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Wordless Wednesday


Running With The Girls March Challenge

In January, I hosted a DietBet weight loss challenge.  Of course if I'm going to host an event on my blog, I'm definitely going to participate.  I thought the challenge was a lot of fun and enjoyed chatting with my participants on the discussion board.  Although, I didn't "win", I came close (within a pound).  This time, I'm determined to meet my goal.  I've got to, my mileage is going to increase with marathon training and I usually drop a few pounds while training for marathons.  Here's hoping I meet my goal this time!!!

The challenge runs from March 4 - 31.  
It's really simple -  pay the $10 bet fee via paypal or credit card to DietBetweigh in 3/2 - 3/3, DietBet will give you a code word that you'll need to have written on paper and in your "weight verification picture" share the challenge with your friends - the more people in our challenge, the higher the pot, the better for you in the end when you meet your goal of losing your 4…

Designer Whey Review

4 weeks into marathon training (again), and I'm more than excited that I've been able to fuel and recover with Designer Whey.   My body has been on the finicky side before when training for marathon, which has lead me to be rather picky about what I put into my body when I'm putting in the work and the miles.    

PROTEIN2GO I drink water all day long.  I've blogged about this before, that I drink nearly a gallon of water every single day.  When I can add some flavor to the water and protein, and only 50 calories, I'm sold.  The little packets make this easy to just toss into my school bag or gym bag and go.  I even tried out the Protein 2Go with my SodaStream.  Be warned, there was quite a bit of extra fizz, but after waiting a long, long time for the fizz to go down, the flavor was amazing.  I now have a fun new way to enjoy my Protein2Go with my SodaStream.

SHAKES Now, this is when I am not happy to have a marathon-training husband, because the day after I receiv…

It's More Than Just The Plan

Training in general requires so much more than a plan.  For me, it's about making healthy choices with my eating, taking vitamins and supplements, proper hydration and getting enough rest.

I try my best to make healthy choices most of the time.  I do have my faults - like chips and pizza.  But for the most part, I consider myself to be fairly healthy eater.  One easy way to add a punch of healthy food to your diet is to enjoy a smoothie.  I do enjoy protein smoothies for breakfast or post workout.  Something about them is incredibly satisfying and refreshing.  My most favorite smoothies have spinach, banana, protein power, almond milk and chia seeds.  Talk about a glass of goodness.  If there is ever any left in the blender, I cannot bear to dump it out.  Never ever waste a yummy smoothie.

Our bodies need water to operate.  It's really that simple.  I have found I feel best when I'm well hydrated and that means as close to a gallon of water a day.   Whe…

Firmoo Review

A few weeks back I was contacted by the folks at Firmoo to review a pair of glasses.  I don't wear glasses, but Ward does.  He was just looking into getting new glasses, so this opportunity just seemed perfect.

Firmoo is an online company that sells frames and lenses for men and women, in prescription and non-prescription, and sunglasses as well.  They have a wide variety frames, colors and sizes to choose from as well.

Because it's better if you hear the review from the person who actually is enjoying the glasses, I thought you'd enjoy a little video from the famous, Mr. Running With The Girls, otherwise, known as Ward.

Ward was impressed with the ease of ordering his glasses.  Inputting his prescription information was easy to do.  He has been quite happy with his glasses.

Honestly, I like his glasses.  When we first met, he had some that were similar and I thought he was pretty hot wearing them.  Although, I think he should have tried out the virtual try-on tool, but…

2 Virtual Races

I love when I can combine my training runs and virtual races and I was able to do just that!

Yesterday was my scheduled 10 miler for marathon training - but it was also my friend, Leslie's, Kickin' Asphalt Cupid Virtual 5k.   I fully know that 10 miles is not a 5k, but running more is always better.  Right?

If you are ever looking for a race you never need to go far.  Just check out Kickin' Asphalt.  Those girls  have a ton of virtual races lined up.  
Then today I was able to run Rachelle's Virtual 5k today for her Grandma's 96th birthday!  I had 6 easy miles on the schedule - again, not a 5k, but a run is a run!  

Today, the wind was brutal again and the "real feel" was -5F.  I wasn't about to run outside when I have a treadmill calling my name, so I woke up the husband and made him go to the gym with me.  Part of me felt a bit bad because he had just gotten home at 9pm last night from a brutally windy/cold 16 miler with the guys.

While he was ti…

Marathon Training - Third Times a Charm

13 more weeks until Sugarloaf!  At times I feel like "bring it!" and other moments I'm thinking "oh crap, why am I doing another marathon?"

So how is training going?  Well, I'm only 3 weeks into my Hanson plan and I'm feeling pretty good.  I was a bit nervous that I wasn't going to be able to handle this intense plan, but somehow I'm doing it (so far!).  

This week has been a weird weather week - but then again, it's winter, in Maine, so all weeks are weird.  Last weekend we had more than 2 feet dumped on us, then we had a few days of 40F+ days, and then more snow yesterday and today.  I did get outside three times this week for some great running with Pepper and in my new Saucony Virratas.   Review coming soon - but I can tell you after 4 runs in them, they are feeling awesome!

