Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The World Doesn't End When Running Does

There are other things in life other than running.   Yes, that's right, folks.

Today, Izzy and I visited our local farmers market.  Izzy's treat was a strawberry
ice cream, and I got lobster, blueberries and some other goodies.  

Injury Update:
On Monday, I had an appointment with an Orthopedic doctor.  After the examination, he said it really seemed as though I had a torn meniscus and ordered an MRI.  Finally!  That's what I've been waiting for.  The MRI is set for this Friday morning, with the follow up appointment with the doctor the following Friday.  It seems like this whole process is taking forever!  But really, I know, I'm just a frustrated athlete.  Taking time to really rest that knee is best right now.

At the appointment, I asked the doctor if this stupid injury had anything to do with my overcompensating with my PF issue.  He assured me it had nothing to do with it, just bad luck in twisting my knee the wrong way.

I asked him what forms of exercise I could do while I wait (and wait and wait) for the results.  He said no running (duh) or biking.   Yes to upper body strength and core workouts.  He said to be careful with yoga and pilates when it came to knee bends and to definitely stay away from squats and lunges.   At least he gave me some parameters to work with.

Instead of sulking, which I've done plenty of already, I need to move on and refocus on staying fit in other ways.

The week in workouts:
Sunday:  45 minutes/Bob Harper Kettlebell workout - minus the lunges/squats/mountain climbers.  Instead I substituted in push ups or tri dips.
Monday:  30 min of yoga
Tuesday:  45 minutes of Arms/Shoulders/Back/Core circuit at the gym
Wednesday:  30 minutes Arms/Core

I've got to say, tonight's workout wasn't the best and it really didn't do it for me.  I will say that the Kettlebell workout and the circuit workouts left me feeling pretty awesome and pumped afterwards.  I can see myself really enjoying those workouts more.  

I DO love yoga though, so that is definitely what I'm going to do tomorrow.  

Monday, July 29, 2013

What Was In My Kona Kase This Month?

I love getting packages in the mail.   I know, real shocker.  This past week I received an orange box with a tons of goodies inside.

What was inside my box?
- Perky Jerky
- Enjoy Life Seed & Fruit Mix
- ProBar Organic Chews
- Health Warrior Chia Bars
- Caveman Cookies
- Garuka Bars
- Barbara Llewellyn Granola
- Body Glove Surge Gel

I will definitely buy these items again:  

The Garuka Bars were fantastic!  They are handmade bars with whole peanuts, dried cranberries and raw honey.  I could smell the peanuts as soon as I opened the bar.  It was quite filling and made for a great midday snack.  Each bar had 260 calories and 6 g protein.  

I am a huge fan of jerky.  Yes.  I love salty things.  So jerky is often something that just sucks me right in.  These little bags of Turkey Perky Jerky were fantastic.  They tasted fantastic are made without preservatives!  Even better.  

The Pro Bar Bolt Organic Energy Chews are loaded up electrolytes, B vitamins, antioxidants and complex carbs.   I was really looking forward to eating these on a long run, but since that won't be happening for a while, I shared with my kids.  We both loved them quite a bit.  

The Enjoy Life Seed & Fruit Mix was another delicious one.  I loved the combination of seeds and dried fruit and that it only had 220 calories.  They are gluten free, verified Non-GMO, vegan, and free from the top 8 allergens (wheat, dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, egg, soy, fish and shellfish).  

I'm a huge fan of chia and I do love mini bars that make for a great snack on the run.  That is why Warrior Chia Bar's ROCK!  They had a ton of flavor and tons of omega-3s.  YUM!

I don't have a picture of the granola, but the Barbara Llewelleyn Granola was delicious.  I've been eating my own homemade granola for quite some time, but this one is so yummy!  I had to top my greek yogurt with this granola and I was soooo satisfied.

The Caveman Cookies were super simple and quite delicious.  They have simple ingredients too!  Just honey, nuts and berries.

