Virtual 5ks & Thanksgiving!

Today was crazy windy and cold.  Ward left at 7:30 for his run with Wade….which really meant I had about an hour decide inside or outside….how long?  Ugh.  I don't know.  Looking outside there were beautiful blue skies but the trees were swaying like mad.  ugh.  The temperature read 29 and according to the real feel was about 19.  Okay, fine.  I'll run outside.  Although the treadmill in a warm gym was rather tempting.  

When Ward came home, I asked, as I always do, how it was.  He said windy but fine.  He said he and Wade ran 5 miles.  Then he asked how far I was going to run…and I said 4 ish.  He said 'you know, the more you run, the more you can eat…'.  At that point the goal turned into 'run more than Ward'.  

I set out, no Garmin, no app started on my phone.  No idea how fast I was going.  Who really cares?  I know the distance for just about every single mailbox on my road.  Sad.  I know.  But that is what happens over the course of several years.  I passed by two hunters, who didn't look too happy to see me out running.  Then I reached the 2.5 mile mark, turned around and felt fantastic.  Striding at an easy pace.  Gorgeous blue skies.  Windy.  When I was nearing my house, I knew I had more in me.  So I decided to run past my house for a 1/2 mile, and then turn around.  It still felt easy and pretty much awesome!  I did a little more, to the point where I knew that when I returned to my house my total mileage would be 6.2 miles for the day.  

Today I opted to be as bright as possible knowing there were going to be a few hunters out on my road.  My Reebok Ones paired with my Zensah compression socks, Spandits Skull Capris, Sugoi jacket and Janji hat, and Pearl Izumi gloves kept me toasty and bright!   

Thank you Kiley at Daily Vitamin F for hosting today's Thankgiving Virtual 5k….  You gave me the motivation to get out there….and Ward, you gave me the motivation to run future than you did!  


  1. Kiley @ www.DVFfitness.comNovember 28, 2013 at 11:24 PM

    I love that you beat him! Congrats on a great run and thanks for doing the virtual 5K. And I love those skull tights!

  2. Thanks, Kiley! I love that you put these races on…keeps me motivated!

  3. Awesome job ! I opted to stay indoors and ride the exercise bike.


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