Gary Allen - this man defines Inspiration #me2dcrun

On Monday morning, Gary Allen was taken to the top of Cadillac Mountain in Bar Harbor, Maine by snowmobile.  He then set out on a 700 mile running journey in snowshoes.  Of course, after he was off the mountain, he did change into his Nike's.  His destination - Washington DC, with hopes of arriving in time for the inauguration.   This man is the definition of inspiration.   You can watch a news clip here.

Gary Allen at the top of Cadillac Mountain - source

He is doing this to raise money for three great causes - Wounded Warriors, American Cancer Society and Sandy Hook Elementary.   If you'd like to donate to any of these causes, please visit his Maine2DC site.  

Kevin, Sarah, and Gary in Freeport, Maine - photo courtesy of Chuck Maletich

Gary has had some excellent running partners along the way - Joan Benoit Samuelson joined him the other day, my friend Sarah has joined him a couple of times, even my dad joined him.  

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Emerson

My friend Sarah texted this to me while I was teaching the other day.  This is Gary and my dad.  I am so happy my dad was able to make it out there to encourage him and to get the chance to run with him.  And I'm incredibly jealous!   

my dad is now a Gary groupie - I don't think he'll ever wash his jacket
- photo courtesy of Kevin Morris

To track where he's run and where he will run, visit his site and go to the My Athlete Live link.  You can even download the app on your iPhone or Droid and see where Gary is going.   If you live along the route, or if you can get out to see him at any point to run with him or provide some support, I know Gary would appreciate it.  He's gone more than 250 miles already, but still has a long way to go to reach his goal.

To follow Gary's epic journey -
- Twitter: 
- or you can follow the hastag #me2dcrun
- Kevin Morris' photo gallery is here.
- Gary's Maine2DC facebook page.
- Maine2DC site.


  1. I have been following him daily! I really wish he was coming our way, but we aren't near the coast at all. I would love to run with him, I'm jealous your dad was able to!

  2. Such a cool thing to do! Wish I lived on his route, I will just have to follow him online!

  3. AMAZING! He is such an inspiration and how cool that your Dad was able to meet him!

  4. Amazing! Loved the views from Cadillac Mountain.

  5. This is so neat! I will have to see where he is. That's great that your Dad got to meet him! They look like old friends just hanging out.

  6. SUCH AN INSPIRATION! What an amazing journey!


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