2013 in Running

I ended 2012 on a high note.  I ran 1600 miles and had some pretty awesome PRs.  2013 started off rather strong.  I had quite a few great months in the beginning.  I even ran a 200+ mile month!  

December is actually now 96!!!  

I ran my 3rd marathon and had a pretty fantastic PR.  

Izzy completed her first ever fun run! 

 And Tucker took off like a rocket!  

I completed my first Dirty Girl with my bff.  

And then I injured myself.  It was series of issues that probably all stemmed back to overtraining.  I hit my foot on a rock while trying stand up paddle boarding.  Because I was training for GCI, I continued to run on it.  Which lead to some major arch pain and then a morton's neuroma.  A trip to a sports trainer who hooked me up with a great analysis of my foot and made me a quick insole, several visits to the physical therapist and chiropractor and I felt like I was on my way to run my first ever ultra.  Then, 3 days prior to the big day, I bent over to tie Izzy's shoe and pop!  The dr's feared it was a meniscus tear but it turned out to be a burst Baker's Cyst.  Phew!  But I needed to take a step back.  I needed to listen to my body and do something different.  I missed out on GCI and didn't run Beach to Beacon.  But I needed to be kind to my body and that was far more important.  

I took some time, rested and slowly built myself back up.  

 The kids and I did our first Color Me Rad 5k.  

Then I ran for Team Reebok at the Tufts 10k.  

I teamed up with Jost Running and ran three virtual races with them (and Pepper!).  

Carrie while she completed her 2nd marathon.  

I strongly feel that I broke my body by not strengthening the rest of it and only running.   I've truly enjoyed taking a step back and incorporating other forms of fitness into my routines.  While I was training for my first Spartan, I enjoyed doing some of the Spartan workouts.  The burpees, squats, lunges were great!   Which helped me (and the girls!) complete Spartan Fenway!  

I've made it more of a priority to do yoga at least 30 minutes, 3 times a week.  

I'm adding in other forms of cardio as well with elliptical, rowing, and spinning.  

These changes are exactly what I needed to do.  My body is much happier now and I'm looking forward to finishing 2013 on a strong note and kicking off 2014 with a bang.  I've got some fun things planned for 2014 and cannot wait!  


  1. Its amazing what an incredible year you have had, you truly are an inspiration and I have learnt a lot from you this year. Wishing you all the best for 2014, I bet its going to be a cracker xx

  2. Great 2013. I overtrained myself this summer. Sometimes we just push ourselves too much. Have a great 2014

  3. It is amazing how much cross training helps your body! Although you were injured, I still think you had a great 2013! xoxo. Lookin' forward to following your journey in 2014 :) Happy New Year Jen!

  4. Such an awesome year! You rock, my friend!

  5. You ended up having a great year even though you were injured!! I can't wait to see what you have planned for 2014!

    And I love Pepper's photo, she is so cute!


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