Thursday, January 30, 2014

Shoe Review: Topo Athletics

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Topo Athletic Run RT shoe.   I have this real attraction to minimalist shoes and these shoes have a look that draws you in and really intrigue you.  

I tracked the shipping of these shoes for days....and when they finally arrived, I couldn't wait to put them on and take them for a test drive.  What was pretty cool about the Topo folks is that they included two complimentary pairs of split toe socks made by Injinji especially for Topo Athletic shoes.    And because I like these socks so much, I wear them for everyday wear - to work under my leather boots with other sneakers.  They are pretty awesome.

First impressions go a long way.  Especially with a shoe that I am trusting my feet, my body to.  As I slipped into them, I knew I had put on a shoe that my feet were going to love.  The arch hugged my high arches like they were made for my feet.

The toe box allowed for my toes to spread and feel free.  I was nervous about the split toe and if the materials in the inside would create any hotspots.   I am happy to report there was zero rubbing.  Actually, having that split toe allowed more room in the toe box without making the shoe seem boxy.  That is a pretty cool feature.

The upper is seriously lightweight and breathable.  They are made from mesh and microfiber and offer up zero hot spots.  Ward was seriously impressed with the uppers and tried like crazy to cram his feet in there.  Poor guy.  I know I have big feet and all, but not quite big enough to share shoes with him.

Also, as these shoes are zero drop, they also offer very little cushioning.  Which I love for speedy runs.  For training, I like cush, for speed, no cush.  I'm picky that way.  They have a total of 16mm stack height and a removable 3 mm EVA footbed.

Another thing you need to know is that I always run with socks on.  But one day I forgot my cool split toe socks at home.  Not wanting to missing out on a run, I slipped on my Run RT's and hopped onto that treadmill and banged out 6 miles.  I was positive I was going to get a blister.  I always get a blister when I try to run without socks or when I run in new shoes.  But guess what?  A crazy thing happened...there were no blisters to be found on my feet/toes/heels anywhere!

A majority of my Run RT's runs have been on the treadmill.  I started out with the 3 mile run and have gotten up to 7 miles in them.  My feet, back, calves have felt fantastic.  After experiencing a few injuries lately, I rely on how my back and calves feel after running in shoes.  If they start to feel tight or not right, I know the shoe I'm running in isn't right for me or that it's near the end of it's life.  So far, they have been giving me the green light, so I'm going with it!  

transitioning .... 1 mile in Topo and 7.25 in my regular shoe

Another PRO, is that these shoes are crazy reflective.  There are reflector spots all over this shoe.  So, if you are person who runs at night or super early in the morning, these shoes are going to light up like crazy!  Now, I haven't had to do any outside night running lately.  Somehow I've lucked out.  Perhaps as the weather gets nicer, I may start to get out there and do some night running.  And when I do, I'm going to wear these shoes!  

I have only run outside in these shoes one time.  We've had a horrible winter in terms of road conditions with the icing, freezing rain.  The only con I can think of is the tread combined with ice.  It is slick and I didn't really feel like I had any traction in these.   Which is not a big deal, since we don't really get months of ice anyway.  Well, this year we did.  Normally we don't!

Now, a word to the wise.  If you are not already running in a zero drop shoe, you really need to slowly acclimate your body to a zero drop shoe.  It's not really wise to go from a 8 mm drop to a zero drop and hammer out 20 miles.  It might feel great for a few days, maybe even a few weeks, but it will sneak up on you and chances are it's going to hurt.  I've learned from the past to ease into zero drop shoes.  Lately I've been switching it up between a 4 mm and an 8 mm.  And while my I've been liking it, I really do like to have a zero drop shoe in my rotation for my shorter, faster runs.  The Run RT has filled that void.    You can check out Topo Athletic on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Do you enjoy zero drop shoes?   What about arch support?  I usually wear an insert, but with these shoes, the insert was not needed at all.  Oh and what about black shoes?  I wasn't sure at first, but I absolutely LOVE them!

Disclaimer:  I received these shoes in exchange for a review.  I was not obligated to provide a positive review.  As always, all opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own, and Ward's.  

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I'm a little late to the party - but I am officially IN!  

FitFluential and  Under Armour have teamed up with the 1,000 Burpee Challenge.  The goal?  Complete 1,000 burpees by February 28th...... MY 37th birthday!   Which means 34 burpees a day.  I can do that!  

