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My legs have been feeling heavy lately.  My ITB hates me.  So do my calves.  Oh and the arch of my foot has started to ache.  I'm falling apart.  Not really.  But it feels like it.  Maybe I'm being overdramatic.  Just a little.    

In addition, I feel like I've lost all speed in my legs.  I wasn't super speedy before, but I definitely feel like I've lost progress in the speed department.

But I've got to ask myself - is speed really important to me?  Is that the only reason why I run?  Hell no!  I am running to ease my anxiety, I am running because it makes me smile.  I am running for my health and to be a positive role model for my kids.

I am training for my first 50k which will be happening in 29 days if I'm ready or not.  My plan is to be ready for it.  And I'm going to stick to that plan.  I'm not going for speed at all on this one.  I'm just going for the experience of my first 50k, an experience I will take with me forever.  I have a few speedy friends who are also running this race, and while I would hope that they would slow down and run with me, it's a lot to ask, so I may be doing this race solo.  Which won't be so bad - since I will see the kids and husband quite a few times on this out and back race on a 2 mile long island off the Coast of Maine.

According to my training calendar, I have time to get in 2 more big weekends before the taper comes on.  My last big weekend was 22.5 miles on a Saturday and then 8 miles on Sunday.

remember this?  I sure do!!!

Thursday I had one of those runs.  You know that run.  The run where everything aligns and all seems right with the world.  Well, at least while you are running.  Since I've been hating my pace, I decided to head down to the rail trail where the mileage is marked, and leave my Garmin and iPhone behind.  I laced up my beloved Cursoris and headed out for a 10 mile run.

Out of all the Mizuno shoes I've run in, the Cursoris is at the top.  First and foremost, they are women's shoes.  Which doesn't happen a whole lot for me with my extra wide foot.  But the open mesh really allows for a lot of room and zero rubbing, which means for a comfortable ride.  I'm also a fan of zero drop shoes and these shoes offer just that as well as ample cushioning, so I don't feel like my feet are slapping on the ground.  With the cushioning, I also feel that this shoe can definitely take me through a marathon.  I also really like that I can actually go sockless with these shoes if I want and not really fear getting blisters.   I don't do this a lot, but it's nice to know that I can if I choose to.

I've run in the Universe, Musha, Wave Rider and they've all been men's shoes.  I really wish Mizuno would make a wider foot bed for women rather than having women who have wide feet have to resort to a clunky, heavy shoe or have to wear men's shoes.  I like a lightweight shoe, with minimal support and I want to wear girly colors.  Is that wrong?

What shoes do it for you?

Disclaimer:  This is not an ad.  I bought these shoes (the Mushas and Cursoris) with my own $$ based on my previous experiences with Mizuno.  All opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own.


  1. My eyeballs are bugging out at your mileage, go you!! no wonder the leggies are complaining a bit ;-)

  2. I wear the Wave Rider 16 and have to go up 2 full sizes b/c of my wonderfully wide but super short foot. I wish they made a wider shoe as well, but I do love them regardless.

  3. Mmm I love my Mizuno's! I am obsessed with my wave rider 16's- BEST SHOE EVER! But I had 4 pairs of Enigma's and really liked them too. (And what, like a half dozen other random mizunos? yeah, I'm in for life)
    I hear the Wave 16 is going to be released in yellow in a few days and I'm ALL over that! Luckily (from the sounds of your shoe struggle) I don't have sizing issues. Although, for a little girl I have pretty big feet. I figure that is why I am relatively fast...?

  4. I have the opposite problem. My foot is so small and narrow most shoes are too big and my running store always has to special order the smallest size.

    That being said I love my New Balance Minimus Road. They are zero drop very little cushioning. You can wear them without socks. I love them.

  5. When I started running - I weighed a lot more and pretty much had to choose a "support" shoe. I'm still not "runner thin", but I've wondered if I should branch out to maybe a more neutral shoe. But every time I think about changing, I end up sticking with what I know is ok for me. I usually wear ASICS.

  6. I'm glad you had a great run! The ultra is coming up fast, you are going to have so much fun!

    I love Saucony, Kinvaras and Mirages mostly :)

  7. I tried the Cursoris on the mill at RRS and LOVED them! Just a matter of time before I pull the trigger on those bad girls. I've been wearing nothing but Mizuno for 6 years. Love them!


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