Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking Back and Moving On

The past few days I've been reflecting on 2012.

I've had many PR's.

Gasping Gobbler 5k - 21:24 
January Thaw 4.5 Miler - 33:52
Tufts 10k - 46:39
Race The Runways 1/2 Marathon 1:44:04
MDI Marathon 4:00:27

rocking the start at MDI - another marathon in the rain!

I also ran my first 200 mile relay race with team Need for Speed at Reach the Beach: MA last May.  I see myself doing another relay sometime, just not right now.   Not only was a part of a fantastic team, I came out of it with some great friendships.

I decided to try out trail running.  I realized that I have no sense of direction and that I have to really pay attention to the trail markers.  But after a few races, I think I'm liking it and will do more next year!

I've continued to run with the rail trail chicks - and continue to find them to be the most enjoyable runs of my week.  

Well - next to being able to run with my husband.  I've been loving these recent times we have gotten to run together. 

Running with my kids has also been quite enjoyable.  I do enjoy involving them in fitness.  

And also running with another girl in my life - Pepper.  

I ran 1600 miles as well - up from 1300 miles in 2011.

After over-analyzing if I should stop at 1600 miles or continue on.  I received lots of feedback on facebook and decided to just stop at 1600 miles, call 2012 a success, rest today and start off 2013 running again.  

It wasn't all great running either.  I did have a rather shaky/vomitty KRRT half marathon.  I came out that half learning quite a bit about refueling,

I also learned my lesson when running while sick.  I took on my first Midwinter Classic 10 miler last February and really shouldn't have.  I ran with a fever (103) which then resulted in my body shutting down and developing pneumonia.

with my girls here - smiling, but barely holding on

I also set out to complete my first spring tri.  That didn't happen.   I'm not so sure I want to do it, ever.

So, that brings me to 2013.  What do I have in store for 2013?

My biggest goal is to earn a sub 4:00 marathon.  I was so close at MDI.  28 seconds away from hitting that goal.  Darn!  But the good news is that it's only 28 seconds and if I train properly and run a smart race, 28 seconds should be nothing.  We'll see

Moving on to goal 2 - I'd love to take another 15 minutes off my marathon time.  So far I have two marathons on my schedule.   I'm toying with the idea of adding on another marathon.  Which leads to goal 3 - I'd really love to earn Marathon Maniac status.  Which means I'll need to add another marathon into my schedule.  I haven't decided which one yet. There are many factors leading to which one.  As the year goes on, we'll see which one it turns out to be.

What are your goals for 2013?  Have you accomplished what you set out for 2012?

Happy New Years friends!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

3 Things Thursday

Why do holiday breaks go by so fast?  I cannot believe it's Thursday already.   

1.  On Monday, I got a great package in the mail.  Inside that package were two Handfuls!  1 purple Handful bra and 1 purple Handful tank.  The more I wear Handful, the more I am in love with the company and their product.  

I now need to buy more tanks - one in each color.  I am addicted.  The feel of the tank is amazingly silky smooth.  I was cuddling with Izzy Monday night and she couldn't get enough of the smoothness and kept rubbing the bottom part of the tank.  

2.  Today we had another snow storm.   I know I posted the other day about running in the snow, but I'm also not afraid to admit sometimes it's not the greatest idea to run in the snow.  Today was one of those days.  The wind was absolutely brutal.  I started out the day thinking I was going to tough it out and run outside, but in the five minutes it took me to walk down to the chicken coop, take care of them, and walk back to the house, I decided that an ice pellet beating was not how I envisioned a snowy run. The snow was coming down awfully fast and the wind was absolutely crazy.   In addition to the wind, visibility was pretty low as well.   I didn't want to mess with cars on my road.   

So I opted to head to the gym for a safe run before they closed (early).  I was able to get in 6.74 miles this morning.  I now only have 16.78 more miles to go to hit my goal of 1600 miles for the year!  

When I got back from the gym, I was ready to head outside with my favorite little people and we had some fun out there.  Although it was in small doses because the wind so cold!

3.  My son's feet are insanely large for his age.  The other day I happened to look down at his feet and let out a loud gasp.  I grabbed my phone and took this picture.  This is craziness!   Note, I wear a size 9/9.5 in a woman's shoe.  I cannot believe how big his feet are!  He's not a very tall kid, it just seems like his feet are doing all of the growing right now.   

How about this post for random?  What have you been up to?  Are you on vacation?  The kids?  

