When was your #Bestrun?

Amanda at Miss Zippy posed this question today - when was your best recent run?

My #bestrun was today.  After a weekend of chilly and windy weather, today was a great treat with sunny skies, minimal wind and temps around 60F.  Perfect.

I had some steam to blow off today, so I changed my week's schedule about 1/4 of a mile into the run, and decided that today was going to be my tempo run and not the easy 8 miles my plan called for.   Actually, I was quite surprised my legs wanted to move that fast considering the mileage I've been putting on them with the plan.    It's such a great feeling to surprise myself with a fast(er) run when I hadn't been planning on one or didn't think I'd have it in me.

And I got to rock my new Best Mode shirt from Carissa & Kyle at Fit2Flex.  Perfect weather, new fun shirt.  

When was your #bestrun?  Link up on Miss Zippy's page or share on Twitter!  


  1. YAY for a great run. Sounds like near-perfect running weather too. I am so over the wind!

  2. Weather was a part of my best run too! Great run.

    Happy to have found your blog via Miss Zippy :)

  3. Glad you had such a great run and great weather, it snowed and snowed and the wind blew here yesterday. Jealous of your tank top!

  4. I was with you!!! Texted my hubby yesterday and said that the day was too beautiful to pass up and I NEEDED a run! It felt awesome and the weather was bliss!!!

  5. Love the new shirt!! And temps in the 50s-60s are definitely when some of my best runs happen :)


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