What was I nervous about with Hanson plan? 
1.  Running 6 days a week.  I know, a lot of people do it, but I've gotten quite comfortable with running 5 days an…

StrideBox Winner Announcement

Happy Valentine's Day!  
I know you've been waiting for this moment......  
Lucky #11 won the March StrideBox.  

Hiker Mom - please email me at  runningwiththegirls @ gmail DOT com  so I can get your information to StrideBox!   Congratulations!  


My family loves peanut butter.  They would be perfectly happy if I served them pb and j's or pb and fluff to them for every meal.  Actually, that was Tucker's school lunch every single day in kindergarten.  You get the idea.  We love peanut butter.  

The best thing about nut butters is that they are incredibly versatile. I put them on my toast, on bananas, on waffles, pancakes, in yogurt, in smoothies, on brownies, on ice cream.   When I was introduced to NuttZo, I was amazed at how much better this nut butter is than any other nut butter I've ever tried.  And believe me, I've tried quite a few in my time. 
If you enjoy a nut butter but with an added crunch, you will love NuttZo for the flavor.  But you are getting so much more out of NuttZo than just incredible flavor.  You're also getting a mouthful of Omega 3s.  It is also 100% organic and is packed with peanuts, cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, brazil nuts, sunflower seeds and flax seeds.  
NuttZo was created throu…

Good to the CORE

Eating healthy on the go shouldn't be a challenge.   Every weekend I spend time prepping for my lunches for the week so I have something healthy and easy to grab in the morning on my way out the door for work.   Sometimes the husband will take one of my prepped lunches and will completely throw off my week.  Last week he did that, twice.  I was not impressed.  But then these delicious meals made by CORE foods came in the mail, so what could have been an issue was no longer.  

Initially, I thought, "no way are these bars, that are the size of my hand, are going to fill me up."  So on the first day, I brought additional snacks with me "just in case".  I am pleased to let you know that I didn't reach for one of those additional snacks.  I felt completely satisfied eating the CORE Defender Meal for my lunch. 
If you pay attention to calories, the Defender Meals were 350 calories and 400 calories.  Most of my Sunday prepped meals are around the 400 calorie mark…

StrideBox Review (+giveaway)

I was recently contacted by the folks at StrideBox to review what they had to offer.   I do like the idea of a monthly subscription especially for runners, so of course I said yes!

What exactly is StrideBox?   StrideBox is a monthly subscription service that delivers running accessories and nutritional products.  

What did I get?   A pretty awesome variety of products.  GU Chomps, Honey Stinger, Hammer Bar and Fizz, Skratch Hydration Mix, Mazamabar Energy Bar, Locklaces, Doctor Hoy's Natural Pain Relief Gel, On the Go towels (for men), and a StrideBox collapsible water bottle.  

I had everything sitting out for the picture, then Ward walked by and said "oohhh, what can I have?" Seriously?  He's going to take my stuff, again?  He can have the men's On The Go towels.  I don't think I'll share anything else with him.  Sometimes having a running husband is a pain because he likes the same stuff I do!

A monthly subscription costs $15.  While I didn't go an…

Kyle's Krusade

Run Wiki is hosting a virtual race called Kyle's Krusade.  She organized a virtual race to raise money to help out Kyle and his family.   You should read about Kyle's story here.    He's a 6 year old fighting for his life against the battle of cancer.  For only a $10 donation (or more if you'd like), you are helping out a sweet little boy and his family.

On Wednesday I was feeling sore and tired.  I didn't really want to run.  But I had already planned it in my head that it was going to be the day I ran for Kyle.  Because I stand by my commitments, I ran.  Untimed.  It was a thoughtful run.  I thought about this little boy I've never met and the difficulties they are going through.  I realized that all of my "problems" combined could never compare to their difficulties.  I cried.  I felt selfish for ever feeling bad for myself.  Then I felt grateful for my own children and the joy they bring to my life and how lost I would feel without them in my lif…

Midwinter Classic Recap Time

Sunday morning was the Cape Elizabeth Midwinter Classic 10 mile race.   Ward and I drove down to race together that morning.  It was chilly and I didn't know what to wear for a top - and that stressed me out.  I had lots of options but couldn't make up my mind - so I brought them all with me - and then talked about over analyzed the weather with Ward the entire way to Cape Elizabeth.  Poor guy.

I knew what I was wearing on the bottom -

I knew what I was wearing on my head -

And I had my lucky bib # - 77 - my birth year.  Sure to be good luck for me!!!

At least I was all set there!  

When I saw the girls, I talked it over with them (because I'm obsessed) and I came to the conclusion that two shirts was the way to go.   Okay.  
Then I realized I left my RooSport in Ward's car!  The worst part is that he was out on a warm up run and I couldn't find his keys in his bag.  Ugh.  So I may have panicked a little.  In the midst of my panic - I finally got to meet my blogg…

'twas the night before a race

And the girls got together for some carb loading and fun. 

And we unleashed 9 kids into Stacy's house.  I'm surprised the house is still standing!  

And my shoes are ready to go.  The more obnoxious looking, the faster I'll be tomorrow.  Right?

And I have a great shirt to wear after I run that race!   

Happy Saturday night!  I'm heading to bed.   I found my Garmin and iPod - so they are both charging and getting ready for the big day tomorrow!