Monday, December 24, 2012

12 Years Ago....

It was Christmas Eve, 12 years ago and I said yes.  Actually, at first, I said no, but within moments that no turned to yes.

Let's rewind,  Jill, Wade, Ward, and I used to live together in a cute house in Days Ferry.  An adorable community in Woolwich, Maine.   I had just gotten back to our house, when I saw Ward, Jill and Wade getting in the car and driving off.  I tried to catch them, but I was too late.  Anyway, I called Ward and some not so pleasant words were exchanged.  I wasn't happy.

The three of them were on their way to Freeport to do some shopping before our dinner with Ward and Wade's parents.  Needless to say, I showed up to dinner with Ward and Wade's parents, alone.  Jill, Wade, and Ward showed up a little later.  When they arrived at the restaurant, the three of them just stared at Ward's cell phone.  A little odd, but oh well.  I was still mad.

Then the phone rang.  And all three of them jumped up.  Crazy.  Yes.

Later on, after dinner, we went to Ward and Wade's parents house.  It was then when Ward proposed to me.  After I said yes, he then explained that we needed to go to the Freeport Police Station to get my engagement ring.

..... so here's the story......

While Ward, Wade, and Jill were driving to Freeport and I was calling him and yelling at him on the phone for ditching me, he was showing Jill the engagement ring he had bought and sat it on his lap.  Then when they arrived in Freeport, he got out of the car. They went shopping at LL Bean and then Ward saw someone he knew and told them he was going to propose and went to pull out the ring and it was gone.   It fell off his lap when he got out of the car!!!

After contacting security and searching the store and contacting the Freeport Police Station, they realized they needed to get going to dinner.  Where I was sitting with his parents, fuming, that he was late, again!

Apparently during dinner, the police called (that's why they all jumped up when the phone rang), and said some super nice gentleman turned in the ring.

So, after I said yes, Ward and I had to make a trip to the Freeport Police Station.  It was an incredibly romantic moment when the woman behind the glass slipped my ring under the glass and Ward put the ring on my finger.  Yes, it all began at a police station.

Wow, I cannot believe it's been 12 years!  

Merry Christmas!

I cannot believe Christmas is here already!  I've really enjoy the past few weeks with the kids and doing some Christmas activities in our area.

LL Bean has been the major source of our holiday fun.  This store really puts on quite a holiday event.  They started with the events in mid-Novemer and are still going strong.  I've taken the kids down several times to different events.

Carriage Rides 

Ben and Bill, two beautiful horses, and their owners are one of the main shows at LL Bean.  They are offering carriage rides around Freeport.  It's just a quick little ride around the block but it's still quite a bit of fun!  Izzy is still in love with them.  When we went down to LL Bean yesterday, we say Ben and Bill heading off for another carriage ride and she shouted out "hi Ben and Bill!  I love you!"  

The Sparkle Parade

I wasn't sure this one was going to happen.  It was a very dreary, rainy night, but the parade was still going to happen and the kids didn't seem to care.  They needed to see Santa come to town!

I really LOVE that Santa comes to town in a boat!  Definitely a coastal town thing.  

And the outdoor lighting at LL Bean is simply gorgeous.  

Now today is a nice and relaxed day.  I got to go for a 4 mile run this morning with Ward and the brother-in-law, Wade, and I've spent the day making some cookies, pumpkin pie and cuddling with the kids.  Our Christmas festivities will kick shortly with our dinner for Ward's side of the family tonight.  Then tomorrow morning, we'll have Christmas here with the kids.  Then we'll head off to my dad's house later on.  

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!  Take this time to enjoy the family.  

Friday, December 21, 2012

How to run in the snow

One of the reasons why I became a teacher was for days like Monday - Snow Days!  Not really, but they are an added perk.

Having Monday off was perfect.  It gave me an extra day to be with the kids and hold them closer, because I wasn't quite ready to send them off to their destinations yet after the devastating events at Sandy Hook.

It also gave me another time to run with the husband, in the snow.  I really do love running in the snow.  Especially a fresh new snow.  You know the kind of snow I'm talking about.  It's still white and fluffy.  But there are a few challenges that come with running in the snow.

What do I wear on my feet?  
Shoes of course!  But not any old shoes.  I suggest wearing a pair of shoes with some traction.  My Mizuno Wave Rider 15s were fabulous last winter.  Currently, the only shoe I have with some decent traction are my Saucony Kinvara 3's.  They don't have tons but it was better than nothing.

