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I am obsessed with running shoes.  Hmmm...shocker.  I know.  It's really the first thing I notice about runners.  Their shoes.  Next....since they are attached to the shoes....legs.  Specifically the muscles.   Like RunEmz's legs.  Awesome.  If you don't follow this rockstar on instagram, you are missing out.   (I want her abs too by the way)

I've also been quite inspired and impressed with Jody, who at the age of 56, is a freaking power house and her legs look amazing.  I've been slow to come around to this, but I'm getting there.  I want powerful looking legs.   I want more definition.  So..... I'm going to do something about it.  I AM doing something about it.  

not really revealing of my time I'll wear shorts!

I started focusing more, consistently, about 2 weeks.  Doing lunges and squats, as I have been doing, on top of leg curls and leg presses at the gym.  

Then yesterday morning, completely out of the blue, the gym manager commented on my legs.  He hasn't seen me doing any leg workouts at all...since he's usually gone before I start my workout.  But apparently it's paying off because he noticed!  100% total boost to my confidence and after only 2 weeks!  Yep, I'm doing it it.  Stronger legs +  Stronger core.  = better (hopefully non injured) runner.   You see, it's all part of my plan.  My plan that when I'm 39, I'll start running marathons again....with hopes to BQ for the 40 year old qualifying times.  So, the work starts now.  

As far as core work....that's coming.  Not as consistent.  But it's getting there. It's all part of the puzzle.  

Have you made any tweaks to your training?  Something you just added in?  New focus?   


  1. I am so bad about not being consistent with working my legs. I used to always work them. But not so much now. I keep up with upper body easily, it's just the fact of not wanting sore legs for running LOL. I've started making it a point over the past month to get in very specific leg work especially for glutes and hips.

  2. Thats great! Good for you! The strengthening exercises may take a while before you notice the difference, but you will be a much better runner, with fewer weaknesses leading to less injuries….and will look more toned too! Glad you are seeing the results, I could not train to the intensity I do without the squats, lunges ect that become part of my conditioning! Keep up the good work :)

  3. I took the month of December to start building muscle overall. I want definition in my arms. Now that I have a habit of weights...time to add back the running! 2014 is going to be the year of the chiseled runners!! Great job Jen!

  4. I really miss strength training. It's been pretty easy with all the snow and ice removal to get in some upper body work so far this winter, but I really need to have a routine. And I've always been jealous of your legs. :)

  5. Strength training always first thing I slack off on. Trying to do better with that this cycle with more of it and more core too. Took my girst spin clsss in 2yrs last week. Really miss that. Wife and I will start T25 in few weeks so excited about that.

  6. Upper body is my biggest weakness. And core. I've started planking a bit, maybe I'll add in some push-ups- gah!

    P.S. I love those tights!

  7. Jody is pretty AMAZING!!! and you're not so bad yourself ;)

  8. Great job! I love that the gym manager noticed:)

  9. I'd say your legs are looking pretty powerful already. I'm just getting back to lifting heavy once a week.

  10. You are looking great, don't you love it when you get little unexpected compliments like that? Keep up the hard work! I am going to see a doctor on Thursday this week and am hoping that gets me lined out, I am so tired of being on the injured list...aaack! I want to get my strong legs back.

  11. WHOOP-WHOOP, bring on 2014 sexy legs and all ;-)


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