Today was a scheduled rest day....but that doesn't mean I can't do burpees - so I busted them out.   In my cords and Bobs by Skechers.   Proof you can do burpees in just about any outfit anytime of the day!  No excuses!  

And when Ward asked me what I was doing, I told him about the challenge.  Of course he had to step it up a level and tell me I should do 37 a day because it ends on my 37th birthday.  Okay.  Game on!  

I'm going to track my count using FitSnap and post on Instagram.  I love FitSnap - but there isn't a category for burpees so I chose Strength Training - close enough..... and I'll track my burpees under the duration.  Check it out....I have 37 already.  

Are you doing the #FFBURPEE challenge?  

Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Weekend

I'm a runner.  But I am finding more and more that I am enjoying trying out new forms of exercise.  First it was yoga.  I have grown to really love and appreciate yoga.  However, I am only really consistent with yoga if I sign up for a class, and unfortunately my favorite yoga studio - Freeport Yoga Co. is a long drive away and the other yoga class option - which isn't as great but it closer - is happening on a night that is impossible for me to get too.  So.... with that said, my yoga practice has suffered.  Tonight, when I finish this post, I WILL hang out with Rodney Yee.  I have to.  My body is telling me it needs yoga tonight!  

My new adventure was Les Mills Body Pump.  A newish fitness local fitness studio - Fortified Fitness  - hosted a free Body Pump class on Saturday.   The time actually conflicted with Tucker's swim class, but I managed to get Ward to take the kids which meant I was free to try it out!  I wanted to do a little run beforehand, so I stopped by the KVHC and got in a quick 2 miles on the treadmill.  Then I headed off to Fortified Fitness.  I was nervous and I had no idea what to expect.    I was quite thankful I saw a familiar face when I got there - yay for Susie!  It definitely helped me to feel a bit more comfortable.  

It also helped that I was wearing my badass skull Spandits, my ViewSport tank, and custom Reebok Nano Speeds.   

The class was 55 minutes in length.  Adam, our instructor, was fantastic.  He walked us through each set and gave options for advanced body pumpers and new body pumpers.  Me, being new, tried like heck to keep it light.  And I did for the most part.  What I loved about body pump is that it worked so many muscles I don't work enough but really need to! 

When the class ended, I was completely finished.  It was definitely a challenging workout that left me feeling like I totally kicked butt.  And I was famished.   I came home, ate some eggs (yum!!!), changed into my Tommie Copper Capris and my new favorite Gap sweatshirt and then started with the party prepping for Izzy's birthday party.  

The party was a success!  We had lots of cupcakes, face painting, photo booth fun, a chocolate fountain and cotton candy.  TONS of fun!  

This morning I met up with Carrie and Jill at the gym and we got in 8 miles on the treadmill.  My legs didn't want to move at all. So I decreased the speed and just tried my best. Honestly, I would have called it quits at 4 miles if Carrie and Jill didn't keep me going.  I'm not so sure if it was smart or not that I did the entire 8 miles.    

Speaking of which.  Have you heard of #FFCheckin?  I am loving this.  FitFluential has started a very easy way to encourage and motivate each other in our daily fitness endeavors.  Just share your pic on instagram with the hashtag #ffcheckin.  

The rest of the week will be pretty low in terms of mileage.  I'm already at 126 miles for the month.  I believe it's my highest since last June.  I'm feeling rather good and I want to keep it that way.  AND I have my first race for 2014 next Sunday.   I don't have tons of speed work in me prepping for this one, but I'd like to at least keep up with Carrie.  Fingers crossed.  

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Three Things Thursday

I love 4 day work seems like Thursday got here so freaking fast!  I LOVE it.  

1.  Izzy turned 5 yesterday.  Yes.  My baby is 5 years old now.  Time is flying by so fast and soon we'll be taking her to kindergarten screening.  Exciting times!  

She celebrated her birthday yesterday at daycare with gluten free cupcakes.  They were outstanding!!!   

Then we celebrated again last night with dinner and Reece's Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream cake and invented my in-laws over for dinner as well.  

And then we'll have her birthday party this weekend at Scrummy Afters, a super adorable candy store in downtown Hallowell.  They just recently renovated a room in the back to host parties!  They have a photo booth with props for the kids, face painting, a chocolate fountain and possibly a cotton candy machine (if it comes in tomorrow!).  AND we'll also do cupcake decorating.  I'm so excited for this party.  It's going to be a lot of fun and NOT at my house!  

and look, I don't even have to decorate!!!!  