What if it's slippery?  
Running in the snow is going to be slippery.  If you don't have the greatest shoes for running in the snow, then I suggest looking for some snow gear for your feet - like Yaktrax.  I am a huge fan of the Yaktrax.  I have the kind with the straps that go across the top of my feet and keep them on my shoes.

What about socks?  
Definitely not the little thin summer ones.  Be prepared for getting wet.  Cars throwing snow on you, possible puddles.  You just don't know.  I suggest wearing some warmer socks like WrightSocks.  But on Monday I chose to wear my thick SmartWool socks.  My toes were toasty warm.

What about form? 
I don't know about you, but my form does change in the snow.  My stride definitely shortened and I'm more focused on more precise steps.  I know my glutes gets one heck of a workout after running in the snow.

How do I protect my eyes? 
I suggest wearing sunglasses.  If it's actually snowing when you head out for your run, the snowflakes can definitely feel like ice pellets hitting your eyes.  I've had far too many runs in the windy, cold snow when I've come back with more tears in my eyes from the ice pellet beating, that I've finally smartened up and started wearing sunglasses.  If sunglasses don't work for you, a brimmed hat does work.  You might still have to look down at the ground if it gets too windy.

What else to wear?  
Layers.  While it's cold out there, you really don't know what it's going to be like until you get out there.  I check out the temperatures and then dress based on that, but I'm always ready to shed something like gloves, hat, or my jacket if need be.  It's not that hard to take off a layer or to put it back on if you get cold.

What to watch out for?  
Cars, snow plows, edge of the road.  Monday's snow was super slippery.  Even with the Yaktraks.  I'm also a edge of the road kind of person.  Believe me, the edge of the road and snow are not very kind to runners.  I wasn't paying very close attention to how close I was to the edge and then all of a sudden I went flying hands first (of course I had just taken my mittens off because I was getting quite warm) down onto the road.  I landed quite hard but surprisingly I didn't have any gushing blood or torn clothing.  Ward picked me up, asked if I was okay, and we were on our way again.   If I was hurt enough, I would have definitely walked home and Ward.

And what do you do when you get home from a snowy hard run?  
Aside from taking a picture so you can brag about your kick butt run, take a nice hot shower and put on some compression socks and shorts (trust me, your glutes will love you for this) as well as some comfy clothes.  This is where I will recommend ProCompression socks/sleeves or Tommie Copper sleeves and Tommie Copper Compression shorts.

How about you?  Do you run in the snow?  What are your suggestions?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Long Run Sunday

This past Sunday, Jill, Stacy and I met up for a chilly run.  The thermometer read 9F just as I was heading out the door.  It's getting colder!

We met up on our beloved rail trail.  I'm not sure how much longer we'll be able to run on it because as the snow starts to pile up, the rail trail just gets far too icy to deal with.  Ice and running do not mix.

While we were very happy to run together (while we were missing Carrie who is swamped in renovating her new house - hurry up, Carrie!), the mood was on the sad side.  We spoke about the Sandy Hook events and how it affected us and our fears.  All three of us are teachers and have young children.  Our hearts go out to the families.

I ran 11 miles will Jill and Stacy and then went back out for 2 more miles to total 13 for the day.  On the way back from the last 2 miles I kept hearing the cracking of the ice from the river.  I think that sound made me feel even colder.  Soon the river is going to be solid ice and the little smelt shacks will appear and people will be riding their snowmobiles on it.  

The biggest bummer with the cold weather was that my Nathan handheld froze.  Not entirely, but I couldn't drink from the mouthpiece.  I had to stop running and unscrew the cap to get any water out.  Not a big deal, just a slight pain.  I know there are cold weather hydration systems out there I just haven't used anything.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  

Before we parted ways, Jill gave us a early Christmas gifts.  How sweet is she?  I'm still trying to decide which shoes to put them on.  Maybe I'll just keep them special for race days.  I think the girls and I need to wear them to the Midwinter Classic.  Don't you agree?  

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Are you a winner?

Of course you are.  We all are, in our own way.  

But today is the day I announce the lucky winners of my Sprigs Earbags giveaway.  

Congratulations winners!  

Email me at by Sunday night with your Earbags choice, size, email address, and mailing address.  

Didn't win?   No worries.  I still have a fabulous discount code for you to use.  
Using the code RWTGEarbags, you'll be able to enjoy 10% off orders up to $29.99 and 20% off orders above).  This code will expire on 12/31/12. 

I used it to order some texting gloves.  I cannot wait until they get here!

Not only are they going to be incredible for running with the my iPhone, they are going to be even better in my classroom this winter.  I've found that when I'm writing reports/grading/lesson planning my fingers are FREEZING... now I'm going to be warm and styling when I working.  