The only thing I didn't try, was the Body Glove Surge.  I almost did, but the caffeine scared me.  The last time I had a gel with caffeine I was so sick during my half marathon and then sick for the rest of the day.  Plus, I'm not running any long runs anytime soon.  It is packed with tons of great ingredients - Agave Syrup, Brown Rice Syrup, Whey, Can Juice, Honey, Pea Protein.  I'll not going to toss it though.  I'll put it with my running gels/blocks so I can hopefully try it out sometime soon.  Or maybe I can get Ward to try it.  He is still training for his September marathon.

If you would like to try out a Kona Kase and get a box full of goodies like I did, you can head over to Kona Kase and enter the code "GIFTSUMMER" for $5 off you order.   Which will bring your first order down to $10!

Disclaimer:  I was sent this Kona Kase to review on my blog.  I was not required to give a positive review.  All opinions are 100% my own.  

Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Mezamashii Run - Warning! There's mention of Eurphoric Running going on in here.

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential, LLC on behalf of Mizuno.

No, I have not run since the injury.   However, I was doing quite a bit of running up to that point.

I was lucky enough to receive a pair of Wave Sayonara's a couple of weeks ago. 

Of course, because when it comes to shoes, I'm like a kid in a candy store.  I dig right into them.  Or in this case, I tear open the box, pause for a brief picture taking session, then put them on.

At first I thought they felt a little tight in the forefoot.   I need plenty of room for my wide feet and toes to spread out, so I was a little nervous about this.  To be safe, I wore them a few times walking around.  After a few walks in them, my feet were saying "now this is brilliant, let's run!"  And I did.  Only a few times.  But I would definitely describe those runs as brilliant.  The Sayonara gave me quite the ride.  Smooth, comfortable, light, fast.  I could feel my midsole hitting where I wanted to land.  My feet felt euphoric.  (even with that annoying plantar fasciitis)  

Unfortunately, since I am temporarily sidelined, I won't be experiencing any more of this brilliant, Mezamashii runs for a bit.  Sad, I know.

Some techy information about the Wave Sayonara:
- Performance Neutral
- 8.1 oz (men's), 7.1 (women's)
- U4ic (pronounced euphoric) midsole - which is 30% lighter than Mizuno's AP+ compound
- G3 Sole - lightweight/superior traction
- Wave Plate - for impact protection and allowing for the smooth ride
- Flexible and breathable upper - no annoying stitching for toes to rub on

Men's colors come in "Dude Blue/Anthracite/Bolt" and "White/Anthracite/Lime Punch"
Women's colors come in "Electric/Silver/Purple Magic" and "White/Lime Punch/Blue Atoll"

So, I'm running in a shoe called Dude Blue.  Whatever.  It's not really the color that matters.  Mizuno does do a great job at creating shoes with bright colors that I don't feel too manly wearing their men's shoes.  And that Electric and Purple Magic is freaking fantastic looking.  Give me time, I'll be girling up these shoes sooner rather than later.  However, I still wish that they'd start creating more wide widths for women in their performance line.  People with wide feet still like to run and they still like light shoes.   Personally speaking, of course.  

U4ic Midsole

One thing I noticed about the sizing is that for me, the men's run a little big.  I am normally a men's 8.  So, that is what I ordered initially.  Unfortunately they were far too big so I had to request a men's 7.5.  

I had to do some comparisons when they came, of course.  You can see, they are the exact same size as my beloved Mushas.   Just good to know.  

For now, I have taken these dude color shoes and put them safely in my closet.  It's been far to painful to have these by the door, begging me daily (hourly) to go out for a run.  And when I get the green light to run, you better believe I'm going to be running in these!  

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Change In Plans

Nothing ever goes as planned.  Right?  This past spring I was feeling great, at the peak of my marathon training, when I received the notification that my application for the Great Cranberry Island Ultra had been accepted.  I had pretty big plans for this Ultra.  It's a BQ'er.  I thought that after Sugarloaf, I'd have time to recuperate then come back stronger to BQ on a super course.  Funny how my heel had other plans in store for me after I jumped off the paddle board.  I had finally wrapped my mind around being able to complete Saturday's 50k with a walk/run, spend a great day with friends and family, feast on a well earned lobster dinner, and camp out on the island that night.  I even wrote the blog post about it, yesterday.

