Best Body Bootcamp Week #1

Monday was the kick off for Tina Reale's Best Body Bootcamp.  Honestly, I was a little nervous about how it would actually impact my running.   I'm in the midst of base building and getting ready to begin marathon training - so my time is already pretty packed.

As it turns out, Tina's circuit's are very time friendly.

Before I started, I needed to do my initial fitness test:
Wall sit:  1:07
Push-ups:  16  (what I could complete in 1 minute)
Plank:  0:57
Burpees:  17 (what I could complete in 1 minute)
Cardio:  1 mile in 7:50 on the treadmill

I see room for LOTS of improvement here.  This is an 8 week bootcamp with a fitness test at week 4 and at week 8.  I cannot wait to see how things improve!

after 6 miles with the guys yesterday morning

Here's my week:  
Monday - workout A, full body circuit, 3 rounds (45 minutes) +10 minutes on bike
Tuesday - 7 miles, treadmill
Wednesday - workout B, core circuit, 3 rounds (30 minutes) + 10.2 miles on bike
Thursday - 5 miles, treadmill
Friday - workout C, full body circuit, 3 rounds (30 minutes) +10 minutes on bike
Saturday - 6.1 miles (outside) with the husband and the "guys"
Sunday - 11.02 miles (outside) with "the girls"

after 11 miles this morning with the girls!

Looking forward to what week 2 brings me!  My mileage is also increasing for marathon training.  I know I can do this.


  1. Oh look forward to hearing about the bootcamp. That's awesome!

  2. I think your starting stats are really good!

  3. You rock! And Ward's man-capris crack me up.

  4. Awesome plan & great week too!

  5. YAY! So glad the schedule is working out okay.

  6. Good Luck! This seems awesome.. you'll rock it! (as always) :)

  7. Great job! Here's to marathon training :)


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