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What I've Been Reading Lately

People who really know me know that I am not a reader.  It takes quite a bit for a book to grab my attention and I have the attention and interest level of a junior high student. 

I’ve had plenty of books suggested to me.  If I get a few pages into the book and I’m not feeling it, the book makes it way to the “maybe someday, yeah right, pile”. 

Dallas & Melissa Hartwig’s It Starts With Food came my way a couple of weeks ago and it’s definitely held my attention for the past couple of weeks and hasn’t made it’s way to “that” pile.  Now, I haven’t been reading a whole lot lately because I’m just exhausted at night (when I would read) and I’m crashing harder and earlier than normal.  But when I do get the chance to read, I am liking what I’m reading. 

What really caught my eye was what was written on the inside of the book jacket

“Since 2009, their underground Whole30 program has quietly led tens of thousands of people to weight loss, enhanced quality of life, and a healthier relationship with food – accompanied by stunning improvements in sleep, energy levels, mood, and self-esteem.  More significant, many people have reported the “magical” elimination of a variety of symptoms, diseases, and conditions in just 30 days.” 

What’s also on the book jacket is a list of conditions that people have reportedly noted improvements on or possible elimination of:

-       diabetes
-       high cholesterol
-       high blood pressure
-       obesity
-       acne
-       eczema
-       psoriasis
-       chronic fatigue
-       asthma
-       sinus infections
-       allergies
-       migraines
-       acid reflux
-       Crohn’s
-       Celiac disease
-       IBS
-       Bipolar disorder
-       Depression
-       Lyme disease
-       Endometriosis
-       PCOS
-       Autism
-       Fibromyalgia
-       ADHD
-       Hypothyroidism
-       Arthritis
-       Multiple sclerosis

So far I’m on chapter 5 and I’m definitely intrigued by what Dallas and Melissa have to say. 

Some phrases that have caught my eye are:

“Stress makes it even harder for us to resist our cravings.” 

Oh yes, most definitely.  When I’m stressed, I go straight for that bag of chips. 

“…you will never again be controlled by your food.”   I love this! 

Now, in terms of changing my entire family and the way they eat, I’m not so sure that will work.  However, I can definitely make some pretty major changes in what they eat for our family meals and snacks when I’m around.  I’m hoping that with the changes I make for them, they will start to see results and begin to crave the whole foods rather than the processed foods they tend to enjoy.  Here’s hoping! 

What does this mean to my existing diet?  Good bye chips.  Well, at least for 30 days (after I’ve finished reading the book of course!).  Perhaps I will find some better substitutions or not even crave chips.  Now that will be a miracle!  

I CAN do this and I’m very curious to see how I feel afterwards.   

I’ll be posting on my progress and thoughts while reading through this insightful book.  Have any of you read it?  What are your thoughts? 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Running With The Guys?

My inlaws recently moved in with us, while their house is being built.  While it's been quite a change for everyone involved, there's definitely been one incredibly huge benefit.  They are more than willing to watch the kids so Ward and I can run together.  Something we don't get a lot of time to do.  Usually the only times we can run together take place in the warmer months when Tucker can ride along with his bike and Izzy can travel in her jogger.  With the kids spending some time with their grandparents, it's allowing time for Ward and I to run together. 

This week I was able to run with Ward three times!  Monday night was an unexpected run.  I had already gotten in a speedy 5 miles just after school and was tired already as it was.  But when Ward came home and suggested I run with him, it took me all of two seconds to say "okay".  It was dark and spooky on my road, but I felt completely safe with Ward.  

Then Wednesday I had planned on running 8 miles.  When I was talking to Ward about it, he suggested I run 4 after school and then run 4 later on with he and Wade. Awesome!  It meant another night run, but I loved it.  We ran on the rail trail, something I've never done at night.  It gets really dark down there. 

Then I had the chance to run with him again today!  Unfortunately we are having my least favorite running weather ever.  Freezing rain.  I can handle rain, and I can hand sub zero temps, but I strongly dislike freezing rain.  Apparently Ward dislikes it as well, because I didn't have to beg him at all to run with me on the treadmill at the gym.  I only had to ask once and he was on board.   The plus side is that I got to run my own pace and got to talk to him, while he ran at his freaking fast pace beside me.  

I am beyond excited to have been able to run with Ward the three times (and Wade the 1 time) this past week.  While I do enjoy my girl time, it was super nice to have some husband and brother-in-law time as well.  