2.  Tonight, Tucker and my nephew, Jackson, went off to their first Hip Hop dance class.  I think it is such a great idea for them to do this.  After seeing the Hip Hop class perform at the recital, Tucker was completely into it.  This will be a great winter activity for him to keep him active (he's really only doing swim lessons on Saturdays...and it's been so cold lately, too cold to get in a lot of outdoor activities.  Hopefully soon we'll have a little break and it will be at least in the 20's and he can spend more time out there! 

Today was my nephew's birthday!  You are looking at TWO 10 yr olds here!

3.  Today I received an impressive package from Tommie Copper.   I've been a fan of Tommie Copper for a few years now and they have never disappointed me.  

They are the new Compression Fit Capris and Compression Fit Camisole.  Unfortunately it's a bit cold in Maine (like 10F right now - brrrr...) so the tank is under my sweatshirt right now, but it is incredibly comfortable and flattering.  The capris are amazing!  Ward got a little something and we'll be showcasing his awesome product shortly!  He's so lucky to be married to me.  (full review coming soon!)  

How was your Thursday???  Looking forward to Friday?  The weekend?  

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

#TurnItGreen Giveaway Time!!!

This post is sponsored by REPREVE.  All opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own.  

I shared last week about Turning It Green with Repreve.  I love doing my part when it comes to recycling and purchasing items made from recycled products.   In our household, we Turn It Green with recycling our plastic and glass bottles.  I am fortunate that my husband is a talented cabinet maker and he built us an extra long drawer for our trash and bottles - so it's all in one place making it very easy to recycle.

Even the kids are pro's at recycling!  We are quite fortunate, as well, that our grocery store has a recycling station right inside the entry door - through CLYNK .  All we have to do is bag up our bottles in the green bag (that we need to purchase), add the little sticker with my account number, slide it through the door.  Then a few days later, I scan my card at the CLYNK machine, and I can get a payment receipt that I can either cash in or apply toward my groceries.

I hate it when Ward steals my running goodies!!!  Don't tell him!  

I should back up here and add that in Maine, we pay a bottle deposit for all of our glass or plastic beverage bottles.  Fortunately, you can take those bottles back to a recycling center and get your deposit back!  I think it gives you just a bit more motivation to want to recycle.  And recycling is just a good thing all around!!!

I am loving that REPREVE  takes bottles and turns them into products that I already LOVE!

And guess what???  I have a REPREVE beanie that you can win!!!  REPREVE was very kind to send me two awesome green beanies - one for me, and one for a very lucky Running With The Girls reader.

Enter below.

Do you want your chance to win even bigger? REPREVE has a great contest going on.

From January 17-31st, REPREVE is inviting you to share how you "turn it green" or how you live a more sustainable lifestyle by reusing or recycling materials.  To enter, share an image or video on Twitter, Instagram or Vine with the #TurnItGreen hashtag.  

Once you share the image with the hashtags, you will be entered into the sweepstakes where 5 entries will be randomly selected as the Top Five.  

 Those 5 will be voted on by the visitors to the site - where the image or video with the most votes will with the $5,000 cash prize.  The other four "runners up" will receive a REPREVE Jacket and a Go-Pro camera (retail valued at over $350!).  Voting will take place from 2/3-2/8 and the winner will be announced on 2/10. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sometimes a little get-away is all you need!

I don't know about you, but I am done with winter.  Yeah, yeah, it's only January 21st.  I still have 2 more months of winter.  Don't remind me!   

In addition to the super cold and icy winter we've experienced, we haven't seen a lot of Ward either.  That man has been working a lot lately.  And mostly weekends.  We haven't had a lot of family time together.   So, this past weekend we joined crashed my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's annual trip to North Conway.  Since my nephew's birthday is in January, they started taking him to North Conway to stay overnight in a hotel that has an indoor water park.  Every year they take Tucker, which is awesome!  But we end up staying home and being jealous of all of their fun.  

This year, however, Ward actually had the day off, so we knew we had to go.   We decided that we would only go up for the day and not stay overnight, since we had quite a bit going on the next day at home.  

I don't know of a better way to spend a snowy day - especially when you are just done with winter - than to spend it was family at an indoor water park.  

