Post Marathon Bliss

For my first two marathons, I only hurt for a day afterwards.  This time around, it's been 3 days, I hurt so much!

I know I ran my best on Sunday, not only because of my new PR, but because my body is telling me in these not-so-awesome ways.

I go down the stairs backwards.  

My four year old pushes me out of the way going up the stairs because I'm going too slowly and then proceeds to 
grab my hand and pull me up the stairs.  

I'm in love with this massager from Brookstone.

Getting in and out of the car results in a loud 
grunt and sometimes a cry.

Compression shorts and socks are permanent pieces of clothing.

Friends feel bad for you and help you take your shoes off and put on your sweatpants after running said marathon.  
(Thank you Carrie!)

I want Ward to install one of these in our bathroom.

When I try to run, I pump my arms like hell, 
but my legs won't move.  This only happened once and 
I'm grateful that nobody was around to witness this!

I cannot get enough of these.

Tell me, how do you handle the days after a marathon?   



  1. Yep! Arnica gel all the way! I've recovered quickly, and I know it's because I can do better than I have at both of my marathons just things haven't been "perfect" yet. I am happy that I have recovered, mostly, and I'm sure you'll bounce back soon!!

  2. Oh the post-marathon pain. It hurts so good. Congrats again on your sub-4! Can't wait to hear what is next for you. :)

  3. I'm so sorry that you are still hurting, but this post made me giggle.

  4. Wait!! Does this mean you'll be running MY pace on monday??? ;)

  5. I felt that way after the major downhill in my last half! Foam rolling made my quads feel better. Hang in there!

  6. Well, I've never run a marathon but I sure know what tired legs feel like!

    Congrats to you Jen!!! xo

  7. Oh yes, the rail in the bathroom would be so nice;)

  8. I have never run a marathon, but man I get so sore from my weight lifting sessions today! I am sore and moving hurts, but it is a good hurt :)

  9. Even if it wasn't your intent, thanks for the laugh! Hope you are walking up and down stairs again in no time!

  10. Sorry you're hurting, but man, it hurts so good when you know you gave it your all, right?

    It's the few days post-marathon that are the times I miss our hot tub the most...


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