Tufts 10K Training Run

With my October race calendar filling up, training runs have been at the top of my list.  When I'm training for a race (or several), I need to focus on my goal for that race.

With my upcoming Tufts 10K, I have a couple of goals:
1.  Enjoy!  This is going to be my largest race yet (8,000 women runners) and my 1st all woman race.

2.  Try my best.  Is it going to be a PR?  Probably not.  I'm okay with this.  Not every race leads to a PR.  There will be A LOT of people to get through.  But the course is promising to be flatter than the 10Ks I've been running.  What do I think is realistic?  A good speed workout prior to MDI.

3.  Not injure myself.  I think that's a great goal.  Don't you?

Am I ready for Tufts?  Of course.  The timing couldn't be more perfect for me.  I'm in taper mode right now so I'm not going to be working extra hard with mileage.  My focus is to do easy runs right now.  My legs are going to be well rested.

I am honored to be running the Tufts 10K for Reebok.  Part of the gig was for me to participate in one of the training runs put on by Reebok in Boston.  Unfortunately, my work schedule didn't allow for me to get to Boston for any of the training runs.  I was incredibly bummed by this.  I wanted the chance to meet some Reebok and FitFluential folks prior to the big day and I was going to be able to do one of the training runs in some new Reebok apparel.  Fortunately for me, the folks at Reebok were incredibly understanding and sent me some Reebok apparel to wear on my training runs at home.  Yay for me!

Of course, the FedEx man came just as I finished my run last week.  I was very tempted to put them on and head out for another run.  Instead, I just put on my new clothes and walked around in them for the rest of the night.  They were quite comfortable.

What did Reebok send me?

Play Dry tank 

Play Dry Capris - check out the little ventilation holes

Cross Fit Socks

I've been looking for some new socks and was quite pleased to these in the box as well.  I actually put them on, took a picture and sent it to my husband at work - telling him #notyoursocks.

Everything Reebok sent me feels fantastic.  When I did get out for my run the next day, I decided I would run 6 miles. New running clothes always make me feel good, but these felt incredible.  The capris were form fitting yet forgiving at the same time.  I especially enjoyed the little ventilation holes in the back of the knee.  There was zero restriction but they weren't baggy.  The tank is very light weight and airy.  And the socks?  Oh.  I love the socks.  They fit perfectly and I didn't feel any weird spots or get any blisters.  Perfect!

I'll be wearing these items quite a bit and as much as possible this fall until it gets too cold to wear them outside.  And when it gets too cold, they will more than likely make many appearances at the gym this winter.  But more importantly, I cannot wait to wear them again on Monday when I take part in my first Tufts 10k!

Disclaimer:  I was sent Reebok clothing and received the paid race entry as part of a partnership between Reebok and FitFluential.  All opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own and not swayed by said compensation.  


  1. You will do great on the Tufts run and have a LOT of fun, it will also help you avoid taper madness ;-)

  2. You will do amazing, just enjoy it! And I love those capris!

  3. Good luck!!! :)

    Lovin' the gear on you too! You 'sport' it well!

  4. You will shine as always! You will ROCK Tufts!

  5. You will shine as always! You will ROCK Tufts!

  6. You will shine as always! You will ROCK Tufts!

  7. Love your approach. It should be about enjoying. And definitely no injuries ;-)

  8. LOVE the new outfit from Reebok!! You'll love Tufts! It's such a great event...you're right though...go out there and have a blast!!

  9. I need capris like that...and new socks! Enjoy the race. Sounds like you're ready!

  10. Hope you have a great race!! New clothes are always fun--the capris look so comfy!

  11. Love your goals! Good luck on your 10K. I think #3 should be on everyone list. Got my pretty pink shoe laces yesterday. Thank you!

  12. New clothes always make me feel like a rock star! Yay for new clothes sent to you. Best wishes on your 10K. I've never done an all-women race. Maybe next year. LOL about it being "easy" - 10K is still on the long side for me. :)

  13. So awesome! Glad you liked everything:)

  14. Love those capris! I am going to go check them out. Cute tank too!

    Good luck with the 10k!

  15. I love those capris! They look amazing.

  16. If it makes you feel better I missed a training run because I was stuck in traffic about 10 minutes away, ugh. Looking forward to seeing you on Monday.

  17. i love reebok! they have some awesome clothing and shoes! Good luck in your run!

  18. Have a great time at Tufts! You will do great!

    Love all of the Reebok gear :)

  19. that gear looks great! Good luck, I'm sure you'll rock it! and yes, not getting hurt is a great goal!


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