Then, shortly after writing that post, I left to pick my daughter up at daycare.  As we were leaving, I bent over to tie her shoes, and POP!  Then instant pain that brought me to the floor (with tears), and instant swelling of the knee.  Then more pain.  Awesome.

I came home, iced it, took some ibuprofen, and rested.  Hoping it was really just a bad dream.

When I woke up this morning and the knee was still quite swollen and I was feeling discomfort, I knew that my plans for this weekend had changed.

Apparently the running gods are sending me a strong message.  I will not be an Ultra Marathoner this weekend.   

check out that beauty of a swollen knee over here ^

I'm calling it quits at this point.  No GCI for me.  I am bummed.  More than bummed actually.  There were lots of tears today.  I had my little pity party.  Now I just need to focus on getting better.  And I WILL get better.  

I do have an appointment with my primary care in the morning.  I am fairly certain she will not be able to give me any answers and that I will be referred to a specialist.  Which will mean more waiting.  Of course.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

4 More Days!?!?

I'm not really sure if I should even do this race on Saturday. 


I have a ton of self doubt going on.  Have I trained enough?  Do I have what it takes to actually complete this thing?  50K?  Are you kidding me?  I've been injured for the past 3 weeks.  I must be insane to think I can do it.  

There is an option of an early start - if my pace is going to be slower than 13:30 min/mile.  Hmm... I just don't know.  I just don't know what my body is going to be capable of.  I've never done anything over 26.2 miles and now I'm going to take on 31.1?  

My training up to this point
Running was going really well until the end of June.  Then all hell broke loose and I was in pain.  I experienced some pain on some runs, changed up my shoes.  Then had a really speedy run in some fun shoes I was testing out and not I'm officially injured.  See that 48 miles?  Not so sure that's Ultra Training there.  Pretty pathetic if you ask me.  

Thank goodness I bought that indoor bike a couple of winters ago.  It really is a lifesaver for Ward and I.  When his foot was feeling tender before Boston, he used it a bunch.  Now I basically live on it.  I set my laptop up, turn on the fan, get my water bottle ready and start cycling.  I know it's not the same, but at least I'm getting my workout in and everyone will survive in the house.  And I don't have to worry about schedules, fitting in running or anything with the bike inside.  I can bike anytime I want - even pause if to help the kids if I need to!  

not to mention the 90 minutes/ 25ish miles that are going on right now as I
blog and cycle at the same time!

What has gone wrong
I bruised heal on 6/16 jumping off a paddle board and hitting a rock - continuing to run on it (it didn't hurt at the time) and not I have plantar fasciitis!  

Some days it hurts like hell and I am not sure what I'm going to do.  Other days (like today) I feel normal again and I want to go for a long run.  But today I am not.  I'm playing it smart (I think) and staying on the bike today.  Since there are only 4 more days til the BIG DAY and I am not going to gain anything from a 3 mile run today.  

What has gone right?  
I've been seeing a physical therapist 3x a week, great stretches, ultra sound, cold laser treatments, and cortisone therapy.  I've been doing yoga more regularly.  I've been rolling ALL OF THE TIME!  Even bought myself a new, more dense one.   And I saw an athletic trainer a couple of weeks ago.  He made me custom inserts for my metatarsal issue and arch issue - which have felt fabulous!  He even looked at my training plan and did tell me I've run enough to complete the race and to consider this injury an early taper.  He's trained many runners for this particular race, so I'm holding on to that he knows what he's talking about!   He did say to plan on a run/walk strategy and I'm all for that.  I know I'm not going to win the race and I'm definitely not going to BQ at this one.  It's all about completion of this one.  Especially so I can put this sticker on my car. 

And earn this kickass medal/belt buckle!

In addition, I've lost 5 lbs in the past few weeks by eating far better - cleaner!  I have a review to share with you tomorrow.  You may be thinking that I didn't have any to lose, but oh I did!  I'm a stress eater and when I'm stressed (about not running) I eat.  I eat chips, pizza.  So I did gain about 10lbs.  My clothes weren't fitting the way they used to.   

