Just a minor setback....

and that's the story I'm sticking with.  If it's in print, it's got to be true, right?

I blogged about that awful, lingering fever last week and thought I was back.   I had a pretty good stretch of some kick butt speed workouts last week, then a 12 miler, and BAM, that's awful fever was back!  

It left me quite frustrated this time.  Another fever?  Seriously?  Why?  Perhaps I pushed too hard coming back.   So this time, I took Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday off.   I even took 1/2 of Monday off from work.  I made it to about 10:30 and couldn't function.  So I found coverage for the rest of my classes and headed home.  Just as I was getting to my car, my phone rang.  It was the school nurse at Tucker's school.  He had a fever and needed to come home.

Part of me was kind of relieved he was sick, which meant I was really (still) sick.  I retrieved him from school and we just napped and took it easy.

Tuesday, I felt far better.  Actually I felt awesome.   But around noon, I received a call from Tucker's school nurse again.  This time, he slipped on some snow on the playground and couldn't put any weight on his foot.  After 3.5 hours at the ER, we finally got the news - he fractured his ankle.

Hanging out with him all that time, seeing how calm and relaxed he was, I realized how freaking amazing my son is.   Seeing him, watching him, I realized that he is dealing with this injury FAR better than I dealt with a stupid fever.   For me, I just missed on a few runs.  For him, he's missing out on travel soccer that is supposed to start next week.  Not just a few games, but the entire season.  Okay, I'm not going to whine anymore.


  1. Hey you are doing great!! Don't worry about it, we all have things that get in the way from time to time. You'll bounce back quickly!

    I hope Tucker is feeling better!

  2. Oh boy, when it rains, it sure does pour! Well, I'm glad nothing too serious (though a fractured ankle sounds painful) and I'm glad for your dose of perspective :)

  3. Oh bless him, kids can be quite inspiring in their reaction to dramatic and often serious things; I have learnt a lot from my 2 as well.
    Glad you are feeling better.

  4. Oh poor Tucker!!! I hope you are feeling 100% soon! You are doing awesome!


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