Sunday, December 9, 2012

November Recap

It's never too late to recap, right?  I've been meaning to recap this week for days now.  I've even had the post written up in my head, but then when I finally find time to sit down at my computer, I completely forget.  Perhaps I've been far too busy doing Christmas shopping on the computer instead of blog writing.

Running mileage for November: 136.

at least I'm up 20 miles from October.  Right?  

Biking mileage:  0.  Hmmm...I think it's because Ward banished my bike to the hallway.  It's boring to be out there.  

Races run:  1.  I ran the Gasping Gobbler Thanksgiving Day, with a 5k PR time of 21:24.  

Total Mileage for the year:  1476.57 miles. 
Ward's at 1542.  Ugh!  He's kicking my butt this year!

Now - here are my goals from my October Recap.  Let's see how I'm doing with them.....

Speed work - I really want to run a sub 4 hour marathon - so speed work it is. 
-  yes, I've been working on speed work.  I think that killer 5k PR is evidence of that.  

- Strengthen my core - I'm not impressed with my abs.  Meaning - I know they are there, somewhere. 
- I've been planking.  Not everyday, but most days.  I didn't keep track either.  Maybe if I logged it like log my running I'd be held accountable for it more.  

 Build my base before marathon training kicks off in January.  Right now I'm happy with anything over 30 miles a week.  My goal is to get up to 40 miles comfortably.  I just need to really work on fitting it into my schedule.  I have tons of meetings coming up in the next few months and some major life changes - so I'm hoping it works out. 
- base building is going quite well.  The next four weeks my goal mileage is between 38 - 40.  If everything works out the way I hope it will, I'll have a solid base and feel really good about it.  

- Mileage?  - I see a 1600 miles in my future? 
 It's going to be close if I hit 1600 miles.  I'm really going to have to work hard, hope for zero injuries, less meetings, and no illnesses.  BUT, looking at my overall mileage already for the year, I'm already 176.57 miles MORE than 2012.  I SHOULD be ecstatic with that.  But no, I'm not.  Am I ever happy?  Jeez.  I need to relax and just be happy with my accomplishments.  But I can't.  I need to push myself more and more.  What can I say? I'm addicted.  

I'm going to continue to work on these goals for the rest of December.  They are definitely a work in progress.  

Where's your mileage?  What are your goals?

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Simple Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter

With winter coming up quickly, focusing on staying healthy is very important to me.  It seems like everyone is sneezing or coughing.  As much as I'd love to just put a big bubble around myself and my family, I know that's a bit extreme and freakish.    Instead, I try to focus on the following tips to stay healthy.  Of course, it's not 100% fool proof and I've been known to get sick, but I'd like to think these little hints help me stay mostly healthy throughout the cold/flu season!

Keep Active.  
Schedule in at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day.  Keep the blood flowing and endorphins going.  Once you stop, it's harder to get back into it.  I keep a schedule to keep myself motivated.  I have found that without a schedule, I flounder and give up more easily.  I also try to remember to rest of my rest days.  Some days 30 minutes of physical activity means stretching.  And stop making excuses!

"I don't have time", "I can't", or "the weather is horrible" - scratch those phrases right out of your vocabulary.  Make time.  You are in charge of yourself and if you don't take care of your body, who will?

Vitamin C.
I'm a teacher and have a daughter that goes to daycare and a son that is in 4th grade.  We are all exposed to many germs and illnesses.   It helps to pump our bodies with Vitamin C and it's easy!   Vitamin C comes in many forms - lots of veggies and fruit like oranges, kiwi, and brussel sprouts.  And there are many benefits.  For me, I eat tons of oranges and clementines in the winter, but I also have a selection of Vitamin C packets that I enjoy adding to my water.

Yes - that's right.  Snack!   But stay away junk snacks like cookies.  Keep a selection of healthy choices available at all times.  When you're feeling hungry, grab an apple, banana, or clementine.  I even like to keep something like rice cakes in there too.   Every morning I grab at least 3 pieces of fruit and add it to my lunch bag.  I snack throughout the day.  That way I'm not eating three huge meals a day and I'm not starving myself.  Snacking maintains my energy and provides me with the nutrients to fend off colds and other gross things.

While I haven't found any research connecting water and fending away colds or the flu, we all know that water is good for you.  It also flushes out the toxins.  So why not?  Plus, the air is dryer in the winter and I have found my water intake increases quite a bit during the winter months.