We actually went to the Kahuna Laguna at the Red Jacket Inn in North Conway.  The risky thing about going there is that for day passes, it's first-come first-served, 2 hours away.  So after you make the 2.5 hour drive, you have to hope that you are lucky enough to get tickets. And you can't get in until noon.  We arrived in North Conway a little after 11 and hoped to grab a lunch before heading over to the inn.  Unfortunately we struck out at a few restaurants and were getting rather tight on time.  We decided to start heading back toward the inn when Ward spotted this little place - that didn't look as busy.  He pulled over and ran in and asked if they room for 8 and they had a part of 8 getting ready to leave.  Talk about perfect timing!  We only sat for a few moments, then were seated.  The great thing about this place is that they served breakfast all day and all of us love breakfast.  I was just about to get an omelet but then I saw this salad on the specials board and HAD to have it!  

walnuts, cucumbers, craisins, chicken, spinach, butternut squash,
balsamic dressing over a flat bread!
Oh my word!

Peaches was the place.  And let me tell you, this place is fabulous!!!  They seated us almost immediately.  The waitress came, took our orders and then seriously within 5 minutes we had our food.  CRAZY!!!!   It helps that most of us ordered breakfast, which is super easy. And even better - they had gluten free items on the menu that were fabulous for our gf relatives and my salad was amazing!!!!  Next time we head into North Conway, we're definitely going back there.  

Thankfully for Peaches and their excellent, efficient service, we were able to get out of there and to Kahuna Laguna exactly at noon and were able to get our tickets!  They were $40/person (ouch) but it was SO worth it!!!  

We stayed there forever (12 - 7:30) and definitely got our money's worth.   At the end of the day, Tucker stayed there with Jill and Wade and we put Izzy into her pi's and started our 2.5 hour trek home.   We were exhausted when we got home but it was so worth it!  We will definitely go back again!  

Have you ever gone on quick little winter get-away???    

Saturday, January 18, 2014


It absolutely breaks my heart that another member of our running community has been lost to a horrific tragedy.  I cannot even imagine what Meg's family is going through right now and I can only pray my family never needs to face their reality.   

Sadly, Meg wasn't the only runner to have lost her life this week.   The most recent tragedies have angered and scared me.  

The girls and I were already planning on running today but when we found out that today would be the worldwide, virtual run for Meg - it seemed fitting that I got to run today with my girls.  Well, minus one.  Poor Carrie had to work.  (we missed you,  girl!)

We set out for a 10 mile loop.  But somehow I had forgotten that the loop is actually 13.86!  Ooops!   What's another 5k (and a smidge more)?  Right?  

My heart is very heavy right now.  This is a scary world we live in.  You never know what is going to happen next.  But all I know is that I need to hug my kids, husband, and the rest of my family just a bit tighter and cherish the moments that are right here and now.  

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Armour39 Product Review

The following post is sponsored by fitfluential LLC on behalf of Under Armour.  As always, all opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own.  

I've been intrigued by snowshoe running for a couple of years now but I've never done anything about it.  Once in a while I will see that there was a race and I would think "Wow, now that's badass!  How in the world do they run in those?"  

A few weeks ago, as the snow kept piling up higher and higher here in Maine, the thought of snowshoe running came to me again.  But this time I actually did something about it!  I strapped on my daughter's snowshoes, put on running tights, long sleeve shirt, hat, and gloves and went for it.  You can read about that run here.   

What you can see from above, I ran 2.05 miles in the snowshoes and then ran 2.05 miles on the road. This was the PERFECT opportunity to use my Armour 39 to compare the results.  And the numbers do not lie!  At first I was curious as to why the average heart rate was the same for both and why the intensity was the same.  I did some reading and it was because I had done the runs back-to-back and did not allow for recovery time in between.  Only the minute it took me to unstrap the snowshoes.  If I had allowed my heart rate to slow down between runs, those numbers would have been different.  But look at the WILLPOWER and calorie burn!  But also look at the time it took me to run 2.05 miles in the snow with snowshoes on vs. 2.05 miles on the road.  

Now, what the heck is WILLPOWER?  


In my quick research of snowshoe running, I did read that "running" snowshoes are little smaller than "walker" snowshoes and I also found out that "running" snowshoes are contoured to allow for a more efficient run.  However, with that said - I chose my daughters 19" snowshoes instead of my 21" in shoes.  I didn't get any specialty "running" snowshoes and I'm not really planning on it right now.  I am quite happy with just running in the smaller ones.  Plus, our snow has already melted.  I know we'll get more.  We always get more.  We live in Maine.  And I will run in snowshoes again this season.  I'm just not sure how many times.  I also read somewhere that snowshoe running burns 45% more calories.  And by my calculation with Armour 39, I burned 47% more calories.  I'd say that's pretty darn close!  

