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Three Things Thursday

Here we are, Thursday already!  Here's my three things for today.  
1.  It's official!  Gardiner is finally going to have a summer track program and I'm going to start it up! I've contacted our local Boys and Girls Club and have the initial meeting with the athletic director next week, but I saw it on the B&G website last night, so it's definitely a go.   I was jealous of our friends in other communities throughout Maine who had track programs in their towns and their kids were having a blast.  Rather than whine and moan about our town not having one, I decided to take action and just join forces with the B&G club and go for it!  This is going to be a fun new adventure.  

2.  For the past two weeks, every single run has been in the Skecher Go Run Ultra.  I am blown away.         More to come on this.  

3.  Today is my allergy testing day.  I've been so nervous about this all week.  Making sure I didn't take any antihistamines to skew the results.  …

Shoe Review: Be Real

A few weeks back I was some rather unique shoes to try out.  Some Be Real Shoes.  

They are unlike so many minimalist shoes on the market.    They have the look of "toe shoes" but don't actually have the toe separators.  The toe box of the shoe is quite room and allows of the natural splay of the toes.  Which made my toes very happy.  

While these shoes are a lot of fun to look at and workout in, they are rather appealing in terms of their construction.  They are 100% made in the USA and are a green product.  Meaning the sole is made from a microplast rubber that is incredibly durable and recyclable.  The padding on the bottom of the shoe provides traction in all directions - which is great for all running surfaces - whether it's trails, roads, beaches, or hiking.  I can see myself using this shoe a lot this summer for hiking and heading to the beach.  They will make a great beach running shoe.

I've run with them outside, a few miles.  I like a little more paddi…

My Super Heroes #kindawesome

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Super heroes come in all forms.    When I think of the term super hero, my mind goes to someone or people who inspire me daily to be a better person.   I am lucky because I have two super heroes.  

These two show me daily what love is all about.  

They laugh, they cry, they play, they fight, they cuddle, they push.  

But in the end, they love each other very much and love so many people around them.  

I am lucky they have chosen me to be their mom and am ever grateful to have them in my life.  

Kind Snacks just released a new Kind Healthy Grain Bar that my Super Hero family enjoyed thoroughly.  Each bar contains 18-22 grams of whole grains from a blend of 100% unique whole grains (amaranth, quinoa, gluten-free oats, millet and buckwheat) - making them gluten free.  The flavors include:  dark chocolate chunk, peanut butter dark chocolate, vanilla blueberry, maple pumpkin seeds with …

Move It Monday!

What a week it was!  Last week was February Break and it was absolutely glorious.  Spending the week with the kids was beyond fun.  
When I wasn't working out or running, I was wearing my newest, most favorite sweatshirt ever.  This sweatshirt has been washed roughly 10x already since it came and it's softer than ever and hasn't shrunk a bit.   The awesome folks at Gone for a Run sent me this shirt to review.  The full review will be up tomorrow!

I am very lucky to have kids who, even though they think I'm weird, are always willing to take pictures of me.  Love them.  
My week in review - when I actually took off my sweatshirt.  
Monday - 5 miles, followed by Jillian Michaels with my girl.  

I love her choice of clothing for this one.   And I love that she enjoys doing dvds with me.  I am one lucky momma.  
Tuesday - 4 miles 

I was lucky enough to get to see Ward and the kids when I was out on my run.  It was so exciting to see them and Ward was super sweet to stop and …

Week 3: Move Nourish Believe Challenge

I cannot believe it's over already!  This was one pretty awesome challenge sponsored by FitApproach and Lorna Jane.  Here's a big shout out to both fabulous companies for pulling off a very unique, quite inspiring challenge that I looked forward to everyday!  Thank you!

This past week we've been on February Break.  I love this little break midwinter.  With luck, we get a few great days of weather.  I've got to say, this has been a pretty awesome break and it was a little longer than normal... as in 1.5 days longer...due to snow storms that hit Maine late last week.  I'll take any extra time I can get.  With that said, those extra days will mean more time in school in June.  Darn!    
Break started off with a few massive snowstorms and has ended with spring like conditions - meaning I ran outside in shorts today and I was hot and sweaty.  Something that doesn't happen a lot in Maine. In February.  Unless I'm running on the treadmill.  
Here's my week re…

It's My Birthday Virtual Race and Tri For A Cure

This summer I'm going to participate in my first ever tri-relay.  I'll be doing the running portion of the Tri For a Cure with my girl Stacy and one of her friends.   Our team is 3 Rockin' Chicks.

from the website:  "At Maine Cancer Foundation, we start each new year with the resolve to try harder to provide funding for cancer research, education, and patient support programs here in Maine.  Everyone is touched by cancer.  Some of in the Tri for a Cure are cancer survivors, but all of us have known someone or lost someone to this terrible disease.  Each person makes the choice to join the Tri for A Cure for a different reason, but when we work together, we are strong."  

I'm choosing to do Tri for A Cure for my mom.  We lost her over 7 years ago to cancer and I miss her ever single day.  Even more so on my birthday, which by the way, is just around the corner.  

This race has even more meaning because it takes place at Spring Point Lighthouse.  My mom loved l…

The Diagnosis: Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis

Probably the worst thing to tell a runner, other than they are injured, is that they are allergic to running.  Sounds a little funny doesn't it?  I mean seriously?  How can someone be allergic to exercise?  

8 years ago Jen would have been pumped to hear those words.  But this Jen isn't so pleased. 

But, am I going to let this diagnosis stop me from doing something I enjoy?  Absolutely not.  This diagnosis will not beat me down.  Instead, I'm going to learn everything I can about it, how to deal with it, how to help others who may be experiencing it.   I'm going to continue to live.  I'm going to continue to run.  I won't quit.  
So, let's back it up a bit.  You may or may not have read my post this past Sunday.  After my post, I was tweeted by Sarah and then Mary.  

Mary's story/symptoms are the exact same - except she had a more severe attack.  I felt incredibly relieved I wasn't alone in this.  Another runner has been living this craziness...and sh…