Now, let's weather obsess for a moment of two.  I try not to.  But since the plan is to bring the entire family and camp out on the island, I'd like for it to NOT be raining.  If it is, they will spend some time with family members.  

So far - my friend Sarah has a meteorologist friend who says 70's, low humidity.  Just about perfect.  Especially for a race that starts at 11:30 am! is saying this.  Pretty much the same.  Here's hoping!!!  

Now, since I'm going to do this for "fun" - I wanna put if for for a vote on how I should cross the finish line?   Do I do cartwheels?  Hands in the air?   Or crawl?  

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dirty Girl Mud Run Recap

Stacy and I debuted in our first ever mud run last Saturday at the Dirty Girl at the Amesbury Sports Park in Massachusetts.  I was quite excited to be doing my first mud run, but was a little nervous because I hadn't run all week due to my foot injury.   

The Outfit
I wanted Stacy and I to sort of match without having to spend additional money on our outfits.  My entry was paid for but Stacy paid for her entry and we wanted to keep the cost down.  So I chose my Sweat Pink tanks for us (since I had two!) and then we each had black skirts.  We did stop at Target on the way down to buy some pink knee high socks, which was not a big deal at all.  Plus, we'll wear them again.  I'm sure!   We also had pink sparkly headbands already, so that was a bonus!  Plus, why spend a ton of money on outfits if we were just going to get covered in much anyway?  Right?  

Getting Ready
Choosing which shoes I was going to destroy in the mud/then donate was the biggest issue for me.  I needed something with support for the foot, and some kind of traction for the mud, but something I didn't mind donating in the end.  I didn't have to donate my shoes, but I really didn't want them anymore after the mud run.  I ended up choosing my Kinvara 3's.  I've had them for over a year and there were definitely near the end of their life.  

This was the first obstacle.  Not too muddy yet.  
And you can still see our cute socks.  That didn't last too long!

There there was packing a bag.  Since we were taking a bus into the race site, I wanted to keep it all in a small bag.  Plus, I didn't know what the bag check was like, so I thought one of my string bags would be perfect. My bag consisted of two plastic, grocery bags.  Yes, they do come in handy!   I put some clean clothes in one bag, and then added my towel, clean shoes, and then snacks in the front pocket.  

The Course
There was lots and lots of mud.  It was pretty deep and slick in many places.  Maybe if I hadn't been just recently injured, I would have run right through them, but I didn't dare to.  Instead, we carefully got through the really bad parts and kind of jogged the trails.  At one point Stacy and I passed a group of women and one woman made the comment "it's always the skinny bitches who run".  Umm, thanks for the compliment, but I wouldn't call what Stacy and I were doing running.  But thanks anyway!   A majority of the miles was in the beginning with the obstacles being mostly clustered in the end.  Based on the facility and where they could get the obstacles, this was unavoidable.  It wasn't a bad thing.  Just something I noticed.  

100% show for our husbands - we knew they would love to see us mud wrestle

The Obstacles
They were exactly as described.  Fun names and entry level.  It was definitely a race for all abilities.  If a participant didn't feel comfortable completing the obstacle, she was allowed to by pass the obstacle.  I didn't see many women do this, but I think the option is great for those who aren't sure.

We climbed up and over obstacles, we crawled through mud.   I was rather disappointed that there weren't photographers at each obstacle.  Isn't that what this kind of fun run is about?  Having fun and getting great pictures?  We didn't see them a whole lot throughout the course.  But when we did, we really tried to ham it up.

The Good
- The parking and shuttle process was rather quick and painless.  I didn't really like that we had to pay an additional $10 to park somewhere we were told we had to park, but it was well organized and the shuttle made for a very easy way to get to the actual race destination.  In the end, the $10 was well worth it.

- Check in was rather quick and painless.  Just show your ID, get your bib #, grab your shirt and necklace and off you go!

- As soon as we checked our bags, we headed straight up the hill for the next wave.  It was about 11:45 and our registered wave was 12:15, but we were told we didn't really have to wait until then.  That part rocked!

