What's For Dinner?

I'm joining in on the weekly challenge hosted by Mommy Run Fast and Fitness, Health, and Happiness to post our dinner menu for the week.  The purpose behind it is to help in planning to put together healthy meals for our family and to help with being more budget friendly.

Care to join in on the challenge?  Even if you are not a blogger, there are tons of benefits to prepping your meals on Sunday for the week.

So, what are we eating this week?

Breakfast for me will be either be my granola over greek yogurt or an egg omelet.  I tend to bounce between the two and both are incredibly easy.

Lunch is going to be Greek Quinoa.  I made a huge batch today.  Yum!  It's incredibly filling and delicious.  For snacks each day I'll bring with me some apples, sliced veggies with hummus or strawberries and cottage cheese.  I have all ready to go, I just need to grab something on the way out the door.

Dinner is trickier.  I have some picky picky eaters and I'd rather not make too many different meals and I'm really just done fighting/bribing.

Everything is going to be homemade, except for the pizza crust.  I buy frozen Portland Pie Co dough balls at the grocery store.  I am in love with their beer dough.

What's on your menu this week?


  1. I love your weekly planner board! I need to do something like that, have it posted in sight. Another link had a chalk board, too... sounds like a great plan! I love making a giant grain salad for lunch to eat all week, Greek quinoa sounds delicious!

  2. Portland Pie Co dough is my go-to when I buy frozen. So good! I like the board idea, too. That way it's in your face so you can't avoid it!

    Myriad reasons from time to money....

  4. I go so out of whack if I don't plan meals.
    Monday: salmon fritatta
    Tuesday: Chicken casserole
    Wednesday: cottage pie
    Thursday: chicken curry
    Friday: Beef casserole

  5. I'm obsessed with anything quinoa! Off to check out your Greek Quinoa recipe. Thanks for linking up!

  6. Planning your week like that makes everything so much easier and less stressful. This week we're "cleaning out the fridge" (aka: leftovers). We're leaving Friday for a trip to the Upper Peninsula to hike for four days with our girls. I don't want to let anything go to waste. So...basically it's salad every night with whatever else we can scrounge up from the fridge!

  7. I look forward to cooking and eating IN this week after being in San Diego last week. Now the problem is the lack of groceries in the house LOL

  8. I do a lot of cooking large portions and freezing them in single servings so hubby can take them to work for lunches and have a quick meal when I'm running or at taekwondo classes. I made an incredible chicken and lime tortilla soup this week. ohhh so good. www.CopperLanternCooking.com if you want to check out the recipe.

    I just found your blog and am excited to keep reading. Great blog!


  9. My boyfriend is SUCH a picky eater, so I don't always deviate from our usual rotations. He'll try new things, for the most part, but 9 times out of 10 he won't like it. So frustrating!

  10. Love your planning board!!! I think this challenge should end with a pot luck...then again the travel would be a little much!!

  11. I also make a huge batch of one dish to have all week for lunch. It saves so much time, money, & energy. Your meal plan looks fantastic! I'm definitely eyeing that corn chowder dish - that sounds soooo good :).

  12. Love this idea and really need to incorporate this planning strategy as my eating has been a bit off the rails lately. Thanks for sharing. Never had quinoa, but read about it all the time so I guess I'll have to find some and try your recipe. Sounds awesome.

  13. In September, I began prepping my meals in advance and i LOVE it. It's so great not having to think about food during the week. I'ts just there and ready. Cute board you have!


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