. cute challenge idea to keep people motivated to reach their fitness goals! i love it!! I'M IN! thanks for sharing! SPA LOVE

  2. What a fun challenge! Planks are the bane of my existence, but have fun!

  3. and you nailed it with the ANYWHERE.
    we all can drop to the floor at some point during our hectic day!

  4. Awesome challenge. I haven't done wall sits or squats in agest.

  5. I love me a friendly challenge! I'm in with one of those fancy charts that I'll take a picture of with my non-fancy camera, hook up to the non-fancy computer, and post my results. Or maybe I'll just tell Ian that I NEED a smartphone to do this challenge. Good reason, right?

  6. and it's on! There's no backing out now that it has been made public... lol. So far my daughter is beating us all with a 6 min 35 sec plank last night!

  7. Okay, I need a challenge to keep doing my planks and pushups. I am in!

  8. I'm in! And I can't wait to see improvement because there is A LOT of room for it! Note to self: don't do the challenge right after running.
    I really like those shoelaces! :-)

  9. I'm in and I'll drag a few girlfriends with me. They all say they want to work on their core muscles!

  10. Sounds fun! I'm not going to commit though because we have a bunch of races/traveling days coming up. I can't see how you do though!

    1. And that was supposed to say, I can't wait to see how you do though!

  11. i dont know that i can commit to EVERY day but ill start tracking progress and see where it gets me :) you are seriously one tough chick!

  12. Sounds like fun! I am afraid I am going to forget!!

  13. I got my sister to do it, too! This is a tough challenge. Day one was not easy!! :-)

  14. That's a fun challenge! Planks and I aren't friends so I'll sit this one out but good luck to all those participating!

  15. I'm totally in, Jen! I just got home from work so I'll start in the morning and will keep you posted.

  16. And I am in, I love a good challenge, off to plank! And pushup!

  17. Great job. Progress everyday session and you'll hit 5 mins in no time!

  18. Amazing. I am working on the #plankaday, but am only up to about 1:30 now. I need to remember to do it every day (whoops!).

  19. Oooh, I'm in! A day late, but totally need the push to work on my core!

  20. I am in! I have wanting to do this anyway so now this will make me do it!


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