-Bag check was quick and easy to drop off and pick up.  There was plenty of staff available to make sure your bag was put in the correct spot and then more staff at the pick up to make sure you walked with your bag and not someone else's bag.

-This run is definitely best done with teams.  I don't think I would have had a good time at all if I had done this race on my own.  I am ever grateful that Stacy did this with me!

Just a little muddy, right?
Thank you for being a great sport and doing this race with me!  

What could be improved
-It drives me crazy when registering for a race, you choose the size you want and then you get to the race and your size is gone.  Why ask?  My shirt is far too big for me.  It's like a dress.  Very frustrating.  

- Long lines, one huge tent that was about 95 degrees inside, a row of hoses, and a gross/wet ground and no where to hang your clean clothes/towel made for a bit of a challenge in getting clean after the run. Thanks to teamwork and a best friend, we worked together to get a majority of the mud off of each other.  And Stacy was super smart and brought along a wash cloth.

I had mud everywhere.  And what's even better is that later that night
I blew my nose and tons of dried mud came out.  Eww!

- I was not impressed with the food selections and that I had to purchase tickets at one location and then walk to another location for the food.  It just seemed silly to me.  In glancing at the food selections, I wasn't impressed what there was to offer either.  What really stunk is that we were starving!  We had to wait in the longest line ever for the shuttle, take the shuttle to the parking lot, then get out of there.  Not being from the area, I wasn't sure where there was anything to eat in the immediate area.  Thankfully I had stashed some granola and protein bars in my bag, so Stacy and I had something to get us through until we got to the rest stop in Maine, so we could load up on something somewhat of a healthier choice.  

Have you ever done a mud run?  What are your thoughts?

AD:  I was provided a free entry to a Dirty Girl Mud Run of my choice in exchange for promoting the race and reviewing.  As always all opinions are 100% my own.  

Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Favorites

This week was a big week for our household.  Izzy became a dancer.  She went to a week long dance camp in downtown Gardiner.  The best part was the name of the class was Tutu Cute.  This week, my incredible shy little girl, became a bouncy, happy girl who was showing me all the new moves she learned in class.  Today was the final day of the camp, so families were invited to come in and watch a performance.

Today definitely goes down as one of my favorite moments in being able to watch Izzy shine on stage. While I'm on the topic, I may as well share some of my other favorites.

I've written before about my love for Spandits.  If you haven't seen what Spandits has to offer, I think you really need to go to their website and check out all of their running clothing and fun prints!  What I love is that this company was created by two incredible runners, who are also coaches.  Their products are tested by athletes of all ages.  Spandits makes running clothing for men, women, and children - in skirts, shorts, capris, and tights.  They also have arm sleeves and headbands, and many more items to choose from.  The material they use is high quality and incredibly durable and forgiving.  The prints are fun and you definitely get a lot of attention!  The love for Spandits is definitely spreading like wildfire here in Maine and across the country.

My newest Spandits purchase looks great with my new Virratas.  Don't you agree?  I'm almost thinking these shorts will be my GCI 50k shorts for next weekend.  I did a test run with them with zero ride up.   I couldn't choose just one item from Spandits so I chose two.  (I really wanted to get much more!!)  Below are my two most recent purchases - the Women's 3/4 Tights in the newest print Aurora Borealis and the Women's Shorts in Galactic.

Last Friday my new Citron Virratas came from Kindrunner.   Kindrunner didn't have the Citron in stock, but those guys are awesome and they special ordered them for me!  That's fabulous.  My black ones that carried me through a majority of Sugarloaf Training and the actual marathon are just about done, and with my foot issues, I felt it was the best time ever to replace my shoes.   Better yet, I got to send in a pair of some worn shoes for donation and I will receive $10 in Kindrunner Cash for the next time I order shoes.  And around this house, we seem to be ordering shoes quite often!   Believe me it hurt like hell to not lace them up and go for a run but I was doing my best to be a good patient and listen to doctors orders.   Because I am one of the first 500 customers, I will receive a pair of socks with every purchase!  That's pretty awesome.  

Since I've gotten the go ahead to run I've gone on three runs in these and they feel just as perfect as my previous pair of Virratas and perfect for my heel, toes, and plantar fasciitis.

