My Mezamashii Run - Warning! There's mention of Eurphoric Running going on in here.

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential, LLC on behalf of Mizuno.

No, I have not run since the injury.   However, I was doing quite a bit of running up to that point.

I was lucky enough to receive a pair of Wave Sayonara's a couple of weeks ago. 

Of course, because when it comes to shoes, I'm like a kid in a candy store.  I dig right into them.  Or in this case, I tear open the box, pause for a brief picture taking session, then put them on.

At first I thought they felt a little tight in the forefoot.   I need plenty of room for my wide feet and toes to spread out, so I was a little nervous about this.  To be safe, I wore them a few times walking around.  After a few walks in them, my feet were saying "now this is brilliant, let's run!"  And I did.  Only a few times.  But I would definitely describe those runs as brilliant.  The Sayonara gave me quite the ride.  Smooth, comfortable, light, fast.  I could feel my midsole hitting where I wanted to land.  My feet felt euphoric.  (even with that annoying plantar fasciitis)  

Unfortunately, since I am temporarily sidelined, I won't be experiencing any more of this brilliant, Mezamashii runs for a bit.  Sad, I know.

Some techy information about the Wave Sayonara:
- Performance Neutral
- 8.1 oz (men's), 7.1 (women's)
- U4ic (pronounced euphoric) midsole - which is 30% lighter than Mizuno's AP+ compound
- G3 Sole - lightweight/superior traction
- Wave Plate - for impact protection and allowing for the smooth ride
- Flexible and breathable upper - no annoying stitching for toes to rub on

Men's colors come in "Dude Blue/Anthracite/Bolt" and "White/Anthracite/Lime Punch"
Women's colors come in "Electric/Silver/Purple Magic" and "White/Lime Punch/Blue Atoll"

So, I'm running in a shoe called Dude Blue.  Whatever.  It's not really the color that matters.  Mizuno does do a great job at creating shoes with bright colors that I don't feel too manly wearing their men's shoes.  And that Electric and Purple Magic is freaking fantastic looking.  Give me time, I'll be girling up these shoes sooner rather than later.  However, I still wish that they'd start creating more wide widths for women in their performance line.  People with wide feet still like to run and they still like light shoes.   Personally speaking, of course.  

U4ic Midsole

One thing I noticed about the sizing is that for me, the men's run a little big.  I am normally a men's 8.  So, that is what I ordered initially.  Unfortunately they were far too big so I had to request a men's 7.5.  

I had to do some comparisons when they came, of course.  You can see, they are the exact same size as my beloved Mushas.   Just good to know.  

For now, I have taken these dude color shoes and put them safely in my closet.  It's been far to painful to have these by the door, begging me daily (hourly) to go out for a run.  And when I get the green light to run, you better believe I'm going to be running in these!  


  1. Love the dude colors :) Hope you get the green light soon!

  2. dude blue shoes are very pretty! I do like my electric pink ones too though. I have to admit these are my new favorite shoes right now.

    Hope your knee is feeling better.

  3. Wow, I knew they were supposed to be flexible - they weren't kidding! I sure hope you can get back to running soon.

  4. Phew! I'm so glad you like them. I finally broke down and ordered some yesterday -- I picked the white because my running shoe collection already is pretty blinding!

  5. Awesome! Cannot wait to see how you like them!!!

  6. Goodness, you and me both! They are super flexible. I love them!!!

  7. @Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: less swelling today! and I did a modified strength workout today! Hoping my ortho appointment goes well tomorrow!

  8. @AmyC @ running escapades - thanks! I hope so too!

  9. I love my Sayonara's but haven't really been able to test them to their fullest potential yet. I'm coming off an injury so it's only been a couple of short runs and walks. But I agree with you, it's hard to contain yourself when you have them on. You just want to fly! Hope you are burning up the road soon!

  10. I will soon. I know it. Just as long as I get good news tomorrow and I rest!

  11. Hope you get the green light asap! Love the shoes:) I haven't tried Mizunos yet and am always jealous of all of my fellow fitfluential peeps getting to try them!

  12. I love Mizunos and they are all I run in but it bugs me when you order the same size in a different style and it is too big or too small. Wish they had a heads up about that on a sizing chart somewhere.


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