Remember to kick back and relax.  I find it next to impossible to find time to rest.  There's always something that needs to be done - baths, grocery shop, Christmas shop, make dinner, make lunch, clean up, load up the woodstove, take care of chickens, back bags for next day, and the list can go on and on and on.  But I find that I need to force myself to call it a night between 7 and 8 pm so I can hang out with the kids just before bedtime and put my legs up and relax.

What keep healthy tips do you have?  Share!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Here's Your Chance. Take It! (giveaway)

With winter knocking on our door, keeping active and staying warm might become a challenge.  What I have for you, is a chance to make your outdoor activities a bit more comfortable and warmer.  That's right.  I have a giveaway for you today.

Last week I posted about my lovely experience with Sprigs.  As you can see, they are great for any type of outdoor activity - running, walking, playing in the yard.  Just imagine the endless possibilities as winter rolls along and the snow starts flying - skiing, sledding, snowshoeing, more running, ice skating.  The possibilities are endless.

There are many fabulous things about the Earbags:
- They are small and convenient!  Just grab them on your way out and either put them on or tuck them into a pocket.  They don't have the bulk other ear protectors/warmer come with.
- They come in many colors an options - fleece, cable knit, sport mesh, animal print, snowflake print, and even with an earbud holder option.
- They are made for all family members.  I love them and so do my kids!

I will note, that not only does Sprigs make a fabulous product, they also have incredible costumer service!  A step above the rest for sure.  

The generous folks at Sprigs have a treat for you today!  They are offering three of my readers a pair of Sprigs Earbags.  You will be able to enter beginning today and the giveaway will end at midnight EST, next Wednesday 12/12/12.  I will announce my winners on Thursday 12/13/12.  

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment for each below.  

1.  Check out Sprigs website, then come back here and leave a comment telling me what your favorite Sprigs item is and why.  
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Now - this is very important - leave a comment for each action you do above!  If you combine them all into 1 comment, I will only count it as 1 entry.    You have 8 possible entries above!  Best of luck to you!

If you'd rather NOT wait to see if you won or not, or want to buy something other than Earbags (like I do!) - remember, I have a discount code for you.  

Sprigs has an offer for you to take advantage of.  Using the code RWTGEarbags, you'll be able to enjoy 10% off orders up to $29.99 and 20% off orders above).  This code will be good from today 11/27/12 and will expire on 12/31/12.   

Disclaimer:  I was provided a pair of Earbags from Sprigs in exchange for this review.  All opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own and were not influenced by Sprigs.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Winter's Here....

The temps are dropping like crazy and we're getting all sorts of lovely Maine winter weather.

In only two days, our weather changed from frigid and windy to snowy then to freezing rain.  Lovely.
Yesterday morning, I went out for a run with the husband and brother-in-law.  I also need to mention that it was 16F.  Brrr.

We ran 5 miles and it was a lot of fun.  Finally I'm able to at least keep up with those fast and speedy BQers for their slow pace with a comfortable middle pace for me.  They were both definitely hoping for me to be slower because they kept telling me to slow down.

Then last night, I thought I'd look ahead to this morning's weather.

Ugh.  We already had a light snowy coat outside...then add freezing rain on top of it = ice rink.  Not fun.  I quickly started tweeting Maine Mom on the Run about the weather.  I finally convinced her to be a wimp with me and run at the gym on the treadmills with me.  Then I texted Jill and Stacy but both of them had other running plans.

But then this morning, Carrie texted me and said it was too icy to drive to meet me (and it was really bad at that time) and that she'd be running at her house.  Which meant it was a lonely run for me at the gym.

As it turns out, it was a super large ice rink out there.  The conditions were horrible for driving and the rail trail was a sheet of ice.  Going to the gym was the best decision ever.   The decision seemed even better when I got to the gym and fell on my way in.  You might be asking why I even drove in those conditions?  I was scheduled to work there from 9-12 anyway.

I really need to add that last year I would have just run outside in that crap anyway and felt badass for doing it.  But this year, I have access to my gym whenever I want and I was really feeling it.  So, inside, with my Sweat Pink top and cute Mizuno running skirt it was.

14 miles on the treadmill before my gym shift was done!  Now doing 14 miles on the treadmill should make me feel badass. I don't know how people do most of their long runs on the treadmill.  I found myself getting quite bored with the tv and my iPod.  What I really wanted was my running girls to be there with me.  That would have helped.  However, I will add for the last 45 minutes, one of my co-workers showed up for his run and I did talk his ear off for that entire 45 minutes.  Poor guy.  He was probably looking for a break from a nagging woman.