Joe at Kindrunner recommended this sleeve by Feetures for me a few weeks ago.  I tried it out last weekend for the Dirty Girl Mud Run and it felt pretty awesome.  I've also often some miles in with it this week.  I really like support it offers my arch while not adding compression to my toes, which I have been told to stop doing anyway!   I've tried running with a sock over the sleeve and without a sock.  I  definitely preferring the sockless approach.  My toes really love the freedom!

One of my favorite things to do when coming home from a run is to have a cup of coffee, that is of course after I've gulped down some water.  Now I can have my coffee and protein all at once with this new protein coffee creamer made by Ripped Cream.  2 tbs is 90 calories and 5 grams of protein.

Also, with summer here, keeping my legs shaved and smooth is a priority.  I hate it when I go through of the motions of shaving almost daily and then I get awful razor burn!  Don't you?   That's why I am excited by this new company!  800razors.   Razors are so expensive and when an online store can provide you with high quality razors and zero burn at a lower cost, I'm impressed.

These razors have been keeping my legs super smooth all summer long so far.  I'm actually nearing the end and will need to order more shortly.  Maybe I'll try out the ladies version!  

What are some of your favorites lately?  Share!!!!  

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Diet-to-Go Giveaway!

We are halfway through summer and I'm already thinking to myself "how did I find time to go to work?"   My days have been full.  My to-do lists even longer.  It's crazy.  Making sure I eat healthy has been at top of my list but I have to admit, sometimes I slip with that bag of chips!

When I received my week's worth of Diet-to-Go meals, I didn't have to think about what I was going to make.  I only had to head to the refrigerator and make a choice.  I really couldn't go wrong!  Not to mention, the meals were so yummy!!!   Now is your turn to try out a 5 Day's worth of meals from Diet-to-Go!  That's right.  One of my lucky readers is going to have the chance to win a 5 Days worth of meals fro Diet-to-Go.

To enter you only need to comment below with your answer to "Why do you want to win 5 Day's of Diet-to-Go meals?" 

Bonus entry
Follow Running With The Girls and Diet-to-Go on twitter and tweet the following.
"I want to win a week's worth of meals from @runningwtg and @diettogo"
Then come back here to tell me you commented and paste your twitter link below.

yummy omelet!

Giveaway only open to US Addresses.  Giveaway ends 7/21/13. Winner will be contacted by email and will need to respond by noon Tuesday.  

Disclaimer:  I am a Diet-to-Go Ambassador and had been provided with a week of meals from Diet-to-Go previously.  

Monday, July 15, 2013

Improving My Running Form

While I've been injured, I've been thinking a lot about my own running form.
Was it my running form that caused this injury?  How do I improve it?  What do I need to do better?  Should I have Ward video tape me?  Where do I send it?  Should I hire a coach?  Man, I really want a coach.  Darn daycare expenses.  

I want to have the perfect running form.  When I am spectating races, especially big ones like the Boston Marathon, I am in awe watching the form of the elite and masters runners.    

In this picture Wade is giving me advice.  How to hold my hands and not tense my fingers.  If I'm going to run with the guys, I better be ready for advice.  

I would really love to attend a running form clinic.   When I'm running with Ward and he starts to correct me, and I get frustrated:  Lean forward, arms down.  

Will I be frustrated with someone else critiquing my running form?  Probably not.  

Last week I made a visit to an Athletic Trainer, and he analyzed my walking gait and running.  We talked about my shoes, how they wear, what shoes are best for me, and how I should focus on landing.  We also talked about cadence and how to improve my cadence by shortening my stride.  All good things.  

That entire experience was amazing.  I gained an incredible amount of knowledge from Bob.  I left there really wanting to learn more about my form and how to be a better runner.   

Have you ever been to a running clinic? How about an Athletic Trainer?  Do you have a running coach?  

Friday, July 12, 2013

Pro Compression Sale!!!