Now, how does the Armour 39 Heart Rate Monitor work?  First you need to download the app (and register) onto your iPhone 4s, iPhone 5/5S/5C, iPod Touch (5th gen), iPad Mini.  Unfortunately for me, I have an iPhone 4 (holding onto this one until the 6 is released) I couldn't download the app to my phone.  BUT Ward and Tucker both recently got iPad Mini's so I am just going to use their minis for my workouts now.  Thanks guys!!!  Second, put the bluetooth device into the holder and put the strap on. Third, open the app, connect, and workout!  

You don't necessarily need to have the iPad, iPhone, or iTouch with you while you are working out.  You just need to connect, go workout, and then come back to the device so the Armour 39 can transmit your data.  No need to connect any wires or anything.  It's all done through the bluetooth.  Pretty cool and easy!  

In addition to my snowshoe adventures, I also used my Armour 39 to complete the assessment, which put me through a 10 minute, 5 phase treadmill run to find my MAX effort.  

After the 10 minute assessment, I went on to complete an additional 5 miles (for a total of 6).  I really had a great time peaking at the screen (which I had sat on the floor beside the treadmill by that point) to see my effort levels increasing.  I already knew they were increasing,  but seeing the chart and numbers increase was pretty amazing.  

I definitely see myself using my Armour 39 for many more workouts.  I have been curious about heart rate training in terms of improving my running performance, so that is my next goal with the Armour 39.   I loved the Armour 39 for the ease of connection and data display.  I also didn't ever feel it on any of my workouts.  

I'm curious.  Do you train with a heart rate monitor?  What do you use it for?  To measure your calorie burn?  Increasing your threshold?  

Sunday, January 12, 2014

#TurnItGreen with REPREVE

Have you ever stopped to think about what happens to your bottle after you drop it off at a recycling center?   Honestly, I never did.  I knew recycling was a good thing to do.  

Here in Maine, we get our bottle deposit back if we recycle our bottles.  We have our recycling bin beside our garbage bin, so recycling bottles is easy to do in our house.  Then every few weeks, I take the GREEN bag to the grocery store and drop it off at the recycling center.  A few days later, I can check my account balance.  I can either use get the cash or use it on groceries.  I tend to just use the balance on groceries.

But clothing made out of bottles?  Now, that's a really cool and awesome idea.  And, even better?
REPREVE is a recycled fiber that helps turn plastic bottles you recycle into cool stuff you can wear and use every day.  Now there's no excuse to not recycle!!!

Companies that I already shop at and LOVE already use REPREVE to make their products greener:
- Volcom graphic t-shirts are made with REPREVE - 2 recycled plastic bottles
- one Patagonia fleece jacket made with REPREVE  - 40 recycled plastic bottles
- Life Khaki by Haggar made with REPREVE - 7 recycled plastic bottles

Other great brands that use REPREVE in some of their products are: The North Face, Polartec, Patagonia, Beija-Flor, Lauren Conrad's XO (eco) by Blue Avocado, Swiftwick socks, and many more!!!

So...what I want you to do is share it with the world, how YOU #TurnItGreen for your chance to win $5,000.

From January 17-31st, REPREVE is inviting you to share how you "turn it green" or how you live a more sustainable lifestyle by reusing or recycling materials.  To enter, share an image or video on Twitter, Instagram or Vine with the #TurnItGreen hashtag.  

Once you share the image with the hashtags, you will be entered into the sweepstakes where 5 entries will be randomly selected as the Top Five.  

 Those 5 will be voted on by the visitors to the site - where the image or video with the most votes will with the $5,000 cash prize.  The other four "runners up" will receive a REPREVE Jacket and a Go-Pro camera (retail valued at over $350!).  Voting will take place from 2/3-2/8 and the winner will be announced on 2/10. 

But, please!!! Don't tell Ward that I have this super warm and cool REPREVE beanie.  I'm so tired of him stealing all of my cool  things.

PS.  My video will be up tomorrow!  

I am so excited to partner with REPREVE in this sponsored post and share with you how to #TurnItGreen!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Are you ready for a Giveaway?

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Raise your hand if you ever had something you set aside, and couldn't wait to eat it/drink it when you got home from work only to find your husband consumed it.  Uh huh.  That happens here all of the time.   It especially happened when I received a case of Cheribundi's Refresh line to try out.  I seriously only had 3 out of the 12.

But I AM impressed with the Cheribundi Refresh line up.  They are not a protein drink or any type of product that promises muscle recovery after a workout.  They ARE a great refreshing drink you can enjoy anytime of day.  They are light and sweet, almost like a lemonade or ice tea drink.  

Cheribundi Refresh comes in Fruit Refresh flavors and Tea Refresh flavors.  What I can definitely tell you is that they did not last long in my house at all.  In only a matter of a few days, they were gone.  I was eyeing up the Cherry Pomegranate Drink and before I new it, it was gone.  However, the fact that they disappeared in no time at all is enough evidence that they rock!  Even in the dead of winter, when you want warm, cozy drinks - these REFRESHing drinks disappeared fast!  Now I only wish winter would disappear that fast!  Each bottle of Cheribundi Refresh has 20 cherries and is 100% natural.  And they are certified kosher and gluten free!

Cheribundi is available in retailers throughout the United States.  Not sure if your local store has Cheribundi, you can definitely check it out here.  I’m a little bummed that my local Hannaford does not carry the Refresh line, but they do have the original Cherry Juice - which I do purchase from time to time.  I do love the taste of cherry and having more cherry drink options makes me even happier.  

Now, for your chance to win you own Cheribundi Refresh!  The giveaway begins tonight and will run through January 14th.  Enter below.  

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Monday, January 6, 2014

How About a HIIT? #FitFluential

Looking at the weather forecast last night - calling for temperatures downpours all day long with a low of 17 and high of 47, I thought that maybe we would have a 1 or 2 hour delay this morning.  Maybe.  But I wasn't going to hold my breath.  But when my alarm went off at 5:20 and I had a text waiting for me saying NO SCHOOL.  I was shocked!  I didn't believe it at first.  I thought for sure it was a misprint.  So I went to the local news channel website to check the closings.  Then it was confirmed.  No school!!!

rather stylish - don't you think?  

This great gift gave me a whole day to hang out with the kids, spend time with the husband who actually had the day off, and get in a great workout!

we made some cake pops to celebrate another snow day
I wasn't quite sure what today's run was going to be like.  I knew I was going to run.  That's a no brainier.   I wanted SO badly to run outside.  Around noon it was 47F out there and it was misting.  I told Ward I was going to change and go for a run outside.  But after I changed and was all set to go, I opened the door and it started to downpour.  To make matters worse, a truck drove by at that exact moment and hit a puddle (which are everywhere since the melting snow/rain has no where to go!) and made the biggest splash ever.  I imagined a miserable run, soaked to the bone and cars splashing me.  Umm.... never mind.  

What kind of January weather is this?  Crazy!

I quickly went back upstairs, changed into my favorite Spandits skull capris, grabbed my Topos, and paused to check my email.  I had just received an opportunity to review a Motion Traxx.  Talk about perfect timing!!!  I downloaded the first 20 minute session onto my phone and took off for the gym.  Driving of course!

I had never tried a HIIT workout before.  I chose workout 1 of Treadmill Express.  Which consisted of 20 minutes of a High Intensity Interval Workout.  Without giving you all of the details about this workout - it consisted of a warm up, speed intervals @ 1.0 inclines @8.0 inclines, max intervals, and cool down.  A quick workout but a rather intense one.

This workout was a definite challenge.  Amy Dixon, a former Women's Health Magazine contributor, was the "voice" behind today's treadmill workout.  I found the entire workout incredibly motivating and it challenged me in ways I never would have challenged myself before.   In 20 minutes, I completed 2.5 miles and there was even a 2 minute walking cool down in there too!  Damn!

Even better, after I completed the workout and took out my Koss earbuds, a gentleman on the elliptical behind me called me a showoff with a big smile on his face.  A complete boost to the ego.  That's for sure.  

I contemplated doing more mileage, so I took a few minutes and rowed 1,000 meters.  Regained my composure and hopped on the treadmill again to do another 2 miles at an 7:55 min/mile.

Today's workout was a big boost.  I feel far stronger.  I'm making better decisions when it comes to my workouts and I'm so ready for a new year of racing!  While I don't have my races planned yet, I know those empty spots are going to fill up with some great races!  

If you are interested in a Motion Traxx HIIT workout, you can follow them on twitter or Facebook and checkout their treadmill, elliptical, or cycling express workouts.  Each digital album comes with 3 different high-intensity workouts with voiceover coaching and high energy music.  Next week I'm trying treadmill workout 2.  I'm sure it's going to be intense!  

Disclaimer:  I received a free download for the Treadmill Express through my affiliations with FitFluential.  I was not compensated for this post.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own.