I've been wearing compression socks for a few years now and one company that amazes me with the colors, selection, and quality is ProCompression.  Right now, ALL of there merchandise is on sale at ProCompression.  Yes!  This includes their new Neon Calf Sleeves, Team PC Gear (hats and visors!), trainer socks, marathon socks - YOU NAME IT!

fun combination!  I definitely recommend it!

All you do is head over to ProCompression, load up your cart with goodies, and use the coupon code JULY, which expires August 4, 2013.

This makes me so excited because I am needing to load up on some neon sleeves!  And maybe I'll buy Ward something too.  He does love his compression as well!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Foot, Oh The Foot!

What's been going on with me.  The short story - I'm officially injured and have been banned from running for 2 weeks by my PT.

The long story:
A few weeks back we went paddle boarding.

I lost my balance and fell off the paddle board and as luck has it, I landed on a huge rock, with my heel.  Awesome.  I kept running.  At first it didn't hurt.  I complained to my chiro when I saw her and she adjusted me, but it wasn't working.  Then I aborted a long run - supposed to be 20+ but stopped at 7.5 miles and called Ward to rescue me.  I continued to run.  Sometimes achy, sometimes pain free.  Then I complained to my chiro again and she said it was time to see a physical therapist.  I continued to run.  Again, sometimes achy, sometimes pain free.   This past Saturday I ran 12 miles mostly pain free (except for weird twinges along my 3rd and 4th metatarsals).  Then Sunday, I ran 1 miles on the treadmill and those twinges turned into pain, so I stopped running and just walked.  Then biked.  Then sulked.

Monday morning I called the PT and they had an opening - so I went right in.  I had the kids and it was a super long appointment.  This is what I saw when I finally came out of my appointment.

During my appointment, my PT confirmed it was definitely the blow to the heel that trigged all of this fun stuff.  She said I have Plantar Fasciitis and NO running!  Bummer, but I want to be healed, so I agreed.  She said we were going to be aggressive about therapy and wanted me to come in 3x a week.  I offered 5x, but she said that it was overkill. At least I'm ambitious!

My PT Therapy:
- cold laser treatment
- cortisone shock
- ultrasound
- stretches
- icing 4-6 times a day
- no barefoot
- cross training
- no running

the appointment was quite long (1 hr) and Izzy fell asleep waiting for me - poor girl!

Later that night, Jill and I ventured down to Freeport for some yoga love with Terry at Freeport Yoga Co.  The class we took was called Yoga for Athletes - especially designed for athletes.  Terry was amazing, as always.  She checked in with all of the class members prior to class for what was ailing them.  Then geared her class towards our needs.   The class was amazing and I felt awesome afterwards.  She had us do more foam rolling.  YES!  And gave us "homework" which I am happily doing.  I even came home and ordered a denser foam roller just like the ones she has in her studio.

In the mean time, I was chatting with Jamie, a super speedy FB buddy, who is also running GCI on the 27th, and she recommended seeing Bob, a highly regarded Athletic Trainer.  Of course I had to see Bob!  So I scheduled an appointment right away.

I had my appointment with Bob today.  This guy was amazing!  I had a one hour appointment that covered all the bases - shoe analysis, gait analysis, and discussion of my PF/injuries, analysis of my feet in general.  Bob told me I had "very interesting feet" and that he was surprised I hadn't been injured before, especially with my high arches and issues with my 3rd and 4th metatarsals.  He said I was risk for developing neuromas in my left foot.

He agreed with all of the treatments my physical therapist is doing right now.  He also suggested putting my foot in an ice bath rather than icing it.

I brought along the shoes I've been wearing for the past month

Bob checked out my shoes and my wear patterns.  He noted that I heal strike and have lots of mid foot strike as well.  He also made me a custom orthotic with more arch support and metatarsal padding, to help my toes stay down more while I run, rather than flare up like they tend to do.

Bob gave me hope that I will at least be able to complete GCI given the therapy, rest, changes to my gait, and new custom orthotics.   He suggested that I try a long(ish) run sometime next week, and do a run/walk combo.  I am excited for this and cannot wait!  Until then, my butt is going to be training on this:

Oh, and I am still going to be doing Dirty Girl this Saturday, with my girl, Stacy.  That's going to be a blast!!!